You may be finding yourself in cleaning mode around this week 37 of pregnancy. Many pregnant mom found out that they are into organizing cupboards and even scrubbing floors. This phenomenon often relates to “nesting”, where it means your body instinctively senses that your baby will be here soon. Since you are now in week 37 pregnant, which also refers to early term, meaning that baby is almost ready to be born. 

Pregnancy nesting is how your brain reacts to ensure you are as much as you can prepare for when your baby is born. It is now the beginning of your whole new parent thing. 

How Big Is Baby at 37 weeks?

In this 37 weeks pregnant stage, your baby is now the size of a head of romaine lettuce. Your baby is measured about 19.2 inches and as an average week 37 baby fetus was weighing at 6.3 pounds, with weight gaining at about half an ounce every day.

37 Weeks Pregnant Is How Many Months?

It is not difficult to calculate how many months you are in right now, because you just got three more weeks to go until your labor day, and that makes you currently at nine months of pregnancy. 

37 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Pregnancy week 37 comprises the symptoms that can be confused with signs of labor. Here are what symptoms that you might be feeling in this week:

1. Heartburn.

Your heartburn would be triggered by pressure your baby is putting inside you or certain foods to be avoided which are spicy foods.

You can relieve heartburn by drinking plenty of water during the day time, and avoid drinking too much water in the night time as you can’t get enough sleep during pregnancy, so more frequent toilet trips during midnight time should be reduced. 

2. Spotting. 

Experiencing a tiny bit of spotting is common happening in week 37 pregnancy. You should also be aware that your cervix is extra sensitive during pregnancy, if you are having intercourse that can irritate it can and cause it to bleed. You must call your doctor immediately if it is more than just a few drops of blood.

Vaginal bleeding shows the sign to issues happening to your placenta, the related problem is placental abruption, and seeking immediate treatment should be made.

You should also not to confuse spotting or bleeding, with the discharge tinged with blood which is a completely harmless sign because it is a sign where your cervix is changed to prepare for delivery soon. 

3. Pregnancy stretch marks. 

Sadly to say, most pregnant women experience this new stretch mark on your 37 week pregnant belly ongoingly. The way to relieve this is by applying body oil on your hand and rubs it on whenever you can. I have tried this body oil, it works effectively for pregnant women. 

4. Pressure on your abdominal. 

If the baby has dropped down into your pelvis for preparation of labor. When your baby is placing incremental pressure on your abdomen that could lead to some new aches and pain below there, and the urge to pee is getting much more.

5. Sleeping difficulty.

Though it is common for late pregnancy to wake up in the middle of night, you should perform more exercise in the day and drink plenty of water after that except times before bedtime, and restricting your caffeine consumption is a must.

6. Feeling Cramp or Contractions.

This week 37, you could be expecting cramping and contraction. To cater for delivery, your body is in preparation mode by showing cramp and braxton hicks contraction. You can try to relieve your cramp and the contraction by drinking plenty of water, or by sitting or lying down can relieve them too. 

If your contraction is happening irregularly, then it is the common fake sign of contractions during the third trimester. However if it is actual contraction, you will feel consistent contraction which is a sign of labor contraction.

7. Nausea. 

It is pretty common that at almost any stage during pregnancy you can get nausea, which is stomach upset and the sensation of wanting to vomit. As this week you are so close to your due date, that can be one of the symptoms telling you going into labor soon. 

However, if your vomiting sign is severe, then immediately inform your obstetrician so that they can help you to cure the illness or any complication that could be sign as well from preeclampsia or HELLP (life-threatening liver disorder). 

If you are week 37 pregnancy with twins, then you should know that about 57% of twins were born before week 37. As of now if your twosome is still holding on inside there, then you are considered the minority among pregnancy of multiples. It is understandable that you are feeling super uncomfortable and really impatient to let your babies be born now, which indeed it is good to let twins out for their good health.

Week 37 pregnant belly condition?

You may now barely be able to walk in this week 37 pregnancy as the pressure is now on your belly and pelvis, also the swollen feet and fatigueness, making you the farthest you would want to walk to might be the trip to your couch so that you can lie down as soon. Unless your doctor advises you not to walk too far, then you can take a light walk just right around the block. You can do light pregnancy exercise by walking that does gentle goodness to your body by reducing  swollen feet and fatigueness, body aches, and improving good night sleep. You can refer here on what kind of light exercise pregnant lady can do as well.

37 Weeks Pregnant Signs of Labor

If you have not known the sign of labor, then you should remember these signs now. The reason is you are more prone to labor happening anytime soon, who would want to give birth in a car because they waited too long to get to hospital due to traffic conditions. Though we shall not scare you like this, but the chances of giving birth in a car are considered very low. Just do early preparation to ensure your baby is born at hospital with good care. 

The sign of labor may tend to turn out in two categories of sign that is coming soon and sign that is happening now.

Since you are going into labor soon and how soon is different for every pregnant women, so you should notice signs of labor at 37 weeks.

1 Mucus plug with or without blood. 

Mucus plug is a bit of thick mucus release out onto your underwear, whether in a size of big glob or released bit by bit. The mucus plug is a protection on your cervix all the time. When your cervix dilates, the mucus plug will release to make way for your baby. The mucus plug may release with or without a tinge of blood in it, but when it does it is a bloody show.

2. Nausea triggered. 

Numbers of pregnant moms swear that they will start to feel sick to their stomach just before labor starts. This is why in week 37, if you feel nausea that may mean the baby is coming soon. 

3. Diarrhea. 

To date week 37, diarrhea could be the common diarrhea or it can also mean labor is about to occur. The reason is because your fluctuation hormones help to prepare your body for delivery, thus can stimulate your bowels. Here is the sign labor, which is the time when to call your obstetrician immediately. 

