Hooray! Your pregnancy has now reached full term, while having the desire to deliver your baby out now is probably in desperation. Old Wifes tale says, the impatience and discomfort of pregnant mom around week 39 and onward might be helping you mentally prepare naturally for getting you in the delivery stage. 

Do you still recall how freaked out you are about childbirth at first? No doubt that for this week 39 of pregnancy, you wouldn’t care much no matter what it takes, you commonly decided that you may not want to be pregnant anymore. 

How Big Is Baby at 39 Weeks?

Baby in week 39 pregnancy is now as huge as the size of pumpkin. You baby fetus week 39 is measured at about 20 inches long and weighing at around 7.3 pounds. Even Though with crowded space inside your week 39 pregnant belly, your baby just keeps growing.

39 Weeks Pregnant Is How Many Months?

You guess it right, week 39 pregnancy is now nine month pregnant. You should know that next week is going to be the last month of pregnancy as well as your due date, meaning that you should go into labor in week 40, else if not you should understand more what to do here.

39 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

You should be very familiar with the usual symptoms that are happening in the past few weeks and were known as signs indicated relation to labor will occur soon, comprises of:

1. Braxton Hicks contractions. 

Feeling of cramp or tightening of your week 39 uterus could just seem pretty regular disregards of what you are doing. It is typical that these braxton hicks contraction or known as practice labor pain begins in the front of your body and relieves more as you change your position. 

It is different for actual contraction that is the real sign of labor which begins with pain in the top of your uterus and keeps getting more often and more regular. 

2. Pressure is on your lower torso. 

You would experience discomfort and feeling heavy on your lower torso as the baby is getting into position for birth, which could be sitting pretty lower. 

3. Sensitive feeling down there. 

Since your baby is positioned pretty low for labor preparation, thus their unpredictable movements can sensitively hit the nerves that may give you a sharp sensation in your pelvis and vagina, that feels just like lightning shock. 

4. Having desire to nest. 

You could be one of the pregnant moms that gets a boost of energy and has the urge to clean your home right before your baby is born, which is known as nesting. If you are one of them, you don’t have to go too far or too intensive, just get your partner to help you out and you should not wear yourself out before you are giving birth which could be anytime.

5. Mucus plug discharge. 

In this week 39, you could be getting mucus plug discharge that is in thick consistency as mucus and could also have a tinge of blood sometime, is called a blood show. It is widely spread that people are considering mucus plug discharge is a sign that you will go into labor pretty soon, which is not backed by science and it is also hard to accurately say when. 

What kind of feeling should I get in this 39 weeks pregnancy?

Perhaps you should be feeling a little of everything during this week 39 pregnant. Along the pregnancy stages, you have faced through numbers of symptoms. The ups and down moments you have been through during high energy completing all your pre-baby chores for your house to welcome your newborn baby, while there are times you just feel like only want to curl in bed with your super comfortable pregnancy pillow and snooze. 

You probably are getting very excited about you baby is almost here and definitely with little nervousness about your baby is almost here very soon. So, don't be overly nervous and you’ve got this in control, mummy!

If you are the lucky one with twins in week 39 pregnancy, be proud of yourself. As you babies are still in progress of getting into labor soon, at the moment you are still feeling the week 39 symptoms, while being desperate to get your babies out of your belly and welcome them to the world. No need to worry much, because your twin's baby is ready anytime very soon.

What are the Signs of Labor in a 39 week pregnancy?

You should be aware of the sign of labor such when your body is informing you that your baby is making their arrival very soon. You should know about types of the sign of labor in mind but don’t worry so much about going into labor without realizing it. Since in many cases, labor signs will be pretty strong and quite different from what previous symptoms you have been feeling that won’t make you able to ignore them, so make sure your husband also knows about the labor signs so that he won’t be more nervous than you.

For Sign of Labor, Call your Obstetrician if you experience either of the following:

1. Water breaking. 

Have you seen it in the movies with a huge gush of water? In fact it is the opposite where sign of water breaking are a slow trickle of water instead of a huge gush of water breaking like in movies. However if your week 39 pregnant are discharged with watery consistency instead of usual discharge, that probably means your amniotic sac has ruptured and you would go into labor likely in hours time. 

2. Regular actual contractions.

You should take note that when having repetitive and painful tightening in your tummy, you begin counting the timing of the contractions. If contraction keeps coming and the time interval or time between them gets shorter and shorter means that you are now in the beginning stage of labor. The matter of how long this stage would last may vary from mom to mom, which is why your obstetrician should be updated and follow their guidance for getting to hospital by the time you progress into active labor. However if you are in week 39 pregnant, yet no signs of labor have appeared, then that is fine as well. The reason is average for first time mom-to-be goes into labor naturally at around 41 weeks pregnant, whereas for second-time mom would average to go into labor at week 40. 

There are some other signs of labor such as dilate and/or effaced cervix, consistent contraction,  and etc. such in weeks or days prior to giving birth, while others go from zero cm to 10 cm dilated within hours. 

Can you be in labor without a sign of contractions or water breaking?

