Are you getting excited for baby’s birth? Though seems far from this week 32 pregnancy, but your baby and yourself are getting ready in majority aspect, just in case there is an early arrival for your information that you should be prepared.

In this near end-of-pregnancy period, you probably informed your health insurance that there will be a new arrival soon, and even have purchased infant car seat and figuring out how to install it with your partner.

You probably are wondering what’s your week 32 fetus current in what position?

In this week 32, you fetus probably have turned into head-down position, else very soon will turn into head-down position. 

Some pregnant lady described that if your baby fetus has shifted downward, you appetite will started getting better and feeling easier to catch deep breath. However that does not always happen before labor, because baby may move down to pelvic cavity before or even during labor.

Anyhow, you should not worry because you still have a little more time for you to mentally prepare for it accordingly.

How Big Is My Baby Fetus at 32 Weeks?

In this week 32 baby fetus is now growing strong and with size as big as a squash. 

Your baby is now measuring at about 16.7 inches and weighs in at about 3.8 pounds.

32 Weeks Pregnant Is Now How Many Months?

In this 32 weeks pregnant is eight months pregnant. You may find it a different month because most doctors would precisely track your pregnancy progress based on weeks, not months.

32 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Exceptional growth of symptoms is getting more noticeable with heartburn and contraction showing up on week 32 of pregnancy. Anticipation with excitement for your baby fetus arrival, symptoms of 32 weeks also slightly catching up. 

1. Frequent Braxton Hicks contractions.

Also known as practice contractions preparation for labor, is now occurring more frequent and stronger, that may sometime being confused with cramping.

You should take note that the huge difference between Braxton Hicks contraction and the real contraction for delivery is that, Braxton hicks contraction feels like uterus is tightening and go away.     

Whereas the real contractions will keep coming frequently.

For week 32 pregnancy with twins are at higher risk for preterm labor, thus be extra aware of contractions that persist and will not stop.

2. Darker nipples.

Unbelievable, those beauty areolas suddenly may turn darker all because of the pregnancy hormonal changes.

Even though no exact answers to that, but the pregnant mom believed that them being darken is for a reason that your baby may see them better while breastfeeding. 

3. Shortness of breath.

Your baby is getting sufficient and more than enough air, but for yourself it is not.

Even so, you should not push yourself too hard if you are having trouble catching your breath because this will reduce the feeling of stress on yourself.

4. Heartburn.

You may check with your doctor if you have heartburn, usually they would advise you to take antacid to relieve your heartburn. 

Antacid is generally safe for most pregnant women to take as long when you face heartburn problem.

5. Leaky boobs.

As your belly keep growing, you might as well noticed your breast also get bigger with reason that they start to prepare producing of colostrum, type of thick yellow fluid that baby will eat in the first few days of life.

Thus, you should not be surprised when you noticed the minor breast leaking at this stage.

6. Vaginal discharge.

Though you may experience an increase of discharge down there, but the good part is it helps to prevent infection down there.

Besides that, you should look out for the mucus plug, that is a thick, gooey and bloody kind of substance that covers the cervix until a few days or just in hours right before labor which when your body expels it.

Also you should be aware of discharge that looks more like watery liquid, at which if you face a constant flow of water liquid rather than discharge, which means your water might have broken that leads to a slow leak. If that happens, you should immediately call your obstetrician or doctor and go to hospital immediately. 

Is 32 Weeks Pregnancy Safe to Deliver?

Though you may know the best time to delivery your baby is on week 40. However if you wonder whether week 32 is safe to delivery, then most doctor would say week 32 is still a little too early to delivery baby which was considered as premature delivery if babies was born any time before 37 weeks.

There is no worry for babies in case was/were born earlier, since there are many different  medical treatments available that include stay in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) until your baby is ready to go home.

As you have been in good relationship with your doctor or obstetrician in this stage, then you can trust your baby and you would be in good and professional hands.

32 Weeks Pregnant Belly Progress

Pregnant belly in week 32 anticipate with measurement at about 30 to 34 centimeters from the top of the uterus to the pelvic bone. 

For pregnancy twins in week 32, undeniably that you should feel more weighed down than singleton pregnant women. 

If you are pregnant with twins, you are even closer to delivery, because average twin pregnancy is considered full term at week 37. 

How can you tell if baby’s position is now head down at 32 weeks?

Anytime from now and around week 34, baby was expected to drop from up near your ribs to down near your pelvis. With head down position of your baby, they will hang out in this head-down position until delivery. 

Once baby have change to head down position, you in fact may have felt that carrying high suddenly went to carrying low.

You don’t have to worry too much on that because some baby will not drop to the position only until labor day.

32 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

During this week 32, you baby is preparing for their descent and likely drop to head-down position and may felt more cramped inside. 

You perhaps may have a 32-week pregnancy checkup, because most obstetricians would like to see their patients about every other week at this point of pregnancy stage.

You may also not have pregnancy ultrasound, except if you have pregnancy complication or something specific your doctor want to check. 

Whereas for week 32 pregnancy with twins, the doctor may want to conduct extra monitoring from week 30 onwards.

Same old words, you should keep calm and are now just weeks away from meeting your baby/babies which is very exciting, isit?

Is my baby or babies fully developed at 32 weeks?

Your baby is getting closer to fully development every week closer to the delivery day. 

Major development of your baby is now complete, which even has been started to learn breathing, only left gaining weight as weeks goes by. 

If baby was born at 32 weeks, they anticipated to weigh around 4 pounds, which is determined as low birth weight. 

Healthy and Extra Tips for 32 Weeks Pregnant

In week 32 pregnancy, you should eat at smaller meal to avoid from dreaded heartburn by not filling your plate too full. 

As many nutritious have recommended, eating with small meals are more manageable for your digestive system to deal with if you experience heartburn or acid reflux. 

Eating small meals may sound hungry fast for you, but you can eat with more frequency, such as about 5 to 6 times a day, while avoid from eating foods that are heavy or fatty or spicy. 

Practice to keep good body posture.

Are you now hunching over with habit and face difficulty in breathing?

Then you should sit up or stand up straight to let your lungs fill with more air and that helps to relieve any third trimester aches and pains as well.

Make sure your underwear is clean and dry.

It is very important to keep good hygiene at any time, especially during pregnancy if you face vaginal discharge. 

By wearing pantiliner or wearing cotton underwear and change it whenever necessary may not only helps you stay comfortable, but helps your easily monitor discharge of any sign of color or texture changes whenever required medical attention. 

Take light walk

Many pregnant women may feel dreaded and desire lying down since your braxton hicks contraction still persisting, but with a little light exercise will help to relieve the contraction.

Especially by taking light walks which are not too far away, because you should ensure extra care and monitor if contractions don't stop, then they may be the real contractions that require you to call your doctor immediately. 


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