You are as ready as always while excitement nearly peaks as you are feeling like there is still a lot of stuff left to prepare before the baby's arrival. 

Many moms-to-be are barely able to wait for their baby’s arrival. The great advice is, you should not feel stressed either way because your baby’s arrival will show up whenever they are ready, and there is no need to be very specific or detail off your list if you haven't yet checked your luggage. 

The most important things to prepare are a safe place for the baby to sleep, diapers, and an infant car seat for the ride home which have almost the crucial baby’s basic needs taken care of. Check here for the most important checklist from most to least priority things to prepare.

How Big Is My Baby at 35 Weeks Pregnancy?

In this stage of pregnancy week 35, you baby should now be as big as the size of a pineapple. 

Your baby is now measured at about 18.2 inches (46cm) from head to heel. 

You should expect your baby to keep growing bigger which weighs around 5.3 pounds (2.4kg) and adding up a pound more of baby fat before the baby's arrival.

35 Weeks Pregnant Is How Many Months?

In this week 35 pregnancy, you are generally considered pregnant at about eight months. Even Though your doctor mostly would refer to your pregnancy stage by weeks instead of months. Thus, you have about 5 more weeks to come. 

What Are The Symptoms In 35 Weeks Pregnant?

To sum up your eight month pregnancy, you may perhaps experience these 35 weeks pregnant symptoms as following:

1. Feeling urge to pee increased 

Definitely you may feel that your bladder is being pressed by your baby or babies (twins in 35 weeks pregnancy), which are almost sitting pretty low in your pelvis to prepare readiness for birth day.

You should keep drinking sufficient water even though you are going to the bathroom much often, because drinking enough water can lower the risk of preterm labor, so be wise and drink plenty of water. 

2. Constipation. 

This is a pretty common digestion issue faced by pregnant women. Drinking plenty of water can smoothen your digestive tract, while eating foods plenty in fiber works the same as well. 

However, if there are times you have tried everything and still struggle with constipation, seek for your doctor’s help whether it is possible for you to take fiber supplement or stool softener during this pregnancy stage.

3. Hips and pelvis feeling ache and pain. 

The feeling of pain and aches occurring on your hips and pelvis are persisting for some while, look forward to expecting to get a few new one as well. 

As you are dealing with the discomfort, always look at the bright side to reduce stress for piling up. 

The reason for hips and pelvis pain in fact were due to your ligaments loosening up to allow your baby to make their way out of your uterus and coming to the world easily. 

4. Braxton Hicks contractions. 

In this week 35 pregnancy, you could notice a more frequent occurrence of contractions, which is known as braxton hicks contractions that happen at random frequencies. Just rest and drink a lot of water when you get those.

However if you experienced persisting regular real contractions, then call your doctor immediately because that can be a sign of labor soon. 

Is it normal for a week 35 pregnancy to feel really tired?

if you are one of those feeling fatigue at week 35, then you are not the only one. Covering all of the discomfort, ranging from bladder overload, body aches and pains, also with active baby’s movement have caused insomnia with not sufficient good sleep at this stage of pregnancy.

Other symptoms like leg cramps or heartburn can affect your proper sleep.

Though with various discomfort, you should get all rest whenever you can now, because in a few more weeks to come can be much difficult to have enough time to sleep with a new baby to love and care for.

How Is My 35 Weeks Pregnant Belly Doing?

You are as always expecting more growth in this stage for your baby and yourself. Furthermore, this week 35 pregnancy has progressed till your uterus has grown up to about 500 to 1000 times more than its original size. 

Growing, growing, growing. Yup, baby and you are now that you’ve reached 35 weeks pregnant, your uterus has grown to about 500 to 1,000 times its original size. Though a number may sound too drastic to others, but for you, perhaps you feel more like one million times grown of your uterus. 

This week you can anticipate gaining about a half-pound every week till you give birth.

In this week 35 pregnant, you may be curious about the sign of labor. Although you may think it is still early, 11% of singleton moms give birth prematurely, while indeed moms pregnant with twins are close to considered full term at this stage.

So, What Are the Common Signs of Labor at 35 Weeks?

This is the actual sign of labor for week 35 pregnancy, whereby you should call your obstetrician and grab your hospital bag/luggage for labor if you experience these as follows.

1. Water breaking.

If you discover that your water has broken, which feels like something that is less like discharge and feels more like a flow gush  of water, just like a big gush of water (like shown in movies) or flows slowly that just keeps coming.

