Being prolong to week 41 pregnant is probably not under your prediction, but you have been led to this week because of the baby's additional time in the womb. Baby fetal in your tummy is now getting heavier and they perhaps will be more alert at birth than a baby born in earlier week. Your expectancy of getting into labor is going up till your head in this week 41 of pregnancy, but you should rest assured because many pregnant-moms have gone past their due date and turns out everything's just fine. 

A benefits side you own due to this extra time should be appreciated, because you had this additional time before changing the wet diapers and newborn feedings gets consuming up your world entirely. As week 41 pregnant could come with risks, but your doctor would be required to monitor baby’s with extra close care. Similar to week 40, this week 41 pregnancy ultrasound, non-stress test and also biophysical profile would be carried out to ensure baby’s movement presents and breathing is fine, gets plenty of amniotic fluid, and with heart rate is healthy. You should also pay extra close focus on fetal movement, counting how much fetal kick while quickly taking action to call your healthcare provider once you notice a decrease in the way the baby moves. 

How Big Is My Baby at Week 41 Pregnancy?

In 41 weeks pregnant, the average baby is now as huge as a delicious watermelon. Your 41 week fetal is now also measured 20.4 inches in length and weighing at about 7.9 pounds. 

How Many Months Is Pregnancy 41 Weeks?

You are now in week 41 pregnant, so you are now considered 10 months pregnant. Be proud of yourself because you are now an amazing overachiever. 

What are the symptoms during 41 Weeks Pregnant?

The usual and familiar symptoms of 41 week pregnancy were in fact prolonged symptoms from your third trimester. So the symptoms pregnant week 41 are:

1. Having Discomfort Down There.

You are getting pelvic discomfort with aches and pains down there from the position of your baby is now descending lower down which places pressure on your bladder and cervix.

2. Hemorrhoids. 

 The hemorrhoid symptoms are swollen varicose veins in your rectums which are caused by pelvic pressure. Though there is discomfort and more is coming when you push your baby out, however the swelling will go away eventually. 

3. Sleeping is getting harder in week 41. 

Your huge belly is one of the factors keeping you from getting good night sleep, but your pregnancy hormones and nerves are those affecting factors. 

To get a good sleep every night before your baby is born and much lesser sleep you have, you should sleep enough now by positioning your sleep on your left side, taking short naps in the day time, avoiding drinking water before sleep and more tips to get a good night's sleep here. 

4. Often having toilet trips. 

You are getting more frequent trips to the bathroom due to your baby now near completely sitting right on your bladder this week. Make sure you drink more water in the day time to avoid too much midnight trip to the toilet. 

5. Actual contractions. 

You should know and focus on the actual contractions being the sign of labor during this week 41 pregnancy. The actual contractions feel like your abdominal is tightening and will get much noticeable and much frequently the intervals as the baby is inducing for labor during this time.

Is Pregnancy at 41 Weeks Considered Normal?

Yes, of course it is definitely normal. You should consider that your due date is not truly accurate, because it is only an estimation based on some factors. So if you are giving birth a week or two week 40 is still considered very normal. It is not quite normal when you have yet to deliver on week 42, which is considered as post-term pregnancy. So in this week 41, you should not feel stress because you and your baby are now doing very great.

What Are the Signs of Labor for Week 41 Weeks Pregnant?

As you have arrived at 41 weeks pregnant, signs of labor could be by heart as you have been paying attention to these signs after brief visits by your doctor a few times. However, if you notice the following sign, call your doctor immediately.

  1. water broken or constant leaking
  2. constant painful contractions won't stop
  3. vaginal bleeding
  4. abdominal pain.

However, if you are in no sign mode of labor, you should stay patient and prepare for labor soon, or even happening tomorrow. As you are in week 41 and not dilated yet, this also doesn’t mean that you will not go into labor by tomorrow or this week, because it is quite unpredictable for major mum-to-be.

Should I Induce Labor For 41 Weeks Pregnant?

You are now in week 41 pregnant and could begin to feel a bit fed up already while waiting and waiting! You are not wrong either and not to blame yourself. Based on the experience of pregnant mums, after week 40 is not emotionally care taken, because people around you may see and say, “you are still pregnant?!” that makes you feel stressed.

You may think about whether you can induce labor naturally? Yes, you can go ahead and try naturally induce labor ways from books, or as long as it is considered safe (check with your obstetrician first before trying). 

The natural ways to induce labor are:

  • consume foods that are spicy that you can handle and as long as they don't give you heartburn.
  • take a long walk with your partner accompanying you,
  • have intercourse activities with your partner,
  • try acupuncture technique.

At this week 41, your obstetrician may as well begin to discuss with you about the options available of having a medical induction because babies that have passed their due date too far, there are higher risks and issues to be aware of. You should ask your doctor more about what is involved and what your specific week 41 pregnancy risks are to take note. If you get induced for labor could give you benefits, such as not being required to waddle-run into hospital while in labor. It is sometimes revealed that it is best to not rush for baby delivery, because medically induced labor would feel much stronger pain during contraction for some mom-to-be, while there are some other mom-to-be who say it’s more comfortable to wait for labor and to start at home instead of going to the delivery room. . 

