Which Milk Is Good During Pregnancy? Raw Milk Is Not Safe For Your Growth Fetus!

Which Milk Is Good During Pregnancy? Raw Milk Is Not Safe For Your Growth Fetus!
Dairy products especially milk provides rich & outstanding nutrients which are helpful for growth of fetus and keep pregnant mother healthy.
Based on clinical researches, moderate drinking of milk during pregnancy can linked to with better progress of prenatal period.
U.S. Department of Agriculture suggest pregnant women to drink at least 3 cups of milk or other dairy products each day.

Here Are the Advantages of Drinking Milk During Pregnancy.

1. Milk is a Vital Dietary Supply of Calcium.

If calcium intake is not enough during pregnancy, fetal body will absorbs calcium from maternal bones to meets their needs.
Thus it’s so important to get enough calcium for the health of both the mother and baby.

2. Milk Is A Reliable Source For Obtaining Proteins.

One cup of low fat milk supplies with about 8 grams of proteins being utilized for building uterus, remodeling breast and baby’s tissues.
Lacking of Protein can cause several health problems in a baby including low birth weight.

3. Vitamin D Source Help Prevent Low Birth Weight.

Based on claimed research of CMAJ, pregnant mom who drink less than 1 cup of milk each day delivers smaller babies as compared to who consume more than 1 cup of milk per day.
Research shows that every cup of milk increases the birth weight of a baby by about 41 g and also has lower risk of multiple sclerosis.

You May Wonder What Type of Milk Is Good During Pregnancy?

1. Is Whole Milk Necessary?

No, you don’t necessary need to drink whole milk especially during pregnancy. So a pregnant female should continue her consumption of low fat or non-fat milk.
The reason because saturated fat in whole milk is unhealthy for an expecting mommy. Thus, by reducing the quantity of saturated fat, you can add skim milk to your diet.
During pregnancy, get sufficient calcium by drinking 8 oz. non-fat milk daily or get from other calcium rich foods such as cheese, yogurt, almonds & fortified orange juice.

2. Is Raw Milk Safe To Drink?

If you drink unpasteurized or raw milk or get anything from raw milk is actually not safe during pregnancy.
For pasteurization process, microbes that lead to several diseases are destroyed when pasteurize or heated with high temperature.

Drinking raw milk (that is not pasteurized & contain microbes) can increase the risk of several diseases such as Listeriosis, an infection caused by microbes.
Estimated yearly of 1600 US people get affected with Listeriosis, while pregnant women are more prone to it, thus this infection is deadly for babies.
This is why based on USDA, CDC and FDA recommends that every pregnant woman must NOT eat foods prepared from unpasteurized milk.
This is why you must buy and drink only pasteurized milk during pregnancy.

3. Pregnancy Tips & Precautions Related to Milk.

HOW To Eat With Milk Or Drink?

Drink breakfast milk in a cereal bowl. Consume yogurt during afternoon snack. Drink a cup of skim milk at dinner. Add low fat cheese into salads.

What To Avoid.

Mould-ripened cheeses such as camembert and brie, blue-veined soft cheeses like Roquefort must be avoided during pregnancy.
Do not eat unpasteurized cheeses from goats or sheep’s milk that also contain bacteria listeria poisoning. Unpasteurized milk also can cause food poisoning.

How Much Milk To Consume.

Consume pasteurize low fat milk 3 cups each day, despite weight, height, stage of pregnancy and physical level of activity.

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