Actual labor contractions are known as natural body preparation for delivery, which is why they are necessary to get you into labor. Braxton Hicks contract is only normal symptoms happening in previous and early weeks that should not be mistaken as the actual labor contraction sign that gets you into labor.

Water breaking will not definitely happen naturally itself for all pregnant women. This is why if you get to the stage of going to hospital due to the actual labor contraction, yet your water has not broken, then your doctor certainly will help you to take care of you when you get to hospital. However if your water breaks and there are no signs of actual contraction, then contact your obstetrician and may suggest inducing labor in this case. Should you know more about why you have to induce labor after water breaking, know more about labor inducing now.

How To Induce Labor at 39 Weeks Pregnancy?

In your current stage of week 39 pregnant, you are now in full term stage. Major pregnant women may feel the itch to give birth now, whereby you might even wonder how to induce labor naturally at home. You should not get natural remedies as suggested without doctor’s advice such as taking a gulp of castor oil and ingest herbal remedies which are considered unsafe. You should not try eating spicy foods to induce labor, because they are also considered unsafe. 

Here are few methods to induce labor that are considered safe to do:

1. Take a long walk. 

Although it may sound weird to take a long walk during these last few weeks, and even it is not  a medically proven method of inducing labor at 39 weeks, however experts do believe and explain that the gravity will push the baby down onto your cervix and the beginning of pressure will induce dilation. Thus, tie on those sneakers and get accompanied by your partner for a long walk.

2. Acupuncture recommendation.

This also although not proven, however there are a number of evidence that suggest this ancient practice promotes regulation of blood flow, which induces your cervix to dilate.

3. Having intercourse.

Another number believes that having an orgasm through or without your partner, can assist to bring on contraction. Yes, you are safe to have intercourse during this third trimester if you have no pregnancy complications and understand here why it is safe to do so.

Pregnant women in week 39, their doctor might recommend a medical induction for some of them while the reason for inducing labor included complications of pregnancy such as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, heart health condition, placenta issue, and uterus infection. For pregnant women week 39 with twins or your water broke but labor has not started on its own should be suggested to do labor induction medically. 

Do I have to shave before giving birth?

You may think, is it necessary to shave off your pubic hair during the week 39 pregnancy? The fact is that shaving pubic hair is quite a tricky task, besides that, there is not necessary to shave before giving birth. Furthermore, if you are having a C-section operation, you are advised to not shave. 

Do I Get To Have an Ultrasound Test in 39 Weeks Pregnant?

In this week 39 pregnant, ultrasound and non-stress tests could be arranged in order to check on the baby's well-being, while for pregnancy with twins in 39 weeks is especially necessary. The results of the two tests once being reviewed by your doctor, and might say to you that everything is looking okay, or else they might suggest you an early delivery based on necessities. 

Your baby week 39 inside your belly is now perhaps able to flex their limbs. Speedy development of the brain also takes part, while they are continuing getting smarter by the week. Nails of the baby may get longer past the fingertips currently. 

As a result of the test shown, there is in fact nothing much left to do except to see the doctor each week while waiting for the baby to deliver and keep you busy with small tasks to distract yourself from getting too worried and excited. No big deal if you find yourself nesting and trying to get tasks done accordingly, because we know it is tough to relax, just try and stay calm. Yeah!

Tips for Healthy 39 Weeks Pregnancy

1. Prepare the meals.

During your nesting time, don’t forget to prepare for your upcoming meals and get your kitchen stock in order. Get your partner to help up in stocking more pantry essentials and prep for meals that can be frozen now and can be easily reheated right after you are home with your newborn baby. Keep in mind that the last thing you want to do while you are getting accustomed with your newborn is grocery shopping and cooking complex meals.

2. Enjoy a quick dip

In this 39 week, you may feel ready to take all the pressure and weight off you by getting into water without swimming. Check with your obstetrician first hand to make sure you are not dilated. If not, just enjoying the feeling of weightless floating in water is very helpful in relieving aches and pains.

3. To install baby car seat 

Have you installed a baby car seat? If not, this is your task, or perhaps your partner should check off the to-do list before you depart for the hospital. You can as well look into a local inspection station such that referring to the local police or fire station to ensure the baby seat was installed correctly. 

4. Get sufficient sleep as much as you can.

You should try to get enough sleep through the night earlier and even take naps during day time which enables you to be supplied with enough energy and strength for the big day.

Pregnancy Checklist at 39 Weeks Pregnant and reminder for this week:

  • Keep recording the kicking counts
  • Keep taking your prenatal vitamins
  • Stretch your body for less achy
  • Time your 40-week prenatal visit 
  • Understand what would happens during delivery
  • prepare a contact list for informing "welcome, baby is here!”
  • be sure to wash your baby’s clothes and get ready to go

Should I worry if there are no signs of labor yet?

You should not worry about that! If you have not yet seen any sign of labor in week 39 pregnant, this may mean you still have some more time left before labor induced. 

Besides that, not all babies would give you a warning or the so called labor sign that they are getting ready for their arrival. Some pregnant mom wake up with no labor sign in the morning, but end up holding a baby that afternoon which is completely exciting and unpredictable. 


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