In this week 25 pregnant, delivering your baby is probably a happening stage to aware. Even though that may sound scary, however it is also very exciting to welcome your baby into the new world.

The coolest part is that for most hospitals will allow you to pre-register for delivery, by filling out your admissions paperwork early so that you don’t need to stand around filling up tones of forms especially during labor.



Even though you are still feeling pretty energetic, but you probably will begin to feel weighed down by your fast growing baby with these symptoms.

1. Insomnia.

The few factors that make you having sleep difficulty are increasing more nervous about delivery, pregnancy hormones, or due to your big growing belly that getting in the way while sleeping.,

You can reduce insomnia by drinking extra water early in the day, to bathroom breaks during the night, and getting a pregnancy pillow also helps a lot.,

2. Often Urination.

As your growing baby is crowding your bladder, you will feel the urge to pee quite often; this is why to reduce drinking a lot of water in night time, drink it early in the day.,

3. Constipation.

Difficult while you want to poop in pregnancy, then you should do light exercise, even as simple as taking regular walks, consume lots of water, and eat more fiber-rich foods to keep your digestive system smooth and regular.

4. Haemorrhoids.

We can’t empathize enough about these swollen varicose anal veins. Hemorrhoids are common in the second half of pregnancy because baby is putting a ton of pressure on your digestive tract.

And the constipation certainly isn't helping. Getting the constipation under control will help prevent straining while you go to the bathroom and hopefully will prevent future swelling and discomfort.

5. Stomach Gas and bloating.

Your hormones are slowing down digestion and creating excess gas.

6. Heartburn.

Add this to your list of tummy troubles. Baby is pushing on your digestive tract, which can, in turn, push stomach acid up your oesophagus and cause painful burning.

Most antacids should be safe during pregnancy (but always check with your doctor!) and also contain lots of calcium as an added bonus. Avoiding greasy and spicy foods can also help with heartburn, especially before bedtime.

7. Braxton Hicks Contractions.

Usually these little “practice contractions” show up around 28 weeks, but some moms-to-be notice them earlier than that. If you get them, you’ll notice your uterus get super hard and tight and then go back to normal. Luckily, Braxton Hicks contractions aren’t frequent and they don’t happen regularly. They’ll also go away if you switch positions.

Real contractions, on the other hand, will happen repeatedly and will continue to get stronger and more frequent. If you feel worried of your contractions is persisting and not just practice, then immediately inform your doctor.

You might be going into preterm labour where there are some pregnant mom are more at risk for going into labour early, that includes those who are pregnant with twins in week 25 and sometimes preterm labour can be stopped if detected earlier enough.


What is the size of my week 25 pregnant baby?

Baby at 25 weeks is as big as a size of cauliflower, measuring 13.6 inches (34.5cm) in length and weighing nearly 1.5 pounds (0.68kg).

 How Many Months Is Week 25 Pregnancy?

In this week 25 pregnancy, you are now in around 6th month of your pregnancy which means you have 3 months left to till labor day, but don’t need to worry about so much things as this is will makes you feel more stressed.

To handle that, let’s get to know more about the beauty of your baby’s development in this stage of breathing and you should learn well to breathe appropriately more to ensure you cool down yourself from unnecessary stress.


How Is My Week 25 Pregnancy Baby Doing In My Tummy?

Baby in week 25 pregnancy will have functioning lungs system which works along with its nostrils and nose where the nostrils will stay plugged up until around now, but there are latest research discovered that they open much earlier through all three trimesters.

This will ensure your little one to start practicing breathing. Even though there is no air in there, but baby could still breathe only the amniotic fluid. Your baby also capable in smelling number of scents in utero this week or the third trimester.

Furthermore, baby’s fat is gradually gaining on pounds and losing that wrinkly appearance. As your week 25 pregnancy baby fetus has hair, where some are bald, the colour and texture may actually be able to seen at this stage.


What Is The Size Of My 25 Weeks Pregnant Belly And Weight?

You should be gaining at about 15 to 18 pounds (6.8 to 8.1kg) by this week, while for twin pregnancy in 25 week will gain around 25 to 40 pounds (11.3 to 18.1kg).

As you keep on gaining weight, that can be the factors of anxiety. This is the time even you are trying to gain weight slowly and steadily, but it is very common where your weight may jump around especially in this second trimester stage.


The amount of water weight in pregnant women will also put on, thus gaining the accurate same amount of weight every week will not be to happen, because most natural pregnancy weights will fluctuate. Do not worry, because your doctor wants you to gain weight in a healthy way so that your baby can grow healthily. So don’t need to go extra mile cutting down your weight, just continue getting healthy foods and do light exercise. Your doctor will let you know if your weight gain is really a problem, don’t stress too much about your weight, just focus on what is going on inside your beautiful 25 weeks pregnant belly.

This week 25 is the time you will experience a lots of kick, whenever your baby is awake while whenever you are not feeling kicks, probably is just a sleepy time. Regular foetal movement is always a sign of a healthy active baby. However if you did not felt your baby movement in a while, then you can try to drink some ice water, play some music, or have your partner help you perform light massage which will makes your little one to wake up and give you few kicks.


Do I Get 25 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound?

Baby enjoying his or her new sense of how to balance, indeed true that your baby is learning which way is up and down. You will possibly not getting an ultrasound at this 25 weeks pregnant, unless doctor had ask to followed up with extra monitoring for baby. You will visit to obstetrician once this month has not yet already.

The glucose screening test will begin around the week of 24 and 28, make sure you have set your appointment if you have not yet, since glucose test requires you to not eat for several hours ahead, quite challenging for 25 weeks pregnant though, but later then will drink a sugary solution. Your blood drawn will use to see how good your body is processing sugar, in order to determine the gestational diabetes or if any red flag which may further testing if necessary.


When To Call Your Doctor In This Week 25 Pregnancy?

You need to call your doctor if you feel these symptoms such as,

             Severe abdominal or pelvic pain, or cramping,

             Having difficulty or lack of breath,

             Premature labour symptoms such as constantly tightening of abdomen or back pain,

             Vaginal bleeding or fluid leakage,

             Burning feeling while urination,

             Feel pressure in your pelvis or vagina.


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