Have you realized that this week 36 pregnancy is now already at ninth month.

It is very fast as time flies, now already month nine where your baby really could decide whether to arrive any day from now, so ensure you have already done your final preparation work.

That includes, taking childbirth class a month ago, read again the guide given and practice the breathing techniques you learned with your partner during the class. 

You should also check again all your plans for getting to the hospital and all predictable what ifs with solution prepared.  You may as well inform your boss and colleagues on the status of your works so that you can hand over your works for them to take over if you suddenly are out of the office. Yes and for sure that week 36 pregnancy is also a great time for you to enjoy having a date with your partner. 

How Big Is My Baby Now At Week 36 of Pregnancy?

In the week 36 of pregnancy that’s very near to delivery weeks, your baby has already grown as big as the size of papaya measuring around 18.7 inches from his/her crown to heel and weighing at about 5.8 pounds.

How Many Months is 36 Weeks of Pregnancy?

It may sound very fast that you are in the ninth months of pregnancy, while there are four weeks to go till your labor date, as you are now in the final stage. Keep in mind that pregnancy is 40 weeks long, which indeed was longer than the nine months where most people assume the pregnancy period to be.

What are the 36 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms?

You should be proud of yourself because 4 more weeks to go, while considering major symptoms happening indeed have relation with the baby's arrival.

Such symptoms in week 36 pregnancy comprises of:

1. Change in breathing.

You should be able to catch a deep breath around this time, because your lungs will have more free space due to your baby having descended into your pelvis.

Since this is not a bad symptom, so you should be feeling happy if you have been struggling with breathing shortage previously. 

2. Feeling discomfort in pelvis area. 

 Your baby is now down low while placing pressure on your pelvis with a feeling of discomfort, but being able to catch a deeper breath is on your good side.  

Take note to also be aware of the sign of labor that includes regular contraction or consistent actual contractions. 

3. Trouble sleeping. 

Lately you have experienced late night waking up, just for doing something unexpected that includes writing thank-you notes or rearranging your closet.

Major pregnant women experienced that, only by doing different things. To have a good sleep, you are recommended to prepare your sleep by relaxing, reduce late over drinking of water, and adjust sleeping on your side. 

4. Heartburn discomfort. 

With growing and movements the baby is crowding your digestive system, disallowing it from working the way it normally should before you are pregnant. 

You can intake antacid to relieve your heartburn, as long your doctor is fine with it, ensure to get advice from your doctor first before any medicine consumption. 

5. Ankles and feet are swollen. 

Swelling is pretty common happening minorly in pregnancy week 36, while higher chance especially in pregnancy with twins in this week 36.

You should not worry much because this swollen effect will go away after you deliver your baby which is pretty close. 

However, if you experience a severe or sudden swelling that can be a sign of a serious problem that informs your doctor should be immediately performed.

6. Changes in vaginal discharge. 

As your body is getting ready for birth, you may experience discharge increasingly at this week 36 pregnancy. 

If you discover watery discharge, or known as amniotic fluid, you must call your doctor immediately.

You should also call your doctor if you notice signs of blood, known as sign of preterm labor.

Also if you notice mucus-like or blood-tinged discharge that could be mucus plug loss, which means a sign of labor is very near, and exactly how much nearer, should be advised by your doctor since it is defers in all pregnant women.

7. Braxton Hicks contractions. 

Perhaps you have experienced tightening in your abdomen, which gets much more intense, where some pregnant women who show up at hospital that thought as labor, but were being turned away because that is just the braxton hicks contraction preparing your body for delivery.

Yet to stay alert on cramps that are at least as painful as menstrual cramps are not the normal braxton hicks contraction, they could be something severe, so inform your obstetrician or doctor immediately. 

If you are curious about when you should know is labor time?

So, You May Wonder What Are the Signs of Labor at 36 Weeks?

Here are the signs that baby is ready to meet you:

1. Water breaking

If you are experiencing a gush or trickle of water breaking, that means it is time to get moving to hospital for delivery.

2. Regular contractions,

Regular contractions are real contractions ready for delivery instead of braxton hicks contraction (irregular contraction), as another sign tells you labor is starting.

3. back labor pain

You may be experiencing back aching along the pregnancy, but this kind of back labor, or back pain which is constant and pain can hurt more than your regular pregnancy pains.  

In this stage of 36 week pregnancy, the labor sign can be difficult to tell apart from regular pregnancy discomforts, so you are advised to notify your doctor as soon as you discover anything seems out of ordinary. You should call the doctor, or even a trip to the hospital to determine its false labor which is worth your concern very much, because the worst can happen if you get sent home to relax and wait calmly.

36 Weeks Pregnant Belly

Perhaps you are still curious about how other pregnant ladies week 36 feel like and look like. You are supposed to notice much obvious changes from the coming week on your pregnant belly, whereby you should have gained around 25 to 30 pounds in total for the recommended amount of normal BMI of pregnant women.

To date with current pregnant belly size, you indeed would come across experience with challenging walking with waddling way often. The great part in this week is that you don’t need to put on too much weight from this month onward, so you are only required to put on half-pound every week up until your baby is born. 

Otherwise for pregnancy with twins in week 36, you are supposed to gain 35 to 45 pounds in total while your belly in this week is considered more than crowded with baby’s growth. Many twin moms may deliver around week 36, while you also have a chance that your twins and you may hold on just for a few weeks more before delivery. 

Take note that the longer your delivery on hold, the lesser time required for your babies to go through NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) time after giving birth.

