You should be feeling relax and taking a deep breath especially this week 33, however you may find it getting harder as your belly is getting more crowded. 

Indeed, you would find it getting harder to be comfortable, because pregnancy symptoms overlaying may get in your way in various ways.

Yet, you definitely would get very excited to meet your baby, which is pregnancy commonly responded to not being blamed on.

If you have not started to pack your hospital bag, this week 33 of pregnancy is a great time to prepare, perhaps getting your partner to help with their pleasure.

This is the time that you should read up on postpartum care while stocking up your medicine storage with the important new mom care supplies. 

Thanks to the hospital does provide plenty as well, so there is no need to worry if you overlook something. 

Baby arrival would still require another month, but in case baby arrival is an early surprise, at least you don't have to think about what items to pack or if you have hemorrhoid's cream or not at home. 

How Big Is Baby at 33 Weeks?

In this current pregnancy week 33, baby is now growing about the size of a head of celery. Baby should be weighing about 4.2 pounds and measured about 17.2 inches and still growing up to a full inch by this week, very impressive isn't?

Pregnancy Week 33 Is Count As How Many Months?

Thirty-three weeks pregnant is counted as pregnancy at eight months, even though most doctors refer to your pregnancy stages more accurately by week instead of months.

33 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

If there is one to describe pregnancy symptoms on week 33 which is feeling of discomfort. Still, here is what you are probably feeling this week.

1. Overheating. 

You are now feeling hot mom-to-be, thanks to your body metabolic rate are now going up and it is certainly a common symptom.

2. Headaches. 

You may as well experience headache due to the common hormone fluctuation at week 33. 

The remedies to ease this symptom are reduce stress and ensure to stay hydrated by drinking more water while extra trips to the ladies bathroom is considered worth the sacrifice.

3. Shortage of breath.

This is the time that you may already be used to not fully being able to catch your breath, and it is harder if pregnant with twins.

You should be able to relieve soon because your baby may drop to the pelvic while turning to head down position for preparation of delivery and free up some space around for your lung.

This happens at different times to different pregnant moms, though chances could be happening very soon.

4. Forgetfulness and clumsiness.

You may have heard of pregnancy brain which is an experience of being easily forgetful and clumsy during pregnancy.

Your dizziness could be less caused by your physiological changes and majorly were caused by the common stress and anxiety in this trimester.

What should mom-to-be feel in this 33 weeks?

Did you feel the urge to clean up your house or to buy all of the baby's onesies and even to organize diapers in the nursery room?

You should be nesting during this time, since most mom-to-be often experience nesting instinct, which is known as a burst of energy in the last few weeks of pregnancy, which inspires you to clean and organize the house in preparation for the baby's arrival.

It is obvious that the one thing that you should feel is lack of good sleep, which is very common happening in this third trimester.

The typical reason of can’t getting good sleep ranged from full bladder for toilet trip to active kicking baby. Thus, you should take care of yourself and rest whenever you can.

Week 33 Pregnant Belly Condition

Up till this week 33 pregnancy, you shall have gained around a total of 22 to 28 pound for singleton, while for twins pregnancy should be 32 to 42 pounds. 

For few moms-to-be, the extra curves in a good way have made them look sexy. So, if your partner is curious about whether intercourse is possible, then as long you doctor said is okay for that, they enjoy until delivery day.

For those we experienced that your belly is tightening occasionally, then it’s probably due to Braxton Hicks contractions. This symptom happens because your body is preparing for the delivery stage.

You can identify the braxton hicks that are not painful, frequently happening after intercourse or exercise. This contraction will stop when you switch positions, while the real contraction is occurring constantly, which can be at least five times in an hour, and that means actual labor. 

Take note around this week 33, symptoms like cramping feel similar to having periods, can be sign of preterm labor, similar to vaginal bleeding, uncommon discharge or leaking.

In this week, the pressure in your pelvis could be a sign too, make sure you take note of these symptoms. In cases if anything worries you, empty your bladder, lie on your left side, drink enough water, and call your obstetrician immediately.

What position is baby in at 33 Weeks?

As it is very close to delivery, so your baby is likely to be at position of head down, or will be very soon happening.

At the same time, baby is also making its way toward your pelvis, which may feel like your belly has dropped lower.

In fact some babies will wait till the last minute to move to this position, so there are no needs to worry if you don't feel the changes yet.

Can Your Pregnancy Deliver at 33 Weeks?

You can consider it is still early for delivery in week 33, because if real contractions happening in this week are considered as preterm labor.

Especially for pregnant moms with some complications and conditions such as excess amniotic fluid or pregnancy, 33 weeks with twins can make you more likely to go into labor earlier.

33 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

If you are having an ultrasound in this week 33 pregnancy, you can witness your baby is keeping their eyes open while they are awake. 

Your baby is now begins to coordinate breathing skills by sucking and swallowing, that is crucial life skill to learn when delivered. Thanks to your body supply source of calcium, you baby fetus bones are getting much solid.

Since your baby is going through much major brain development, that is going to be one smart little baby.

As week 33 ultrasound could have done as part of biophysical profile (BPP), this test is performed in 3rd trimester for high risk patient, especially for pregnancy with twins in week 33, which you might be getting this test very often, and after 40 weeks (late delivery) for women who go past their due dates.

The ultrasound test will identify your week 33 fetus’s movement, breathing, muscle tone and quantity of amniotic fluid. Whereas for other part of the BPP, known as non-stress test, which measuring on how baby’s heart rate changes when they move or you are having contraction. 

This is also known as an extra peek to confirm and monitor all is okay with your week 33 baby. Some women may find that this whole process makes them feel relaxing.

Healthy Tips for 33 Weeks Pregnant

Apply Cold Compress.

You can use cold compress on your back of neck, to relieve headache with no medication. The refreshing of cold compress can helps you to cool down when you are feeling very hot.

Secure your coolness.

As overheating is happening especially in this hot weather months on week 33 pregnancy, indeed investing a cooling device, or air conditional unit that plugs into an outlet, handheld fan, for quick blast of coolness.

Make sure you are having a good night’s sleep.

If you are feeling fatigue and forgetful the day time, you should setup a bedroom environment that promotes sweet sleeping.                                                       

You can promote sweet sleeping with:

white noise machine or light blocking window coverings,

spritz calming lavender essential oil onto your bed sheets.

set room temperature with right and comfy sleep

Things To Take Notes in Week 33 Pregnancy

You should be very careful of fragile materials such as plate and glass, by not letting anything slip and cracks due to forgetfulness by pregnancy brain. 

You should as well to write down things with a to-do list, or set smartphone’s digital calender to help you get through forgetfulness difficulty.

Pregnancy Checklist And Reminder at 33 Weeks Pregnant:

Apply for a labor and delivery course and an infant CPR class

Pack your hospital bag with enough clothings

Prepare for your postpartum recovery

Ask about the hospital resources for new moms, like lactation consultants


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