Why Am I Fat? Your Stomach Can Be Bloated & How To Cure Bloating?

Most people thought that stomach bloated is feeling of built up gas in your digestive system that causes your stomach bulges out & feel uncomfortably.
You may experience this kind of feeling full & stomach is bloated. Most of us realize that this is a common problem, which usually happens after a heavy meal.
However, there are in fact some numbers of people may have the feeling of bloated all the time.

Here Are The Most Common Reasons Can Be Tells Below:

1. You Don’t Drink Enough Water

You must know that most health issue is usually appears that you did not drink enough water every day.

Well, this usually happens when you drink coffee or alcohol. So, if you are the frequent drinker of coffee and alcohol beverage, then you must ensure to stay hydrated by drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water as well.

If you don’t drink sufficient water, your organism starts utilize the liquids it can find which means that bloating can be the reason because of fluid retention.

This is why you have to start drinking lots of water.

2. Constipation Or Hard To Poop

If you suffer from pooping problems, you actually need adding more fiber into your healthy diet, fiber can helps to speed up digestion and get rid of bloating.

Because the gasses are trapped behind the feces and they can cause bloating.

At first, you need to consume small amount of fiber, do not consume too much because it can worsen the problem much more.

Be sure you eat whole grain bread instead of white bread and eat consume more smoothies and also berries.

3. You Are Too Stressed

Study had found that bloating can be the reason of too much stress.

When you system is being stressed, your brain prevents your digestive system from properly function.

Another reason can also be the cause of bloated by constipation and stomach ache.

After you remove from stress, bloating issue will also be relieved.

4. You Are Eating Too Fast

If you just swallow your foods & don’t chew them properly, your body will take time to process slowly and bloating can appear.

Eating in small bites is very significant too.

5. Consume Too Much Carbs 

You must also understand that bloating can happens if you consume too much carbs.

Next time, you need to eat low-carb foods to avoid bloating.

Natural is best by changing from sugar and alcohol into vegetable and fruit because they are low in carbs.


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