You also are reminded that even though you are feeling uncomfortable and you are still not yet ready for delivery, then hanging in there and giving them more extra time in utero is good, especially for twins.

Is It Safe to Deliver at 36 Weeks Pregnancy?

For the ideal case baby delivery in fact should be waiting for a few more weeks. As for a baby born at 36 weeks, which typically has a very change of being healthy completely. Still, considering as late preterm, there are risks associated with could be some health concern that includes low birth weight or respiratory distress syndrome. 

However, you are advised to not worry, because your obstetrician will be responsible to take good care of your body and baby during the delivery. 

36 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound And Test That Will Be Conducted

You may wonder what to expect inside your tummy when running through ultrasound in week 36 pregnancy. In fact, this week your baby’s liver and kidneys are working accordingly. Immune and circulation systems as well are functional healthily. Ongoingly, your baby is gradually capable of breathing on their own. You should also know even though you couldn't touch them, your baby fetus’s skin is becoming much smoother and softer, whereas their gums turn rigid.

With prenatal appointment in week 36, your obstetrician could be checking on the baby's position again because this is the time where the baby's position should be in a head-down position. However if not, they are considered in breach. Therefore, you should not panic or worry when your baby is in breech position at week 36. There is still a chance where your baby will turn naturally around this time or around delivery time would happen too. 

Depending on your obstetrician whether you would decide to do a version procedure for a breech baby, via a method to turn the baby to the ideal position by pushing and/or lifting your pregnant belly. Though it sounds rough, do not worry because it is considered a low-risk procedure and it works more than half the time.

Of Course before the procedure begins; you will be given medication to relax your uterus beforehand. You will be having chances to see your baby with ultrasound carried out to cleary identify baby’s position and location of placenta. This ultrasound stage will be allowed to guide doctor’s movement correctly. Thus, the baby's heart rate will be monitored before, and after, even during version procedure to ensure everything seems well. 

Test will be conducted on you will be Group B Strep around week 36 of pregnancy. This test is carried out to ensure you have no common bacterium called Group B Strep in your body. However if you do positive, it might cause a problem such as urinary tract infection and you might never notice that. This reason why this test is important because the bacteria could cause severe issues and even can be life threatening for your baby. The chance of pregnant women tested positive with Group B is about 10 to 30%. Yet, the treatment is as simple as being prescribed with antibiotic drip during labor to effectively reduce the chances of transmitting the bacteria to your baby.

For week 36 pregnancy with twins, or you are having high-risk conditions including high blood pressure, kidney or heart diseases, you may have a biophysical profile this week. This combination of ultrasound and non-stress test allows your doctor to have a clearer picture of how the baby is performing and advice if delivery should be earlier. 

Is my baby fully developed at 36 weeks?

You could be wondering, is my baby fully developed at 36 weeks, and are they healthy to deliver this week? The fact is that your baby is almost done growing inside you and will be ready to be born into the world soon. Still, you are advised to allow your baby to grow a little more. The growth includes gaining more weight so that their brain, lungs, liver and other organs are fully developed and matured.

Healthy Tips for 36 Weeks Pregnant.

1. Avoid eating spicy foods:

You could be holding up on eating your favorite spicy delicious foods. As for those who are suffering from heartburn recently that is common, then you should be avoiding from eating spiciness foods. You should be eating bland food at this stage, though it is boring but you would be proud of yourself on the good side later. The heavy kind of foods loaded with citrus or vinegar, and fried foods should be avoided as well to say no to heartburn.

2. Eat your dinner earlier

You could be busying to cope up with your life or work and end up eating dinner too late, but a big meal close to bedtime could keep you up at night leaving your precious sleeping hours wasted. Late dinner may also trigger your heartburn, so ensure to avoid eating dinner too late, or stop eating at least a couple of hours before bedtime, that includes no more snacking as well. 

3. Place your feet higher

You could be experiencing minor swollen feet and ankles till now, while the best way to relieve this is by placing your feet higher with support by prop a pillow under your feet so that it can stay above your heart level is best to ease swelling. 

4. Use belly sling or band

Since your baby is weighing now lower down on your pelvis, you should invest a sling or band to provide great support and relieve pressure off your back. Ensure to choose the sling or band that is not too tight in order to not restrict any blood flow. 

Pregnancy Checklist and Reminders for the week 36 Weeks Pregnant.

  • Schedule your 37-week prenatal visit
  • Finalize your maternity-leave plan
  • Select a pediatrician, if you haven’t already

When to call the doctor in week 36 pregnant?

In this week 36 pregnant, should you feel actual contraction or think that you may be experiencing it with discomfort ache in your back and lower abdomen and gets the pressure in your pelvis where some women describe the contraction feels like stronger menstrual cramp, so the call your doctor or quickly head to hospital. Also call your doctor if you get vaginal bleeding, water broken, or severe pain on abdominal.

Your ongoing growing baby is crowding your belly with no more space to move. Thus, this may cause your baby’s movement to decrease a bit, but you should still be able to feel them which should be less than 10 movements in an hour in normal condition. If you feel a strong hint of decreasing movements, quickly call your doctor. Sometimes decrease in movement could be nothing serious, because it could be showing the sign of your baby in distress. Still, you can always keep it safe to contact your doctor or healthcare provider at best.

You Are Now Expecting For Delivery Stage:

Although you are not yet reached the full term stage, you are almost at the finish line. Keep in mind to enjoy these few more weeks. The healthy tips is to just take enough naps as soon you have the mood to sleep, and keep eating healthy foods and a balanced diet. You get to benefit from the extra nutrients and energy consumed from the healthy meals during your big day. 


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