You are perhaps getting used to your baby’s pattern of movement as he or she moves around quite some time in this pregnancy week 29.

You should also experience and recorded how many times your baby kicks and jabs to keep track on baby’s movements, but now you should noticed a more gentle movements or more active movements’ pattern of your baby.

As pregnancy week 29 is getting closer to labour week stage, you should have started to finalize the important items such as for nursery of baby care essentials products and check it out here regarding what are the potential day cares required.

You should get ready for easy take and go by packing all important stuffs inside a bag required for you at hospital for baby’s birth conveniently.

The bag should be keep close to the door where you can reach easily during baby’s birth.

So keep on checking what you still needed and add them inside the bag when you think of what to add-on and anytime ready whenever necessary.


What Are The Week 29 Pregnant Symptoms?

Your baby inside your tummy is not just moving a lot, yet also does shake and move around more frequently.

As your baby size is growing larger, more pressure will placed on your digestive system.

Thus that can leads to possibility of pelvic pain, haemorrhoids, heartburn, and more frequent urination trip are known to be the very common factors for majority of pregnant women especially during this stage of 7th month pregnancy or 3rd trimester.


Here Are List Of Possible Symptoms You Could Be Experiencing In This 29th Week Pregnancy.

1. Headache or Dizziness.

You will experience minor dizziness more often than feeling headache, especially when you lack of sleep frequently, because it is not as easy to get proper sleep at night due to growing baby belly makes it much harder than ever to get comfortable in bed and other symptoms to include.

Other than that, one common factor of dizziness also due to low blood sugar level, so be sure that you are eating at regular times or consistently on time.

2. Feeling itchy on pregnant belly.

It is common that as your belly gets larger, the cause of your skin stretching makes it thinner which then leads to your skin getting more sensitive.

To stay comfort, be sure you apply pregnancy skin lotion and drinking more water will help to keep your skin feeling better.

Do not forget to inform your doctor if you feel that your skin itchiness is getting more intense or appears with rash.

3. Pain occurs on your hip, leg and back.

Your pregnant body will experience some more occurring of soreness that is completely normal because body is beginning to carry more added weight daily as weight is increasing till this 29 weeks. The factor of soreness or pain experienced is affected by your baby’s position that was placing pressure in your belly, while was also affecting more on pregnancy with twins.

Additionally, your joints and ligaments becoming much more relaxed and softer as was adapting for the preparation of delivery. It is quite normal to experience that, even though the aches and pains were indeed caused by pressure of growing baby in your belly.

4. Haemorrhoids. 

Your baby will also place pressure on your digestive system which affecting hormones leading muscles relaxation of intestinal that can as well cause uncomfortable haemorrhoids. Not to worry much because it will goes away after you have delivered your baby. In the meantime, you can relieve the haemorrhoids by sitting on warm water during bath.

5. Constipation.

As baby’s size is kept expanding, the digestive system is getting crowded and tighter in there while turning your digestion getting going slower.

Thus you can prevent from haemorrhoids and reduce constipation by eating foods contain high fiber such as green leafy veggies and consume more suffice amount of water.

6. Difficult taking proper sleep.

Ensure to keep caffeine away to avoid difficult sleeping, but you should drink lots of water and by doing light exercise (prenatal yoga and brisk walks) will relax your body to sleep much more easily.  

7. Feeling to pee more often.

Your baby size is grow larger, then your uterus will expands also more which probably will cause you want to pee more often.

But it is normal and you should keep drinking enough water as proper digestion is very important to cure a lot of symptoms including preventing preterm labor.

8. Belly button will stick out a little.

Do not worry if your button may start sticking out a bit from now, as it will return to normal after your baby is delivered.

What Is The Size Of My Baby at 29 Weeks Pregnancy?

Your baby is now the size of an acorn squash which can measure at about 15.2 inches (38.6cm) long and weighing at about 2.5 pounds (1.13 kg) and will weigh 3 times before delivery date.

What My Belly Should Be Feeling In 29 Weeks Pregnant Belly?

In this week 29, your pregnancy weight gain is generally gets around 19 to 25 pounds (8.6 to 11.3kg). As for pregnant women with twins, your weight gain is normally around 23 to 38 pounds (10.4 to 17.2kg).

There are many baby kicks going on in belly this week, as your baby is beginning to feel a little crowded, and all thanks to his or her activeness level that keeps moving. You will experience continuing kick counts every day to ensure baby’s movement levels feels pretty consistent. Commonly your baby should move 10 times in around 2 hours’ time or lesser.

However if you did felt baby move in a little while and you begin to worry, try this method by drinking some ice water, play some music near your belly, or lying down on your side by getting your partner to massage.  These methods should able to wake up your baby and begin movement.

However if you still notice no movement, call your doctor immediately to have a baby check.

Do I Get 29 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound?

As your baby is getting a little crowded in there, you should be proud of seeing how fast he or she is growing. Inside your belly is your baby’s kicks and punch are getting stronger and powerful. You might even notice a mild vibration which is known as cute little hiccupping of your week 29 baby fetus.

With twin’s pregnancy in week 29, a thin wall membrane will produced between babies and this means twin’s baby is getting very crowded your belly!

If you are on a usual prenatal visit calendar, you should not have to see your doctor at week 29 of pregnancy, yet revisiting at around week 30 is necessary.

In this week 29 ultrasound, you may witness your baby is now growing white fat deposits under the skin, which makes your baby’s kicks and punches so much stronger!


Healthy Tips For Your Week 29 Pregnancy.

You may experience heartburn due to increasing baby’s size in your belly, means when your stomach acids are normally used in the stomach to digest food are pushed upwards out of into your throat from stomach is the effect.

This is why you should not eat too much, just eat little and with more intervals (such as 5-6 times a day). To avoid heartburn from occurring, you must avoid eating fatty and spicy foods, which can trigger heartburn to turn worse. Get some warm milky drink to reduce heartburn.

Varicose veins will generally occur in the legs that makes your leg swollen and bumpy. You can eventually cure that by placing your feet up higher when you can.

Consult your midwife or doctor if your legs are swollen and feel painful, or appear with lumps.

Do not worry for sudden stretch marks on your skin, since they are difficult to avoid, however they will fades away slowly after giving birth. 

You should also not to sleep on your back, because that can increase risk of stillbirth. So ensure that you should at best sleep on your side in the third trimester of pregnancy.

This week 29 is going to be the earliest week where you can start taking your maternity leave.

But there are a lot of pregnant women want to work longer and utilize their maternity leave after they have delivered their baby.


Be Patient And Keep Your Pace Slow.

With you carrying a bigger belly every week, shortage of breath is very common especially when you are walking incline or climbing up stairs.

This is why you should takes your time slow down so your body can handle, but continue to stay active by doing light exercise since that helps to relief pain in labour.


When To Call The Doctor In Week 29 Pregnant?

  • Call your doctor immediately whenever you experience the condition of:
  • Occurrence of bleeding or spotting
  • Suddenly or severe abdominal pain.

Preeclampsia is more likely to happened now onward, but can also arise in early pregnancy, is known as elevated blood pressure that can cause dangerous complications and your doctor will check to ask you to followed up closely with appointments if detected.


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