Why Keep Waking Up At Night? And How To Cure INSOMNIA? Chinese Medicinal Explanation in 11pm, 1am, 3am, 5am & 7am!

Most of us when not feeling well will straight away reminded to consult for a doctor, in normal situations where we are prescribed pills, but they just treat the symptoms & the deeper psychological reason for your disorders continues.

Usually this approach is considered normal, but is not the best since healing the symptoms not knowing the cause can only leads to further complications.

Based on traditional Chinese medicine, our body runs on a clockwise with energy meridians called ‘Qi’, that path everywhere on Earth as well.

The Qi’s are in control for the constant circulation of organs such as blood, adrenaline and other fluids as well as carrying emotional elements.

Qi often means the circulating life force whose presence and element are the basis of much in specifically Chinese philosophy and medicine.

Meaning to say, when you’re feeling well your body’s Qi is running smooth. But if you feel sick or unwell, your Qi is blocked at some part of your body or your overall circulation is lower than required.

Fact of the Qi will changes 2 two hours, stopping at several body organs every time until the organ reaches its optimum level, when it moves on to the next stop.

In other words, during the 2 hours we have a process called Yin and Yang. During Yin our organs are absorbing energy while during Yang they are releasing.

Qi’ linked with Our Body Based On Clock When We are Asleep:

Qi are related to a clock system and based on Chinese ancient medicine different parts of your body are energized at different times of the day.
There is a reason at certain time if you wake up at night, during the night it means that some part of your body is blocked or weak and your need to fix this.

Here is why when you wake up between:

Waking up at 11 pm and 1 am

Gall bladder problems, usually related with some type of emotional disappointment.


To help you fall asleep you need to learn unconditional self-acceptance and understanding towards others.

Waking up at 1 am and 3 am

Liver which relates to unsettled emotions of anger and excess yang energy.


If you want to resolve your problem you need to drink more cool water and hand the situation that angered you in the first place and then you will be able to fall asleep easily.

Waking Up at 3 am and 5 am

At this time of night is related to the energy meridian transferring through the lungs and is connected with the feelings of sadness.


If you want to fall asleep faster you will need to let go of these emotions and recombine with a more positive side of yourself.
Look at this as an opportunity to find a higher purpose in life and improve your spirit.

5 am and 7 am

In this the time at early morning period when your energy is flowing through your intestines and those who usually wake up at this time early, you may perhaps suffer from some emotional blockages.


Drink sufficient amount of water, begin stretching routine and adjust the times you go to the toilet. This help to promote your healthy sleeping routine.

So now if you are still wake up too early? These specific times can define your own health was affected to be relates at. Share this to your friends or families that Keeps waking up at night.


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