Awesome news for your week 31 pregnancy is that your baby’s all five senses were developed completely.  

With fully developed senses, now shows that your baby will keep getting smarter every day, however you yourself might experience slight forgetfulness due to pregnancy hormone that can sometime cause you to forget things.

There are no need to worry about it because it happens very common to majority of pregnant women will realize themselves react to things got loss memory especially only during this third trimester which will be over after labor. The reason why this will happen is due to so much thing going on your mind right now, thus you should not worry over everything while start to take deep breath to ensure you stay relax and calm always.


Starting from this week 31 of pregnancy onward, you are expected to experience a lot of the similar symptoms that you faced before. For some of it may get worse while some may turns endurable.

Here are the most typical 31 weeks pregnant symptoms:

1. Breath shortage.

With you crowded belly, feeling shortage of breath is the common problems that all pregnant women would face especially at third trimester. Thus, you should always remind yourself as a pregnant woman, so ensure not to push yourself too much.

You are advised to do some light pregnancy exercise by your doctor, but you should as well get as much rest as you need to. 

2. Nail gets dry and brittle.

Undeniable that you may keep long finger and toenail growth, however that can makes your nails to feel dry and broken easily.

Some pregnant women found moisturizing cuticle oil can prevent nails from getting dry and brittle, which can also be a great excuse for a spa mani-pedi. 

3. Braxton Hicks contractions.

Braxton hicks contraction may face by some pregnant women, which known as tightening of the uterine muscles for about  1 to 2 minutes for purpose of preparation for labor.

To prevent the practice contractions from turning into preterm labor, you should drink plenty of water and change positions often.

For those who experienced certain pregnancy complications especially in 31 weeks of pregnancy with twins, please be alerted that there is a higher chance of preterm labor.

4. Leaky breast.

Leaky breast with yellow liquid is for baby’s first food called colostrum, which you body is in preparation to get ready for breastfeeding.

5. Frequent urination.

With a growing fetus in your belly, your bladder gets as crowded as your lungs are which keeps you taking frequent trips to the bathroom. 

Although not much you can do about this, you can plan mentally for more bathroom breaks into your daily routine.

6. Backaches.

Aching back is very common for this trimester, which can badly affect your sleep when your belly contracting and finding a comfortable position is getting more difficult. 

Thus by stretching and prenatal yoga class can ease the aches and with a pregnancy pillow is very helpful for a comfortable sleep position. 


In this pregnancy week 31, you have probably gained at about 21 to 27 pounds, while for pregnancy with twins you should gain about 27 to 42 pounds.

Your 31 week pregnant belly is getting bigger and getting in the way of many things such as simple things such as wearing shoes.

Though you should not feel bad, but getting in the way of your usual swagger or starting to waddling (walk like a penguin) is getting common especially in the third trimester.

How Big Is Baby at 31 Weeks?

You may wonder what size is your baby in these 31 weeks of pregnancy. Your baby size can resemble with size of a bunch of asparagus.

Measurement of your baby is around 16.2 inches length and weighing at about 3.3 pounds. 

Size of baby is getting larger, he or she is probably crowding your lung, so if you find out that you feel winded on normal walk up the stairs, that should be normal. 

31 Weeks Pregnant Is How Many Months?

31 weeks pregnant is around six months and three weeks pregnant which means you are coming to seven month by the end of this week.


In this week 31, fetus is getting smarter with major development of brain and nerves. 

Eyes are in developing with great outcomes that the irises can now respond to light as little light does shine into your belly at times. 

And of course with all five senses of baby are ready to feel anything and may respond at times.

Your Baby Fetus Position at 31 weeks?

Head down already? He or she probably is at this time. 

To identify your baby's position, you should get your obstetrician to check for sure at your next appointment.

For pregnant women who have pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes or pregnant with twins probably may have a 31 weeks pregnant ultrasound to check in on your baby or babies, else for healthy pregnancy will not get any ultrasound.

Yes, we know how you feel. Every pregnant women and their partner are desperate to know how their baby is looking like inside 31 weeks pregnant belly.

For some curious parents-to-be can optionally choose to have a 3D or 4D ultrasound usually around pregnancy weeks 24 to 32, this is why for week 31 pregnancy is the ideal time.

In this ultrasound of 3D/4D, what you can see is the entire surface of baby’s face in one picture. 

No mistaken that this is a pretty clear three dimensional photo showing your baby’s face, whereas for the fourth dimension is like videos, where you get to observe your baby moving on the screen in 3D.

This is the perfect time to witness your 31-week fetus blinking with you, enjoy thumb sucking, and probably smiling or frowning cutely, which makes you probably desperate to take home a video and share it with your families.

Under the medical circumstances, pregnancy at week 31 could actually call for a 3D/4D ultrasound.

If your doctor doesn’t request or not required to do so, then you can optionally choose to done at an independent imaging center.

Though 3D/4D ultrasound is an elective procedure, you should be aware that your insurance won’t cover it because under some circumstance where heat used for the images can lead to birth defects if not practiced properly, and paying for this ultrasound can be expensive.

This is a pretty cool thing, as long as you choose to try this ultrasound, discuss with your doctor if it is okay or not, if so go for it and enjoy the cuteness of your baby fetus images.

Healthy Tips To Do In Week 31 Pregnancy

1. Best sleeping position

As your third trimester was crowded with your cute baby in your belly, the doctor would advise you to sleep on your side.

The reason for sleeping on your back is not recommended because researchers have shown that would be linked to higher risk of stillbirth.

Sleeping at your side even though it is during daytime napping and night sleeping.

Read here to understand more about ideal sleeping positions during pregnancy. 

2. Baby’s position and care

Your midwife or general practitioner will check the size of your womb and determine what’s your baby’s position is at the appointment you should have in this third trimester if this is your first baby.

The ideal position for easier birth is the head should face down while the baby's back should lean towards your stomach. Thus, you should not worry much because there is still plenty of time for your baby to turn to this ideal position even when they are in breech position at this point.

The appointment includes measuring your blood pressure, testing your urine for protein and discussing the results of screening tests from your last appointment.

You can read more to understand about your antenatal appointment schedule here.

3. Labor top shape exercise

As labor is getting closer, practicing Pilates exercise is to strengthen your pelvic floor, tummy and back muscle to prepare your body in tip top shape for smooth labor.

You also gain strength doing Pilates that enables you to easily carry your growing belly.

Should I be eating for two in third trimester pregnancy?

It is a myth saying that pregnancy in third trimester should be ‘eating for two’. Doctor would suggest you are required to only consume an extra 200 calories in the third trimester pregnancy.


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