Foods To AVOID During The 3rd Month of Pregnancy Diet (Week 9th to 12th)!

In this 3rd month of pregnancy in between the 9th to 12th weeks, expecting mom will normally experience the morning sickness, fatigue, mood swings and more.

Expecting mom also worry because this is the time when the most number of miscarriages have been reported, so this is why it is very important to remain stress-free during this time.

So, by consuming nutritious food can ensure the healthy growth and development of the baby, but the foods to avoid also very important to know in order to prevent the pregnancy difficulties.

Therefore, These Are The Foods That Should Be Avoided In The 3rd Month Of Pregnancy.

1. Seafood.

High level of methyl-mercury was found often in the seafood and ocean fish which can leads to impaired brain in foetus.

This is why you should avoid seafood or fish high in mercury level such as King mackerel, marlin, orange roughy, shark, swordfish, tilefish, ahi tuna, and bigeye tuna.

Make sure eat fish cooked thoroughly low in mercury such as salmon, tilapia, shrimp, tuna (canned-light), cod, and catfish.

2. Raw Eggs and Unpasteurised Dairy Products.

Pregnant women should avoid eating raw eggs since it contain Salmonella bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

Unpasteurised dairy products especially raw milk is not pasteurized, it can carry disease-causing “microbes” while soft cheeses can contain Listeria infection during pregnancy can increase the risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, uterine infection and preterm delivery.

So, you must avoid raw eggs and unpasteurised milk as well as soft cheese. Make sure eggs were cooked thoroughly while milk was pasteurised and hard cheese are safe to consume during pregnancy.

3. Raw Or Undercooked Meats.

Raw and undercooked meats can contain bacteria that cause food poisoning and serious damage to the growing baby.
It is important to eat any kind of meat well-cooked, even though the pre-cooked meat such as cold cut, Hot dogs, Luncheon meats, Fermented dry sausage, deli meat should be heated until cooked thoroughly.

4. Vitamin A.

If you over consumed the amounts of vitamin A, that can also cause to birth defects.

However eating vitamin A naturally from foods such as fruits, vegetables, cooked eggs and milk is not harmful.

Harmful rich vitamin A when consumed too much was bad that are usually from the beef liver, chicken or veal. Also avoid overdose with vitamin A from taking supplements.

5. Caffeine.

Caffeine content found in coffee, tea and aerated drinks can flow into pregnancy women’s placenta and thus can cause the increased in baby’s heart rate.

So, must limit the amount of caffeine to 200 milligrams a day or avoid caffeine beverage of foods totally.

6. Street Food.

If you like to eat at street food, it is best to avoid now because especially unknown whether their hygiene level of their foods production could contain risk of bacterial infections such as gastroenteritis that will harm your developing baby.

7. Canned Or Tinned Foods.

These foods usually contain preservatives at high amounts that can harm foetal development, especially the chemical bisphenol-A (BPA), which are known to associate with the increased risk of miscarriages.

Pregnant women shall avoid canned or tinned food, yet it is best to eat homemade whole foods that are cooked with fresh produce.

After understanding the foods to avoid during this month, you must also supply you pregnant body with necessary nutrition foods to encourage the healthy babe growth and development in the playlist video.


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