Oh Awh! Around this week, you may feel a kind of shock sensation like a lightning-like feeling that is flowing up from your legs up in your vagina, and please don’t freak out first. In week 38 pregnancy, since your baby is sitting pretty low in your pelvis while bringing some bumping movement onto all kinds of nerves down there of yours and that comprise the most sensitive ones which wonders you around. By the time you are coping with this new discomfort, you should as well take note for signs of labor at week 38 that includes contractions which appears to be stronger and consistent intervals, as well you should aware of the bloody show, known as vaginal discharge type that comprise of mucus tinged with either bright red or dark brown blood. This bloody show often happens in the tail end of pregnancy, that is before going into labor, but the length of time between appearing on a bloody show and entering the labor stage can vary vividly between every woman. Your big day of delivery could be happening any day or just be for a few weeks and welcome to your chill maternity leave.

How Big Is Baby Size at 38 Weeks Pregnant?

Rounder and rounder, your baby is as big as the size of a winter melon in this week 38 pregnancy. Your baby is measured at about 19.6 inches length while their head is roughly the similar size of circumference of their abdomen. Average baby weighing is at around 6.8 pounds in this 38 week. Yeah, it’s pretty at the size of birth weight.

38 Weeks Pregnancy Is Count As How Many Months?

It is pretty obvious that in week 38 pregnancy is now pregnancy of the ninth month. You should stay calm, because you shall be feeling excited as now is at the last stage of pregnancy.

What Are The Week 38 Pregnant Symptoms?

In this current week 38, the common symptoms have everything and only think to do with it is being pregnant with a big baby and the baby is almost ready to be born by getting ready for delivery day.

Following are how your body is affected with the list of common symptoms:

  1. Braxton Hicks contractions.

You should be aware of actual contraction, but you may also experience braxton hicks contraction in this for weeks till now or only during this week 38 which feels like cramps or belly tightening. If this contraction are not feeling painful, that also will go away when you change position, they are still known as Braxton Hicks contractions or also known as practice contraction, instead of actual contraction that feels consistent pain or cramp.

  1. Sleeping difficulty.

Few factors affecting your good sleep could be either anxious feelings or perhaps just aches and pains in your pregnant body. Carrying a big baby was certainly tired, thus you should be wearing a belly support to reduce some weight placed on your back. You can also promote good sleep by doing light exercise throughout the day and avoid drinking too much water before bed time to reduce frequent trips to the toilet at midnight.

  1. Mucus plug discharge.

Mucus plug discharge may be noticed this week, that looks like globs of a thick mucus form substance in your discharge. It is considered totally normal and as it gets discharged then your cervix dilates in preparation for labor. Cheer up that accumulation of mucus plug bits shall prepare you much closer to the labor stage.

  1. Itchy belly.

With your week 38 growing belly is being stretched as much as possible, which is logical that you skin will get more sensitive and is normal. If it is rash showing up, then it is not normal and informing your obstetrician if it happens to be.

  1. Your feet and ankles are swollen.

It is common that for pregnancy week 38 would get swollen feet and ankles. You can relieve it by sitting and putting up your feet higher as humanly as possible helps to alleviate the swelling. Drinking plenty of water during the day time helps too.

Is 38 Weeks Pregnant Considered Full Term?

You are one week closer to full term. As for now in week 38, you are still called early term. You have passed the preterm stage which is before week 37 pregnancy, still you have not yet at full term because full term starts at 39 weeks. In this week, countdown the days to prepare for full term next week.

What Are The 38 Weeks Pregnant Signs of Labor?

 In 38 week pregnant, here are the early signs you’ll go into labor soon that are:

  1. Mucus plug discharge.

Bloody show is known as the discharge of thick mucus plug discharge that could have a slightly blood tinge. Your cervix is now beginning to dilate in preparation for giving birth.

  1. Diarrhea.

Yes, you may experience signs of diarrhea from the labor sign due to hormones that generate from your body, instead of eating spicy foods.

  1. Nausea.

Similar to sign of nausea, though is not a measurable sign of labor, but some pregnant women swear that they felt nervous right before labor begins.

  1. Contractions.

Perhaps in this week 38 pregnancy, you may not noticed the contraction yet or just like the normal part of your pregnancy day. However, if you feel your belly begins to tighten at consistent intervals and keep going, then you are more likely in the early stage of labor. The next contraction will be the painful contractions which are closer than 5 minutes apart and can last more than 2 hours are probably the sign that tells you are in labor and ready to go to hospital immediately.

  1. Back pain.

With your growing baby in your belly, you may feel sore back for weeks till now, however in this 38 week pregnancy, your back pain which is intense or sudden could indeed be back labor, which requires you to tell your doctor immediately if you are experiencing this symptom.