If i would to choose to have labor induced at week 41, here are few ways that can be done:

1. Stripping membranes. 

This method is actually a natural induction method via your doctor performing it at the doctor's office without having to go to hospital. The way if this induction is by your doctor sweep their finger around the amniotic sac, thus separating the membrane there and releasing hormones that could induce labor. Although this is not 100% work, if it does, you are now in labor within hours. 

2. Artificial rupture of membranes (AROM).

Physically appliance for water breaking, via your doctor’s medical tools (medical thin plastic hook), under the condition where you are having contractions but labor has not been progressed so far.

3. Via Medications application.

This medication consists of 2 types which used to induce labor at 41 week pregnancy. The type of medication is prostaglandin suppository should be inserted like use of a tampon overnight to bring cervical dilation. A form of synthetic oxytocin can be given through an IV in order to instantaneously induce actual contraction.

What Can Cause Baby to Be Overdue in Pregnancy week 41?

You may wonder why I have not yet got into labor after week 40? The fact is that you will never know for sure why the baby postponed their arrival, even your doctor didn’t know why, as mostly is depending on your baby to arrive this world at their own timetable. 

However, you can ask the experience of your mom, sisters or other female relatives who have all given birth after 40 weeks, which means you probably might deliver after week 40 as well. 

But if you have had another pregnancy also at week 41, then you should not surprise that this one also would be the same. You should know that there are chances of miscalculated due date and your baby to deliver is not entirely late at all to worry about.

Ultrasound in Week 41 Pregnancy

While you are waiting for your baby’s arrival, their size is now growing up a bit more. So you can expect your 41 week fetus is now growing with longer hair and nails. So, we shall not be curious where some newborns were delivered with head full of hair and longer nails ready for cute little mani-pedi care. 

Depending on your doctor’s, a non-stress test and a 41 weeks pregnant ultrasound could be ordered to ensure your baby is still doing great there. Your doctor also will monitor and discuss with you whether or not you should decide to induce labor accordingly. 

How far overdue is safe in pregnancy?

You may over think ahead about how far overdue is still safe in pregnancy? The excellence chance for a baby to be healthy if your baby is born at week 41. Obstetrician of yours is closely monitoring both of you two times a week once you pass your due date like now. 

If you are in post-term stage or at week 42, which may pose increasing risk, but not to worry much about now because you could be holding your baby in your arm pretty soon or anytime from now. 

Healthy Tips for 41 Weeks Pregnant

1. How to relieve hemorrhoid pain.

What’s more can be difficult than your uncomfortable 41 week pregnancy, only when the occurrence of hemorrhoids makes your discomfort more. Don’t feel sad if you has one, just take sitz bath (a type of therapy done by sitting in warm and shallow water, with no soap), that assist to soothe the pain, itching as well any symptoms related to anal areas. When you are done, gently pat to dry the area with a pad which comes with witch hazel property on it. 

2. Walk with your partner to ease aches and pain.

You don’t have to walk super long to ease the aches and pain, just a simple short walk can ease those pain, swelling and hemorrhoids, as well helps to promote constipation. Not realizing that some pregnant moms claim that walking can help to relieve various pregnant symptoms in week 41 and as well helps to induce labor. 

3. Stop the scrolling screen or your phone before bed time.

You may feel the urge to just enjoy the scrolling screen via social media, instagram or netflix before your bed, but shutting down the gadgets can help you get some easy sleep. 

Furthermore, you may not want the blue light emitted from screens that could interfere with your body’s well-being. If not, you might be awake wide at 2 a.m. being unable to sleep comfortably, so read some books to assist your sleepiness.

4. Take your doctor’s advice.

It requires a close follow up check from your doctor with you and baby in week 41 pregnant, so be sure to attend any necessary appointments and take the test order by your doctor. You should also not hesitate to call your doctor’s offices if you feel anything is abnormal, especially getting the lessening of fetal movements. That is a very important attention you should look into immediately. 

Pregnancy Checklist and Reminders at 41 Weeks Pregnant

  • Talk about induced labor with your healthcare provider if you have not yet,
  • Get sufficient sleep for delivery
  • Enjoy some daytime TV if you can’t sleep.
  • Take a long walk, or short walk helps with your partners accompanying.

Advice from experience pregnant mom especially in this week 41 pregnant:

You should not sweat about an overdue baby although it is completely normal to feel anxious about your baby’s arrival, however lift your mood up with a happy day and try to stay calm. Your doctor will tell you about your baby’s condition, which is healthy as always, then it is surely no problem to wait a little while. 

Pick up your mood and enjoy this little while of extra time required. When you think back about it, you will appreciate it soon by that time you have been changing diapers and feeding your baby with a busy schedule ahead. 


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