Boost up your amount of sparkling water glass and be prepared to say goodbye to the second trimester, since this is the last week of the 6th month and the last week of the 2nd trimester.

Your baby in this week is breathing the amniotic fluid, not air, but still pretty awesome could be able to do that and also showing brain activity.

There are also a lot of things for you to wonder about, such as what the birth is going to be like to trying to find the best pediatrician for baby.

You may also experience some pretty embarrassing symptoms, such as having to pee all the time.

What Are The Symptoms In 27 Weeks Pregnancy?

1.       Leg cramps.

You should ensure to stretch your legs by flexing your feet can helps a lot and drinking plenty of water does helps to prevent these cramps.

  1. Backaches.

Your back pain can be reduced by practicing pregnancy stretching gently that can help your back. Also consider sleeping with the pregnancy pillows shape-u, which can ease some of the pressure on your hips and keeps your body sleeping in comfy position to support your back.

  1. Constipation.

It is normal to experience slow digestive system during pregnancy, so ensure you consume lots of fibrous foods, drink lots of water, and take walks. Also you can ask your doctor if a fiber supplement or stool softener is safe to take.

  1. Hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids or known as swollen veins around lower rectum can be caused by the pressure baby’s putting on your lower half. You can cure it by soaking in warm water & do not put soap, avoid sitting too long but lie on your side or stand up, or use an over-the-counter remedy.

  1. Changes happening to your skin, hair, and nail.

The hair of your 26 week pregnancy skin, hair, and nails might be thicker or grow faster, however can also be more brittle.

  1. Pee while sneezing.

As your baby is putting a ton of pressure on your bladder and there’s not much you can do about it other than going to toilet more often and maybe wear a party-liner if you’re worried about an unexpected sneeze with pee leaking.


How Big Is Baby at 27 Weeks?

In this week 27, your baby is now as big as a head of lettuce. Thus your baby fetus is now measuring at about 14.4 inches (36cm) and weighing at around 1.9 pounds (0.45kg).

This is the time where your baby is not just growing bigger, but he or she is also getting smarter.

Pregnancy women at 27 weeks pregnant with twins are vulnerable to preterm labor, so if you notice any pregnancy symptoms that are out NOT normal, such as bleeding, watery discharge, abdominal pains, or consistent, repeated contractions, inform your obstetrician or doctor immediately.

What Is The Weight Of My 27 Weeks Pregnant Belly?

Healthy weight gain at 27 weeks pregnant is around 15 to 30 pounds (7kg to 13.6kg), but if you have gained more quickly than recommended around (2 pound (1kg) or more per week) your doctor will let you know to slow it down a bit.

Following the recommended weight maintains can help reducing your risk of pregnancy complications and preterm labor.

For pregnancy with twins, you should gain more weight at around 29 to 44 pounds (13 to 20 kg). Still, your twins are growing and developing at about the same rate as singleton babies do, even though one baby is probably just slightly smaller than the other.

This is the week where you feels many times of baby kicks inside your belly, pregnant with twins will experience twice the amount.

The next week you should start record down the count of baby kicks to make sure baby seems consistently active from day to day.

Is There An Ultrasound Conducted In 27 Weeks Pregnant?

Baby’s belly is starting to practice inhaling and exhaling with his or her rapidly developing lungs. Baby’s brain also keeps on getting more complex, where baby is now getting more real smarty pants.

If your pregnancy is not complicated so far, then you probably will not have a prenatal appointment or a 27 weeks pregnant ultrasound.

From next week though, you will visit the doctor 2 times a month, so ensure you get some magazine or download new apps to prepare yourself in the waiting room while visiting your doctor for checkup.


What Are The Tips For This Healthy 26 Week Pregnancy?

Your energy levels are still consider high at week 27, but as you are struggling to get enough rest as your body adapts to your baby’s increasing size and the symptoms of pregnancy.

Ensuring sufficient rest will help your stays energize in next week of 3rd trimester beginning or onward stages.

What Are The Method To Increase Your Sleeping During Pregnancy?

  • Schedule to keep a sleep routine.
  • Eat healthy foods.
  • Avoid excessive liquid consumption in the evening.
  • Exercise and stretch.
  • Use relaxation techniques before bed.


When To Call Your Doctor In Week 27 Pregnant?

  • Severe swelling in the ankles, fingers, and face, can be sign of preeclampsia.
  • Sudden change in vaginal discharge or bleeding.
  • Pain or cramping in the abdomen or pelvis that is severe.
  • Having breathing difficulty.
  • Fetal movement had decreased.


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