We congratulate you on your happy pregnancy due date! To date, this week 40 pregnancy is the baby's official due date, which by right you should have already set up the bassinet (baby’s little bed), installed the baby's car seat, already packed your bag to bring to hospital and placed it near by the door. Nothing much to prepare in the last-minute moment, but you can still ensure your phone is fully charged before you go to bed, or at least charge your power bank and bring along if necessary.

When you are in this week 40 pregnancy, it can be tough through mentality because you will keep on thinking and questioning often when your baby will decide to make their move for you to go into labor. 

You should keep close attention on feeling your baby’s movement in your tummy, because once you realize the way your baby moves, you must immediately call your healthcare provider. 

Even though it is hard to not be stressed, but you should try your best to stay stress free and calm down to rest assured that your baby will arrive anytime soon when they are ready while your body will respond to give you the correct signal telling you that it is the time. 

How Big Is My Baby at Week 40 Pregnant?

In this week 40 pregnancy, your baby now resembles as big as the size of a watermelon. With average week 40 full-term baby shall be measured at about 20.2 inches from their crown to heel while weighing at about 7.6 pounds.

How many months is 40 Weeks Pregnant?

You are now completed the nine months of pregnancy and you have finally made it this far and should be proud of yourself. 

What are the symptoms in Week 40 of Pregnancy to expect?

In the final week of pregnancy, you will be experiencing the similar symptoms and will probably persist. Not to worry that much because your key role is to just hang in there while experiencing them, yeah you definitely can handle these.

1. Leg feel cramp.

Your leg may feel cramp during sleep, so ensure to do stretching exercise on your calf and hamstring. 

2. Pelvic pressure. 

Your pelvis may feel greater discomfort as your baby progressively may drop even lower in your pelvis.

3. Sleeping difficulty. 

As your belly is so huge, sleeping is getting harder in fact in this week 40 pregnant. However, it is okay to get up from bed and do something calm such as reading or writing so you can relax to promote easier sleep quality. Make sure you don’t go waking up and do cleaning and even exercise in the midnight. 

4. Feeling Fatigue. 

It is obvious without sufficient sleep, you may get fatigue or tired in the day. As you may not have any other plan, make sure to take an extra nap here or there whenever you have available time, or else you could as well try to have a quiet time to stay calm whenever you feel tired. 

5. Take note of actual contractions. 

You may feel the common practicing contraction (Braxton hicks contraction) till now, so pay attention to begin timing them to know how far apart the contraction feels. If the interval is getting closer and begins to feel painful, you are now in the early stage of labor.

6. Anxiety.

It is pretty common that every mom-to-be gets stressful around this stage or week 40. Despite that, you baby will arrive here as they get ready, so do your best to not stress and stay positive to keep away from thinking too much. 

Is 40 weeks pregnant considered normal?

Definitely it is normal, even though you may get the feeling like being pregnant for too long. You may be confused by the timing of pregnancy sometime, as you may heard from people saying that pregnancy lasts for 9 months, however normal pregnancy lasts for 40 weeks in actual which is longer than nine months. This is the reason why your obstetrician would usually refer to each stage of your pregnancy in weeks instead of months. You may feel like your baby waited for such a long time, however this week 40 is the right time for delivery. 

40 Weeks Pregnant Signs of Labor.

It is possible that you have no sign of labor this week 40 of pregnancy. No need to worry because your week 40 sign should be here pretty soon. 

You are required to call your doctor immediately if you have contractions that are more than mild uncomfortable or that persist with getting a consistent interval of strong cramp. 

You should also look out for other pregnancy signs such as water breaking or leak of amniotic fluid which literally means your water has ruptured or broken. The flow of water is quite obvious because it will be pretty watery, not like usual discharge and it did not stop. Firstly you may think that it is pee, but when you finally notice that you are in labor. Immediately call your doctor or go to the hospital if your water is broken on its own, the happy news is that you are going to meet your baby around the next 24 hours.

Should we induce labor at 40 Weeks pregnant?

During week 40 pregnant, you probably would get more nervous, but importantly this is supposed to be your final week of pregnancy. Out of curiosity, you may want to know how to induce labor naturally. 

1. Have a long walk or short one:

You can induce labor by taking a long walk, but ensure your partner is accompanying you during the walk. This works because when your body moves, you can naturally get your baby lower down naturally causing further dilation and effacement.

2. Get your partner moving in the bed:

Any sexy method is by having intercourse. If you have no complications and your doctor has given you the permission, then you should know what to do with your partner. This is why you should ask your doctor during the appointment with your doctor. This works for some pregnant women because intercourse can speed things up naturally. 

3. Acupressure: 

You can consider acupuncture used to assist by soften and dilate the cervix with onset of labour contractions as well which is known to be safe too. 

4. To not get unauthorize supplement by your doctor

The other opposite effect ways are such as taking herbal supplements or drinking castor oil are objected to by doctors because these methods are unsafe and likely won't work anyway. 