  1. Amniotic fluid breaking.

The sign of labor is when you feel a trickle of water, that tells you your amniotic sac has ruptured and amniotic fluid is leaking out. Labor typically begins pretty soon right after a pregnant woman's amniotic water breaks, which informs your obstetrician immediately is mandatory.

Can a Pregnant Woman Deliver Their Baby In This Week 38?

Yes, indeed you can because babies have reached their own timing and sometimes that is just two weeks earlier.

You should keep in mind that this is week 38 pregnant, you are still technically in early term, this is why you should not get too impatient and rush to try inducing labor on your own. In fact your baby practically requires a little more time inside your tummy. In contrast, if you are having complications during pregnancy week 38, such as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, uterine infection or placenta problem, then inducing labor is medically necessary with doctor’s advice.

For pregnancy week 38 with twins or experiencing bleeding in this week, your doctor might inform you that “it is time to deliver”. Even Though this may make any pregnant woman think that still having 2 more weeks into a panic, but everything will be fine. For pregnant women who manage to makes it to week 42, you and your baby are going to be in good hand with the care of your obstetrician and the pediatrician.

How Is My 38 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound Looks Like?

Looking inside of your pregnant belly week 38, your baby may have grown around an inch or so of hair now. Your baby is slowly shedding off the white goo on the skin (vernix caseosa), which you may notice some of it during birth.

As things get closer, you are seeing your obstetrician weekly now, thus having an appointment this week is expected. Your doctor may examine that baby is now in a head-down position and monitor if the head has moved down into the pelvis accordingly. Pelvic exam also to be expected, where your cervix will be checked for dilation (opening) as well as effacement (thinning), known as both signs your body is telling the readiness of labor.

The fact is that there is no guarantee when it comes to predicting labor is based on dilation or effacement, since it could be hours or weeks before labor starts. However even if you are not dilated at all yet, you could still go into labor tomorrow, which is the unpredictability of childbirth. You should not worry too much about when is labor exact date, as long you have prepared your belongings to bring along, anytime when the sign of labor appears significantly shall you immediately be admitted to nearest hospital as soon.

If your doctor requests a more in-depth check on the baby, then they may order a 38 weeks pregnancy ultrasound to monitor the size of your baby. Biophysical profiles may be ordered by a doctor to examine a baby's breathing, heart rate, movement, muscle tone and amniotic fluid. The result could allow your doctor to decide whether to deliver the baby earlier than your due date accordingly.

How Dilated Should You Be at 38 Weeks?

Some mom-to-be may not be dilated yet, while some others may be a 1 or 2cm dilated, which is quite different for every mom-to-be. Your obstetrician would determine this during your weekly appointments. You should get ready when in active labor if you are 4cm dilated.

Tips for A Healthy 38 Weeks Pregnancy

  1.  Treat more love to your tummy

As your growing belly generates stretch marks, your belly may get itchy and pretty uncomfortable right now. You can relieve the itchiness by rubbing on an effective strong moisturizer, such as shea butter to overcome dryness, overstretched skin, as well to secure hydration in your skin.

  1. Enjoy walking

You should do some light exercise by walking to promote blood flowing and reduce swelling while enjoying the fresh air and amazingly pretty scenery. Not long later you would be walking a stroller in the park.

  1. Natural scent relaxation

You can promote good sleep, calm, relaxing state and by utilizing the scent from lavender essential oil that we used with a diffuser or diluted with water in for room spray.

  1. Get a helpful timer

You can bookmark the bumper contraction timer, to help you figure out if you have got Braxton Hicks contractions or the real deal, you are required to know when contracts stay on how long and as well how long they last. Braxton hicks contraction are commonly painless and will strop. If for real actual contractions that persist and are painful, you should call your obstetrician immediately.

Pregnancy Checklist and reminder at 38 Weeks Pregnant

  • Schedule your 39-week pregnancy visit
  • Prepare for breastfeeding
  • Cook and freeze some meals

When to call a doctor in week 38 pregnant?

In this week 38 pregnant, you get to face the late pregnancy symptoms that range from annoying to discomfort and to unpleasant, which affects you in a way that is considered not normal, should be the sign to call your doctor immediately. These are the symptoms to not ignore:

  • Amniotic fluid or water breaks
  • Feeling dizzy or serious headache, or blur vision
  • vaginal bleeding significantly
  • Having persistent fever
  • Urine with painful feeling
  • Serious stomach cramps and vomiting
  • Sudden severe swelling
  • Baby movement decrease significantly

With water breaking is considered a sign of labor, the other symptoms are considered serious and you should contact your doctor to assist if it happens to you.



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