4. Amniotic fluid leaked.

You should be aware if water is leaking out like a gush or trickle, that should be amniotic fluid since most pregnant women go into labor within 12 hours after their water breaking.

5. Regular contractions. 

Are you experiencing belly tightening in this week 37 pregnancy? Whenever you feel the contraction keeps repeating and they shows more and more frequently, then you are in labor. It literally means your uterus contracts, and it is dilating your cervix to allow the baby pass through in delivery. If this is your first pregnancy, you will feel regular contractions for a few hours before you go into active labor, which is when contraction gets really painful and need all your attention should now be at the hospital.

6. Back Pain.

With baby’s positioned in a way that places more pressure on the pregnant mom’s spine. This can lead to bad pain that is more severe than any you have had previously in pregnancy, or the pain radiates from your abdomen to your back or either way, represents that you are in labor.

If you are feeling confused or unsure, then do not worry because you doctor will tell at what point to get your week 37 pregnancy belly to hospital. For cases like water that have broken, your doctor will advise you to be admitted immediately because you may need to be monitored from infection. Whereas for cases like if you are having contraction but your water has not broken, the contract needs to happen consistently five minutes or less apart before many hospitals will admit you which means if you stay farther from hospital, the sooner you must leave your home. Thus, planning your route to your closest or desired hospital ahead is very crucial. 

Is It Safe to Deliver at Pregnancy Weeks 37?

You perhaps are impatient to finally be able to see and hold your baby in your arms, which should be avoided from temptation to schedule an early induction (unless advice received by your doctor), or to not attempt induce labor by yourself using home remedies. The reason is that you would want to lower the risk of potential health issues for the baby and wait for another 1 or 2 weeks in your belly. If you naturally go into labor, it is very amazing but there is no need to rush up and we keep our word that it will be worth the wait. 

Weeks 37 Pregnancy Ultrasound

Your week 37 baby is now learning some impressive skills including inhaling, exhaling, sucking, griping and also blink and winking. Though may not sound too pleasant, but your cute baby is now getting the first sticky poop, known as meconium that is read for their first diaper.

A week 37 ultrasound should be able to monitor as part of a biophysical profit. The profile is designed to measure the baby's well being, and it is considered ultrasound and the result of a non-stress test.

For 37 week pregnant mom with twins, your doctor might perhaps talk to you about induction or C-section based on your medical history and baby’s statuses. Number of doctors would advise this to happen at 38 pregnant with twins to meet your babies out a week.

You should keep calm no matter how and when you are required to deliver your baby or babies, the most crucial is to not get too impatient waiting. Keep note that that could be any day or could be a few weeks. For the feeling of antsy for last trimester, you could be feeling antsy like going to clean something else, then you should just get your partner to help you up and get more rest 

Is my baby developed sufficiently at 37 weeks?

Yes, your baby is close to finishing development at week 37 pregnancy, as the baby is still progressing some important task in your bally. Their musculoskeletal and circulatory systems are down developing, however the lung, brain and nervous system still require final minor touch up. Hereby in 1 or 2 week can make a huge difference as well.

Healthy Tips for 37 Weeks Pregnant

1. Stay Hydrated

You should drink more water during day times, because dehydration can lead you to an interesting contract and can cause discomfort. Also keep in mind that staying hydrated can help other 37 week pregnant mom symptoms like heartburn to be relieved.

2 . Get some ginger

Are you feeling nausea or wanted to vomit in this pregnant week 37?

You should try a slice of ginger to snap you out of it. You can make your own fresh ginger tea or using boiling water, and sip on the ginger ale or nibble on crystallized ginger, as well either make your own sprinkle on top of yogurt and berries. As soon your nausea is getting really bad, get advice from your doctor to provide ginger supplement or splurging a jingle cookie also helps to relieve.

3. Apply hyaluronic acid

You shall not worry about the stretch mark on your belly, because you can apply this pregnancy-safe moisturizing that works effectively to improve the appearance of stretch marks. So if you are searching for a cream or oil to apply, make sure that includes it in the ingredient list. As it listed higher up, the more hyaluronic acid is in the product. 

Applying this product everyday can see remarkable results and ensure you take your time slowly massage it into your belly, as it also feels very good by removing dry skin, itchy skin and abdominal pressure too. 

4. Nesting time with your partner’s help.

You may get into nesting mode, like wanting to get everything done or in place, yet you were unable to handle everything on your own. Thus, by creating a to-do list with your partner and distributing the task. As you are busy with nesting, you will be ready for the baby in no time!

Week 37 Pregnancy Checklist and reminder are:

  • Schedule your time for week 38 prenatal visit
  • Take note on the symptoms of postpartum depression
  • Get prepare on the baby grooming basics

When To Call Your Doctor In Week 37 Pregnant?

Similar to the previous week, by paying attention to your baby’s activeness and the quieter time allows you to know how your baby is doing there. You can just take a few minutes a day to count baby kicks and record down the movements. If you realize after regular tracking and baby’s movement is not that obvious or not moving as much, you should call your doctor immediately. Although your baby might just be having a slower day, but very unlikely that, slowing down in baby fetus movement can be showing a cord accident or other problems that require an emergency medical solution. 

Recap for pregnancy week 37:

Since your baby’s birthday day could be arriving any day to several weeks from now onward. The unpredictable schedule can be pretty difficult to keep yourself out of anxiousness. So try to pay attention to your own self rather than worrying about when labor will induce. This is the time where you can check or pack your hospital bag, completing the last check list of your nesting to-do list, get a great dinner or movies, as well get a few extra move hours of good sleep. Your great life ahead is changing instantly, so taking good care of yourself is important. 


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