Are you not aware that your baby is now able to listen to your voice in this week 34 pregnancy? 

Yes, indeed your baby might enjoy a lullaby or two, so go ahead and sing to them. This will allow them to recognize the songs that their mom sang which could even easily be soothed by those familiar tunes once they are on the outside based on expert. Your baby wouldn’t mind if your singing is a bit off-key.

How Big Is Baby at 34 Weeks?

Your baby size in this week 34 pregnancy is now as big as a butternut squash. 

About another 2 more months till delivery, baby is now weighing around 4.7 pounds and measured around 17.7 inches.

34 Weeks Pregnant Is How Many Months?

It’s getting much easier to count how many months you are right now, because the labour day is only 6 weeks away while now you are 8 months of pregnancy. 

34 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Your symptoms are pretty common to late pregnancy during this week 34 pregnancy.

1. Vision turns blurry.

No doubts that your pregnant body is under a combination of hormones, which cause fluid build-ups and no more good sleep can affect your vision to be a little off.

There are times you may feel just normal, as this is just a temporary pregnancy symptom. However, if you experience blurry vision, together with symptoms such as headache, fast weight gain or sudden swelling, that could be a risk of preeclampsia sign, that you should immediately inform your obstetrician. 

2. Fatigue.

You perhaps has used with the exhausting extra weight to carry around, no matter is one baby or twins in this week 34 pregnancy, which at worst when you can’t get a good sleep at night is turning you fatigue the next day.

3. Constipation.

Bowel movement could get stuck or difficult to be smooth as usual especially in this 34 weeks pregnancy. The remedies for smooth bowel movements are to drink plenty of water, eat foods high in fiber such as green leafy, and as well have frequent walks.

4. Hemorrhoids.

Another discomfort symptom you may dislike to hear is the hemorrhoids. Especially when you are having a big trip in the toilet, the discomfort is no fun at all. Similarly, a baby is putting extra weight on your rectum. 

In order to soothe hemorrhoids, you should relieve constipation first and suggest doing different sitting and standing position to lessen some pressure putting on that area.

5. Swollen ankles and feet.

If you experience swollen ankle and feet at times, sit down and place your feet higher up. 

6. Abdominal pressure. 

You may feel pressure putting on you pelvis and may feel the desire to urinate more frequently, as your body is prepared for baby arrival.

7. Braxton Hicks contractions. 

Around this weeks, if you experience cramping are considered normal as body prepare for delivery weeks.

To take note, regular contraction may appears wont stop after an hour, vaginal bleeding, and lower back pain are all symptoms of premature labor.

If you experience these symptoms or with any worrisome, contact your obstetrician immediately.

Is It Safe to Deliver at 34 Weeks?

You may wonder, is delivery now considered safe? In fact, you are close but still not quite full term yet, until they reach week 37 and onwards.

Though it's still not yet full term, your baby is now probably at great chance of being strong and healthy, just like any full term infant. 

Yet if the baby was delivered preterm, the baby may still need some extra time in the hospital to monitor and make sure everything is good before going home with you.

34 Weeks Pregnant Belly

Have your partner help you monitor your belly whether it seems a little or a lot more lower than it did a few weeks ago compared to this 34 week.

It is because your baby may have descended lower into your pelvis which allows you to have more space inside to catch your breath back.

The drawback is that if this action is you get more pressure put on your bladder, so be prepare to have more trips to bathroom over the coming weeks.

Though you should also aware that not all baby will do this, because some may not do this till the day they were born.

In this week 34 pregnancy, you can expect to measure your belly at about 32 to 36 centimetres from the top of the uterus towards the pubic bone. 

Otherwise, if you measured with slightly bigger or smaller, it tells that

  • your baby is bigger or smaller than average,
  • baby is in a breech or sideway position, or
  • there is an abnormal level of amniotic fluid.

As you discover anything is out of the typical fundal height (belly measurement), inform your doctor as soon as possible to order an ultrasound to figure out what’s the cause in this week 34.

