In this week 42 pregnant, you are welcome to the post-term pregnancy stage. Of course you are not the only one who makes it to 42 week pregnant, so you are one of the rare moms-to-be. There is someone closer to you who may be asking why you have not yet been induced and leads you thinking like something is wrong should be avoided. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being 42 weeks pregnant, because every mom-to-be and their baby is different, furthermore your due date is just based on estimation, whereby chances of miscalculation of due dates could be the cause too. 

Just continue checking up with your doctor’s orders and pay extra attention to your fetal movement, especially when you feel decreased in the way the baby moves, you should immediately call your healthcare provider. Though it is difficult to not get anxiety and keep thinking about when your labor will be induced, but you should understand that 98% of babies emerge by the end of week 42 as long your due date calculated is accurate. So cheer up and don’t worry too much because we promise you that very soon you are going to meet your baby.

How Big Is The Size Of A Baby At 42 Weeks?

As big as your baby could get this week 42 pregnant, they are now the size of a watermelon, a little bigger than previous week. A 42 week baby fetus averagely measured at around 20.3 inches and weighing at about 8.1 pounds. Even though the baby is still growing, the size it gets would logically fit through vaginal delivery. 

42 Weeks Pregnant Is How Many Months?

Week 42 pregnant is now 10 months and around 2 weeks which is nothing wrong and labor is happening very soon anytime in this week.

What Are The Symptoms In 42 Weeks Pregnant?

To date, your baby is getting larger, you may be curious about the 42 week pregnant symptoms. To be honest, your symptoms this week are still the similar one that you faced in the previous week 41. You should expect symptoms like leg ache or cramp, difficulty to sleep, backaches, hemorrhoids, often urination, pressure in pelvis, and contractions that should feel much stronger.

There are many factors that could lead you to be stressed in this 42 weeks pregnant, but you should stay strong and cheer up as your baby fetus is now getting ready for labor any time soon, try to stay patient and believe in your baby. 

You could feel and do the baby kick counts, so pay attention to that and should you notice any changes in the kick frequency, quickly inform your obstetrician. You should inform your doctor immediately if you have any problematic symptoms in week 42 pregnant, that includes abnormal discharge, bleeding or abdominal pain. 

Is 42 Weeks of Pregnancy (Post-Term Stage) Considered Normal?

It could be harder for you to believe that it is considered within normal range to have a pregnancy duration last for 42 weeks. As it is also known to be a rare yet amazing journey, and less than 1% of babies in the U.S. are born at 42 week or later than that, so stay patient as you are now at the finish line to witness your baby’s arrival.

What are the signs of labor at 42 Weeks Pregnant?

The signs and labor you are waiting for at 42 weeks pregnant shall include the following:

1.Mucus plug discharge. 

Mucus plug discharge is a thick mucus discharge that sometimes may tinged with blood, which also a sign tells the cervix is preparing for delivery. These symptoms also shows that labor will start pretty soon, just get ready yourself because we could not predict the labor date, it is also depending on the following sign. 

2. Amniotic fluid leaking. 

You may often hear of water breaking, which is technically the leaking of amniotic fluid or water breaks, appears to be in one huge gush of water breaks, then immediately calls your doctor, because labor will likely begin within hours.

3. Regular contractions. 

Oh yes! It is the sign of labor you have been waiting for the most, which is the actual regular contractions. This actual contraction appears to be stronger than the usual braxton hicks contraction are having previously. To tell the difference, actual contraction happens over and over again at shorter intervals also with stronger ouch feeling, and they won’t go away. Stay strong there until your baby is born. 

Is there a way to induce labor at 42 weeks pregnant?

There are natural ways to induce labor at 42 weeks pregnant, which is by taking longer walks, having intercourse and acupuncture. You should not drink castor oil that can make you sick, consuming herbal supplements that can be harmful to you and your baby, or avoid stimulating your nipples can result with contractions that are too strong and can endanger your baby. 

How Many Weeks Overdue Is Considered Safe?

As now you are in week 42 pregnant, risks are increasing for complications such as placenta issues, amniotic fluid can be lower, also pinched umbilical cord. Your doctor shall advise accordingly for delivery through C-section if your baby gets too huge and the baby's position has not heads down. Due to the arising risks, your doctor may advise you to get medical labor inducing at weeks 42 whenever the test results show it is safe for the baby to stay in utero for some more time.

The methods your doctor can induce labor medically in week 42 pregnancy are:

1. Stripping the membranes. 

In the current week 42 pregnant, your doctor can use this method to get you into labor. Membrane stripping is a method where your doctor uses finger to swipe around the amniotic sac. This can trigger the hormones to release, often causing contractions during 48 hours. 

