What to do if my chest feels pain, here is what you should understand before rushing to doctor..!

If you experience chest pain due to overly exercise, then sleep on one side with frequent coughing was considered minor problem and require no treatment.

If chest pain occurs with deep breathing, then the problem could be in the lungs, can be pneumonia, asthma, or other related lung problems, treatment is towards the lungs condition.

If chest pain is burning in acidic in nature from epigastric area going up to the chest wall, then the chest pain could be coming from the stomach, due to hyperacidity, gastritis or peptic ulcer treat is toward hyperacidity.

If chest pain is coming from right side, it’s probably not coming from the heart because is heart slightly from left.

If you can point using one finger at your chest pain, then that chest pain may not came from your heart.

But if you cannot point your heart using finger, this heart pain or called angina is generalized which feels like somebody placed a heavy bag on your chest, it occurs like after exertion activity of climbing up the stairs, & timing around 5 to 15 minutes, but if chest pain is just a few seconds long it is, probably not from the heart.

If the chest pain is an hour or two hour long, it’s probably also not from the heart. 

Here are some risk factors to concern, if you are young, healthy 25 yrs old, chest pain is harmless.

If patient is a male, middle-aged, eats a lot, smoker, and can has the risk factor of heart disease like high,  blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, may highly consider heart disease.

Angina is chest pain coming from heart disease & is occurs when the heart muscle lacks oxygen because of blood coronary arteries, while coronary artery disease can leads to a heart attack.

Lastly there is a certain kind of chest pain which is severe, tearing and penetrating to the back, it is rare, but a doctor know this, are an aortic dissection & is a medical emergency.

Be sure to do medical check-up with nearest doctor if you feel suspected from mentioned symptoms.


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