A very impressive checkpoint during this week 30 pregnant belly, where it’s getting much significant that you may begin to experience slight discomfort with the position of sleeping.

With the current size of your big belly is looking much obvious to the crowd, however the good side is that many people will make way for your priority first. 

It is not surprising that there are some strangers who may willingly offers you their seat especially on crowded transport, so be honor and just accept it.

What Are The 30 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms?

In this pregnancy of week 30, you will still experience about the same kind of symptoms which you faced in the previous week. Here are the anticipated most common week 30 pregnant symptoms as following:

1. Heartburn.

Triggering of heartburn can be avoided through choosing foods wisely. 

Thus, you should restrict yourself from eating foods that are too spicy, oily, heavy or even the acidic ones. 

It is very crucial especially before bedtime to stay away from these foods, because your sleep quality will turns difficult when being triggered by these foods.

2. Having Hard Time Getting Quality Sleep. 

There is no doubt that with your crowded belly, you definitely will be having hard time to get good sleep, whereby at most of the time you find yourself turning around and still couldn’t get comfortable and with a weird dream is affecting your sleep that ends up causing your hormonal effect becoming anxiety.

To get a quality sleep during pregnancy, you should prepare your sleep with a habit by doing relaxing things that include listening to soft music and reading books. Start drinking warm water earlier to avoid toilet trips during midnight that may ruin you sleep quality.

Make sure you prevent yourself from watching too much social media videos and dramatic news.

3. Swelling. 

It is pretty common to experience slight puffiness or swelling during pregnancy, so don't worry because swelling will go away by putting you feet higher up anywhere conveniently.

However, if you experience sudden or severe swelling sign, that is an alarm that required doctor’s advice immediately.

4. Usual Discomfort or aches. 

You should be proud of your growing big belly, which is giving you the common experience of back aches, hips ache, as well as your feet ache.

5. Shortage of Breath. 

Your lungs just keep getting more crowded with you growing baby up near your rib cage during this week 30, but will drop down into your pelvis a little later in the following week probably as soon as week 33 or 34.

You should be able to know when he or she does, because you probably will be able to catch a deep breath back again then. 

What Is The Size of My Baby at Week 30?

Your baby size in week 30 is now the size of zucchini, weighing at 2.9pound and measured at 15.7 inches.

You should be able to notice that your baby will grow ongoingly and with increase of weight at about half a pound and half an inch on a weekly basis.

Weeks 30 Pregnant Is How Many Months?

Your pregnant belly in week 30 is now 6 months and 2 weeks. Therefore you should expect delivery about 10 more weeks to go.

How Is My 30 Weeks Pregnant Belly?

It is pretty common that your partner or even yourself may curious about why your belly is getting pretty hard and tight, which is considered normal and was due to the common sign of Braxton Hicks contractions because your body is getting prepared for labor.

You can in fact reduce the sign of braxton hicks by just drinking sufficient amount of water, relax by sitting or lying down on your side for some rest.

However if the braxton hicks contraction persist, or you experience more than 3 contractions in an hour, immediately call your doctor because it can be sign of preterm labor. 

How Much Weight Gain To Expect in This Week 30?

You should expect total weight gain in weeks 30 pregnancy at around 18 to 25 pounds.

Whereas for pregnancy with twins, weight gain should be expected at around 25 to 40 pounds.

For fundal height measurement is from the distance of your pubic bone to the top of your uterus that should be at about height of 28 to 32 cm. 

Therefore, there is no need to worry about pregnancy weight gain; because the extra weight gain will turns in providing your body preparation for breastfeeding baby. However with the sudden or extreme weight gain can be symptoms of serious pregnancy complication known as preeclampsia, which immediate contact your doctor is necessary.

You should expect your baby’s position in this week 30 is still head up, and floating comfortably in amniotic fluid with little yet sufficient space in your belly. 

For the following weeks, you can expect that your belly will get even larger past your rib cage to provide more space for your baby because baby’s size will grows up at the same time. This is why you should not worry much because it is quite normal that your baby will be feeling a little crowded inside as well.

Do I Get 30 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound?

Ultrasound during week 30 pregnancy will be not required if your pregnancy is not having any complication.

However, if you ever curious about your week 30 fetus skin, is now getting much more smoother, while this is the time where brain tissue in progress of essential development thus brain with wrinkle is very normal.

If you ever wonder how strong your baby is this week, then your baby is now enough strong to grasp a finger.

As for week 30 twin’s pregnancy, your obstetrician may order a biophysical profile to be taken of your babies. This is a ultrasound and a non-stress test (NST) which a sensors will placed on your belly to measure your contractions and also twins babies’ heart rates respond when there is movement.

What To Do In Week 30 For Healthy Pregnancy?

 You should be able to pick up that eventhough with pregnant belly, you should stay active along by doing light exercise such as yoga stretching, swimming or even walking can helps you have a shorter labor time and smoother delivery with less risk of birth complication.

For pregnant women who are having complication, you should get your doctor’s advice whether it is okay to perform exercise or to suggest a suitable one.

What Should You Prepare Now For Your Newborn?

Here is the common list down what you need to prepare for your newborn baby such as:

  1. New-born baby’s clothes
  2. Place for new-born baby to sleep,
  3. A car seat for baby, 
  4. Other typical baby items registry here.

Take note to just make sure to buy the most important primary item first now, you don’t have to buy all items at once.

What’s The Best Position for Me to Lie Sleep in This Week 30 Onward?

You should at best to sleep or rest on your side, since it is good for your baby by benefiting to ensure smooth circulation to the placenta to easily absorb more nutrients especially in this current 3rd trimester.

What You Should Know About This Caesarean Section?

 You should have listened about C-section, also known as Caesarean section. It is known as an operation where an obstetrician will cut in your bikini line and womb and lifts your baby out through this method. 

Eventhough this operation is known as elective by based on the health complications or the position of the baby, but it can also be decided during labour, which is known as emergency caesarean that doesn’t mean automatically that your baby is in danger, because it just means that the caesarean operation has not been planned before. So you should discuss with your doctor about this as soon, if you doctor have not informed you. 

When To Call The Doctor Immediately During This Week 30 Pregnancy?

 It is important that for you to aware of uterine contraction, which is because your baby sometimes will come earlier, that could be as earlier as in this week, even still just 10 weeks away before delivery. 

You should also call you doctor if you feel the contraction pains that will keep increasing more frequently, which tells you are having higher chance the real contractions instead of the normal Braxton-Hicks contractions.

The rule of thumb especially if you are unsure whether you’re in labor, you should at best just straightforward pick up to call your doctor immediately.

You should immediately call your doctor now if you experience a severe case such as vaginal bleeding or fluid leakage.

It is also pretty good to call your doctor if you felt severe sadness or anxiety no matter what the causes are, since this is also the doctor's responsibility to help manage and cure your depression or anxiety.



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