2. Water breaking method. 

The way your doctor can break the amniotic sac with an instrument like plastic croshe hook to induce contractions in just hours. 

3. Dilate your cervix. 

They are medical by taken orally, or inserted vaginally overnight are medication called prostaglandin, that helps you to dilate the cervix to induce labor. 

4. Induce contractions. 

You are required to be hooked up to an IV drips with the medicine of hormone oxytocin that helps to induce contractions to start.

You should rest assured because your baby is being monitored by a doctor 2 times a week and your feeling and attention should be very sharp till now. 

42 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

To ensure week 42 pregnant risks to be identified if any, your obstetrician would monitor your baby very closely. Your doctor will order an ultrasound test, non-stress test and a biophysical profile test to ensure the baby is in good movement so far, having a good amount of amniotic fluid, breathing properly, and heart rate is healthy. For your information, you 42 weeks baby is likely to shed the vernix caseosa, or a filmy layer that covers their skin will shed, so expect their skin would get a little dry at this time. 

How Long Can A Woman Be In Pregnant?

This is a very rare case to know if there is any one. However, reported in 1945 where a Los Angeles woman gave birth right after being revealed as she was pregnant for 375 days (about 12 months) as compared to an usual pregnancy of 9 months. There was a woman back then in 2016 China that claimed she was pregnant for 17 months, however no medical records were supported on the claims and the doctor felt skeptical about that. No matter what the case is, we strongly believe that your pregnancy will not break the records. 

Healthy Tips for 42 Weeks Pregnant

1. Make sure to stay calm and relax as much.

Since this is the week 42 of pregnancy, it could be stressing you out how long it would keep going till you are ready to deliver. You can stop getting stress by taking some deep and slow breaths, which also helps you to prepare you for labor accordingly. Other ways to calm and relax yourself is by doing prenatal yoga, doing meditation, or even by applying a soothing scalp massage by your partner.

2. Ease up your preparation of house supplies.

When you are ready to return home with your newborn baby, you should avoid from last minutes or late-night rushing to stores buying home supplies for your baby.

What you can do to prepare your home supplies is by setting up regular deliveries of diapers, baby wipes and other important stuff on your favourite online shopping sites. Check out the list here for supplies required after you returned home with your newborn baby.

3. Check your hospital bag AGAIN!

Since you should have packed your hospital bag several weeks back then, give your hospital bag a quick once-over check and ensuring you got everything needed packed is important to avoid insufficient things you need. 

4. Reward yourself.

Are you feeling tired and sleeping through the day? If you don’t like having afternoon naps, then how about rewarding yourself with a new lipstick in a beautiful pink or sexy bold red colour?

What about rewarding yourself by indulging a scoop of ice cream to satisfy your craving? No matter what your favorite thing to do is, go do it especially in this week 42 pregnancy unless things you do can harm your body, else pamper yourself, as you deserve it.

Great Reminders And Tips For This Awesome Week 42 Pregnancy:

1. Question about inducing labor

Indeed your baby is now officially passed the due date. As now your uterus is probably getting less hospitable, so if you did not go into labor on your own, your doctor will schedule you to be induced around this week. No matter whether you are getting medical induction for labor, or natural induced labor with your baby’s wish, you still have to undergo the COVID-19 test before delivery. 

In the induction process, your doctor will utilize a topical hormone to ripen your cervix, to let your baby to enter the birth canal, or induce your contraction by breaking your water or through administering Pitocin.

2. You should pay attention to the contractions.

If you noticed your contractions that are like a strong cramp, that last at least 45 seconds and are coming in more frequently than every five minutes, then you should call your doctor because your baby’s arrival should be on the way within just a few hours’ time. 

3. Discuss about the placenta planning.

Surely you have not heard about planning on saving your placenta right? You can talk to your health care provider on this whether to save it or donate it, they can help you to prepare.

4. Aware on bowel sign

Some pregnant women's experience with diarrhea can be a good sign that your baby is on the way here, so your body will react to clear out the area for smoother labor. 

5. Give your perineum a massage

You can relieve the stinging feel during birth with perineal massage. You can use your clean thumb lubricated and inserted into your vagina, then press down and slide across your perineum and back continuously for 5minutes repeatedly every day. 

6. Is this your Second-time being a mom? 

This is a great sign if this is not your first labor, because second and following labor and deliveries are normally easier and shorter.

7. Not to get panic, you baby will be here in any seconds

Although your doctor has informed you that this 42 week pregnancy is overdue, but you must try to stay calm, be positive and happy, and also do not get too stressed. 

This is the time where all is well as long you have regular appointments with your doctor and there are plans to be induced soon doesn’t sign any sign naturally. Get ready as always to welcome your baby to this world. 


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