What is Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)?

Are You Infected with COVID-19 and what to do?

Whenever you realise you develop symptoms of coronavirus disease 2019 (Corona Virus or COVID-19), this means that you have been exposed to the virus, so you must call your doctor or local healthcare provider first about what to do before going to hospital or clinic infecting others or vice versa.

You should be honest by informing your doctor if you have travelled to any areas with cases of constant spreading of COVID-19 based on WHO or CDC, should you also inform them you had close contact with anyone who has been diagnosed positive with COVID-19.

Aspects being input to decide whether to test you for COVID-19 might be different based on where you live. This means based on you location and you will be screened by your clinic nearby you location in order to determine if testing is suitable and available.

For example in U.S., you doctor will actually look into whether to perform tests for COVID-19 according to the signs and symptoms revealed, and also based on whether if you ever had close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 or travelled to or stayed in any community or areas happening with the cases of COVID-19 in the past 14 days. Thus, your doctor will also prioritize to perform testing on you if you're determined as having higher risk of serious illness.

In order to conduct COVID-19 test, your local health care provider will uses a long swab to take sample from your nasal or coughing up saliva (sputum) will also be sent to the lab for testing.

Is There Any Treatment or Cure For Patient with COVID-19?

At this current condition, there are still no antiviral medication is suggested to treat COVID-19, however the treatment will be directed at relieving your current symptoms which includes:
  1. Pain Relievers including ibuprofen or acetaminophen,
  2. Cough Syrup or Cough Medication,
  3. Having Sufficient Rest,
  4. Drink Plenty of Fluid.

What if you have symptoms of COVID-19?

Your doctor will suggest you to recover at home by prescribing the common medication. You will also be provided with special instructions to keep close check with your symptoms and to prevent from spreading the illness to others.

Thus, you are instructed to and must isolate yourself from family and pets while you are sick in your own bedroom and bathroom (separate from others).

Your doctor most likely will suggest you to stay home accordingly for a period of time (14 days) except to get medical care and they will keep check with your progress regularly. ("Click here to find out the COVID-19 symptoms and signs happening within 14 days")
If you experience sickness is very serious, then you are required to be treated in the hospital.

What should I do during this pandemic COVID-19?

There are alot of people getting fearful and anxious reading and hearing news about COVID-19 pandemic. Many will almost certainly worry that you or your love one will get sick. So, it is super important that you take extra care in looking after yourself or others who are sick safely.
Especially within this time, you should ensure that you take care yourself and also by managing your stress is crucial as following.
  1. Consume home cook foods that are healthy meals instead of take-away.
  2. Make sure to sleep sufficiently.
  3. To stay fit, make sure to do physical activity when you are able to do, including exercise or yoga. Make sure no outdoor activities because isolating yourself should be staying indoors at best.
  4. Taking deep breathing, stretching and meditation can help to keep you relaxed.
  5. Even though you are used to catch-up with the news and also don’t waste too much time on social media especially fake news to aware, take this time to take care of your family.
  6. You can perfectly stay connected with your friends and family by make use of online video calls.
  7. Do things you enjoy such as reading a book or watching a funny movie.

However if you are infected with COVID-19, and again it is especially important to:

  1. Get plenty of rest to heal yourselves.
  2. Drink adequate fluid to stay hydrated.
  3. To inform your doctor immediately symptoms you experience is worsen.
Whether you had infected with COVID-19 or caring for someone with the disease can face stress and even anxiety, but if this indeed is affecting your daily life after few days, be sure to contact your doctor and he will recommend you to talk to a mental health professional especially during this pandemic outbreak is spreading so hasty.

What to Prepare For Your Appointment With Your Doctor?

It is not always possible for everyone who is sick go seek or meet a doctor right immediately request for testing. So, what you can do is advised to begin seeing your primary care doctor or other health care provider. Else they may also able to refer you immediately to a doctor trained in treating infectious diseases.

As we mentioned in the first question, if you think you have infected with COVID-19, ensure to call and tell your doctor or clinic before going in, because the doctor and medical team can then decide to:
  1. Interact with team of infection prevention and control and public health officials to assist and help you out during the process,
  2. Check and prepare to move you to an isolated room quickly,
  3. Prepare you with medical mask for protection.

What should you ask if you are in your COVID-19 appointment with doctor?

While you are making and appointment with your doctor, be sure to ask whether there's anything you need to prepare in advance before appointment such as:
  1. Ask about what symptoms are if you are infected with COVID-19.
  2. Be honest and inform about your recent travels, especially any international travels.
  3. You should provide your personal information such that includes your current life changes, family medical history, and stresses you are facing.
  4. If you are taking any doses of medications or supplemental.
  5. If you have any questions to ask your doctor, including asking anything that is not related to the reason for your appointment, don’t worry your doctor will be there to help you entirely
Also ask is it possible to take a family member or friend together to remind you what and need of information given.
Avoid overcrowding the hospital, so do not bring more than one or two people, because there might be restriction of visitors. So ask your doctor during call whether how many family member you can bring along during the appointment with doctor?


If you are confuse about what to ask your doctor about COVID-19, then ask these questions:

  1. How likely the coronavirus will be causing my symptoms?
  2. Is there any other possible of causes related to my symptoms?
  3. What test and how will I be test for COVID-19?
  4. What action and precaution should I take even not yet confirm with COVID-19?
  5. Are there kind of restrictions required to follow?
  6. Is there the necessity to seek for specialist help?

What question will you expect from your doctor?

The common doctor will possibly ask you these questions:
  1. When did you discover that your symptoms start to revealed?
  2. Do you traveled to anywhere recently?
  3. Did you have been in close contact with anyone who might be positive with COVID-19?
  4. Are the symptoms you experienced severe or worsening?


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