2. Painful contractions.

Contraction of Braxton Hicks is not a real contractions sign for labor. This type of pain contraction happens suddenly with mild tightness on your belly that shows pattern randomly with no regular ongoing contractions, like the real contraction.

3. Regular contractions.

The real contractions will occur regularly and will not stop, which happen more frequently and more painful. 

Your doctor will probably advise you at what stage to call and inform them about your contractions situation. 

They will advise with a good rule of thumb, is to call the doctor when contractions are about five minutes apart for a first pregnancy.

If this is not your first pregnancy, call the doctor earlier as they feel like contraction happening 10-15 minutes apart because those labors tend to be much shorter. 

If you are not sure about any week 35 pregnancy symptoms could be a sign of labor, just call and ask your doctor to be safe.

Do I Get To Have Ultrasound In 35 Weeks Pregnant?

Your baby can now hear you! Wow, this is because your baby’s hearing is fully developed and well responded to high-pitched sounds. 

You probably haven't thought about that if your baby is a boy, the pregnancy ultrasound in this week 35 can tell that his testes have about fully descended.

You may get to have a Group B strep test by this or next week. The test will be conducted by taking a swab of vaginal area and rectum by your doctor to test for bacteria called Group B Strep. Though this bacteria is common and not going to make you sick, however it's harmful to the baby if they are exposed to it at birth, which makes this test crucial as well. If you are tested with Group B Strep, you will be prescribed antibiotics during the birth to prevent exposure and just that easy.

You May Wonder, Is Baby Born at 35 Weeks and Can Be Healthy?

Yes, of course it is. Even Though there are still a couple more weeks until the baby is considered “early term” at 37 weeks, but they can indeed still be born now and can be just as healthy as the baby born later. Your doctor may extend your baby’s hospital stay for just a bit longer, only to ensure that your baby is all well.

Tips for 35 Weeks Healthy Pregnancy

1. Get Ready By Packing Your Hospital Bag

If you just realize that you should be packing your hospital bag, then it is time to prepare for delivery. The common things you required to bring along are insurance information, photo ID, while also the things you are wearing such as socks, comfortable clothes for the trip home. If you don’t have any idea where to start packing, check out here is the top checklist for you to start packing now. 

2. Stays comfortable with pregnancy pillow

Your big belly this week 35 is going to be discomforting, especially when sleeping, thus getting yourself with a comfortable pregnancy pillow is a lifesaver. You should be able to get comfortable sleep on the left-side sleeping position which helps you relieve pressure on your hips while you are lying on the bed. 

3. Keep eye on your water consumption before bed

Having a crowded belly at this week 35 can often lead to bathroom trips, which nothing much you can do. 

As you may wake up during the night for bathroom trips, you can in fact limit how much water you are drinking in an hour or two before you go to bed to reduce the frequency of middle of night wake ups. 

4. Consume sufficient salads

Mixing salad into your diet can help you prevent constipation thanks to fiber nutrients found in salads. You may add in spinach, kale, some lentils, roasted chickpeas, pears, berries, apples and even top with sesame seeds of chopped almonds for rich tasty fiber foods to reduce constipation issues. Not to forget that drinking plenty of water during the day times is helpful too.

Here Are The Pregnancy Checklist and Reminders for the week at 35 Weeks Pregnant

  • Get ready to announce baby's arrival
  • Get to know the signs of labor
  • Program important numbers into your phones such as Medical contact

When to call the doctor at 35 week pregnant?

You should be aware of your baby’s movement which might decrease as you are closer to your delivery stage. However, minor decrease in movement is considered normal. Even with the your baby is crowding your uterus, getting the feeling of your baby’s movement should be at least 10 times for an hour. Otherwise you have felt obvious decreasing in movement, quickly call your doctor for best checking and confirmation. 

During this weeks, if you experience these symptoms, you should call your doctor:

  • Vaginal bleeding or discharge with odor
  • Having fever or chills,
  • Urination with pain
  • Headaches persisting
  • Vision gets blurry
  • Blind spots
  • Water breaks
  • Regular intervals of painful contractions

You Are About To Reach Full Term Stage.

It is pretty difficult to believe that your pregnancy is almost reaching the complete stage. In the week after next, is early term stage week 37-38 pregnant, while full term stage is from week 39 to week 40 pregnant. Although you may experience pregnancy discomfort and a huge belly that feels like never ending, but you will be ready to hold your baby in your arms pretty soon. 


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