5. Try nipple stimulation.

Nipple stimulation is known as another simple yet effective way to naturally induce labor with scientific research support. You can massage your nipples to release hormone oxytocin in your body and induce labor by making contractions longer and stronger. Be sure to take advice from your doctor whether nipple stimulation is safe for you to try. 

6. Medical methods

Other than natural ways to induce labor, your doctor may also talk to you about inducing labor with a medical method during your pregnancy due date week 40. Medically induced labor would also depend on necessities because your doctor will need to identify how your baby is doing there. 

If you are pregnant with twins or having pregnancy complications and are now week 40, your doctor might in fact schedule with you to do medical labor induction.

As if your baby fetal is perfectly healthy and you have no complications, then you might not require a labor induction at all. So hang in there for a couple of weeks. You are not wrong, for weeks to go, because you have a higher chance that by the end of next week you will be in labor. It is also worthy to wait till your baby is truly ready and come out when ready.

What Causes A Labor To Be Overdue?

You may wonder and curious why you shouldn't get into labor by this week yet. You may not get any particular reason why your baby fetal misses their due date. There is a chance that is inherited, and probably you were even born late if your parents still can recall. Otherwise, this can also due to first time pregnancies or if your previous pregnancy is also late showing up. 

Baby’s gender could be the main key as well, because some believe that boys are likely to arrive later than a baby girl.

Most of the time could be due to miscalculation of your due date due to confusion of last period date count, so in fact your baby is not late at all to be actual. 

Ultrasound in Week 40 Pregnant

You may wonder how big or complete your baby has grown now in this week 40 of pregnancy. 

It is common that a 40 week fetus still continues with their hair and nails growth. To catch up with breathing, you baby at week 40 still catching up with lung development. 

As soon your pregnancy full-term is complete and is now week 40, your doctor probably will request to do a biophysical profile. But if you have missed it, this is a double check test. You would have a non-stress test (NST) by examining the baby’s movement and your contractions are identified to confirm how your baby fetal heart rate reacts. Both of the tests (biophysical profile and NST) are commonly done two times a week once you have passed your due date. Ultrasound test in week 40 pregnancy will be conducted to check the level of your amniotic fluid looks like.

Based on the result shown on biophysical profile and NST, also with/or the week 40 pregnancy ultrasound, could allow your doctor to decide whether to advise your baby to be coming outside or inside the utero. If necessary to get your baby out from your tummy, labor induction medically would be ordered. However if everything looks good to continue, you still have to wait till labor is naturally induced. You should not worry too much because your doctor would order professionally to ensure your baby is safe to deliver at the right time. 

How Long Will It Take To Go Into Labor After 40 Weeks Pregnant?

We could not predict when your baby is ready to induce labor, this means their schedule of arrival all depends on their own. Even the doctor could not tell us when the arrival date, but the labor sign is what you should pay extra attention to. Usually a baby can be born within two weeks of their due date before the pregnancy week is considered as post-term, or overdue pregnancy. 

You may be feeling the urge to deliver your baby now, but just hang in there now. Given that both of you are doing great and being monitored two times a week while having no specific risk while waiting for labor to induce naturally up to two weeks after the due date. 

Healthy Tips for 40 Weeks Pregnant

1. Change your mattress cover waterproof.

You may know ahead that if your water breaks in the middle of night, you should be prepared ahead by changing the mattress cover to waterproof on your bed. Feel free to keep it on even after the baby comes back and fail proof against break milk, spit up, and well unpredictable peeing. 

2. OMMM...! Mantra or Ways to Sleep Well.

When you come across a feeling of anxious on baby’s birth details, get some time to chill and stay calm to relax. You can get meditation apps whenever you need to stay hibernate inside you to keep the brain calm, relax and is a great way to put you to sleep.

3. Do not counter with the pain. 

You should have already known the actual contraction pain is the sign of labor. So if your encounter an actual contract, you may tense your entire body to bear with the pain of contract, but that can make it worse. So what you should do is not to tense your body but stay relax your body as much as you can while coping with the pain.

The method to cope with the pain is to close your eyes and mentally virtualize your body from head to toes, and mentally stop the place where you feel tense and release the tenseness in that part of muscle. You can double the effectiveness by taking deep breathing, till you feel it,the contraction pain will be forgotten. 

4. Fuel up your vehicle.

During this week 40 onward, make sure to fuel up your car gas to avoid driving to hospital with empty or stop at the middle of road undesirably. This is the easier chores your partner should help you out this week to prepare to go ready for delivery. 

What should I be doing in this 40 weeks pregnancy?

You may have now in week 40 pregnant, but you are getting clueless about what to do next especially after the long awaited time has arrived.

You may feel like you are currently at your baby, doctor or obstetrician’s mercy, however you should not worry and take good use of this time to wash your baby’s cloth, or even try to naturally induce the labor methods that we previously discussed here.


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