One of the fun  fact of amniotic fluid is at an all-time peak between pregnancy week 34 and 36, however if you might feel that your belly isn’t getting too much bigger after this point, the reason could be due to fluid would decrease to allow your baby able to keep growing and have enough space to wiggle around. Though baby still snug in there with bigger size, you could experience movements that are slightly different at this time.

You are advised to check in on your baby by doing kick counts. With two times a day, set a timer to record how many times it takes for baby to move 10 times. Baby should move 10 times in an hour or less. Then let your doctor know about if any notable changes are crucial.

As of 34 week pregnancy with twins, you could be feeling slightly anxious or impatient. The reason can be a subtle psychological symptom that babies are coming pretty soon. Mom-to-be with twins, countdown begins officially now, because twins pregnancy reaches its full term at 37 weeks. However you are not required to delivery your babies early, but likely to go into labor at week 37.

34 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

There are likely for you to take trips to the obstetrician this week, since you perhaps seeing them every other week. As if your doctor order you could take a biophysical profile (BPP), which is a mixture of test comprising of 34 weeks pregnancy ultrasound and a special non-stress test that takes the baby's heart rate measurement over a period of 20 minutes. With this combination of test, it helps your doctor to confirm that your baby is well responded to stress and thriving normally.

Week 35 should be a week off for you, so enjoy that and stays calm and relax.

As at beginning of week 36, you will have appointed for weekly obstetrician accordingly. You are likely to have a Group B strep test around week 36 as well, that required a vaginal and rectal swab. Since 10 to 30% of pregnant women tested positive for Group B strep bacteria, which can be harmful to baby if passed on to them during delivery. This is why if you are tested positive for Group B strep, don’t worry because you will be prescribed antibiotics by doctor during labor and delivery. You might as well, pack yourself with new books to read while in your waiting time.

Are my babies fully developed at 34 weeks?

In fact, your baby is pretty close to fully developing at 34 weeks. You can anticipate much more responsiveness as your 34 week fetus can listen, see, sleep and breathe accordingly.

What does baby look like at 34 weeks?

You definitely are curious about how your week 34 baby fetus looks like? With many ultrasound and experience collected, your baby fetus will now look a lot like they will when they are born, just with lesser body fat yet. Your baby is now undergoing the finish stage especially for their fingernails growth, skin smoothening, and weight is putting on now. You will be seeing what your baby is gonna looks like pretty soon, so stay patient, sis.

Healthy Tips for 34 Weeks Pregnancy

1. Keep salty foods away.

You are now fighting with swollen feet, so ensure to not worsening them by adding fluid-retaining salt to your everyday foods. Just aware of any foods you are going to eat is low-sodium choice at your best possible. 

2. Stays much more hydrated.

Braxton hicks contraction is happening occasionally, so it could be sign telling you that drinking more water can relieve it from happening, because dehydration is big factor of this contraction arising. 

As drinking more water helps relieve and prevent constipation, double benefits are always good to go for. 

3. Hemorrhoids care should be look after.

Hemorrhoids is also another difficulty to endure, though you can make them little more bearable by relieving them with some tender loving care. By taking a warm sitz bath and witch hazel pads are helpful, also by standing or on feet can reduce pressure on blood vessels affecting hermorrhoids such as sitting too much. Since constipation is another cause of hermohoids, thus you should do what you are able to ensure everything is smooth and easy.

4. Ensure good and sufficient bedtime.

You should be having difficulty sleeping; this is why you should prepare your sleep earlier to have a good and sufficient bedtime. 

The few methods that promote good pregnancy bedtime include:

  • doing few gentle prenatal yoga stretches at night to soothe and calm aches and pains
  • eat 3 hours at least before going bedtime to allow meal time to digest
  • skip the late-night TV show or the unlimited social media scrolling
  • Adjust the light from screens can mess up your body clock by preventing you from falling asleep easily.
  • Prepare your bedtime by listening to soft music and read few pages of book you like does goes well too. 

Pregnancy Checklist and reminder at 34 Weeks Pregnant

  • Schedule your 36-week prenatal visit
  • Brush up on ways to make birth easier
  • Write your baby shower thank-you notes


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