What Cause Hair Loss, You Should AVOID These To Stop Losing Hair.

Nowadays, hair loss can said to be one of the common problems happening to individual’s image being ruined especially during photo taking.

Usually, we will lose around number of 100 hair strands within a day, thus will usually be replaced immediately by new hair.

However, when your hair fall gets uncontrollable, this can be a huge duel especially to your images.

Hair is the main looks of one's personality, so losing hair will ruin your overall look and lower self-esteem causing you to avoid social gatherings.

So, the causes of hair loss are due to a lot, include stress, apply too much chemical products on hair, hormonal imbalance and etc.

Besides that, below are list of some foods that can also leads to losing of hair.

Have A Look At Some of These Foods That Causes Hair Loss.

1. Fried Foods.

When we eat too much of the fatty and fried types of foods, that can cause hair loss.
Reason is that they contain saturated fatty acids and trans fats, which can cause trigger in hormonal imbalance and thus hair loss.

2. Caffeine.

Usually tea or coffee contains caffeine, but if you consume excessive of caffeine, that can cause hair loss.
Due to caffeine is causing you to stay alert until difficulty to fall asleep, so this sleeplessness should be crucially aware since that can trigger hair loss.

3. Sugar-Free.

You may be familiar with the type of foods or beverage made from 'sugar free', it contain a chemical substance known as aspartame, (artificial sweetener) which can cause thinning of hair and even hair loss.

4. Packaged Products.

Most of the foods being packaged have the means for long shelf life.
So it may come with preservatives, and also artificial colours & flavours that can affect your health issues including hair loss.
There is type of artificial colour called as cochineal extract, or carmine dye that was extracted from dried bugs and can severely causes hair loss.

5. Too Much Vitamin A.

Overly consuming the foods, or supplements too rich in vitamin A can actually also trigger hair loss.
This is why; you should know the daily recommended allowance for vitamin A should be Not more than 5,000 International Units (IU) per day.
If the excessive amount of vitamin A compound was flushed away from your body, your hair will begins to grow back again.

6. Refined Product.

It is common to eat foods such as cakes, white breads, cookies, or any foods that uses ingredient of refined flour.
Sadly to say that these foods cause spike rise in your blood sugar levels, thus that can initiate your stress and cause hair loss too.
Lacking of nutrients from these foods can also make your hair weak.

7. Eating Unhygienic Product.

Lastly, if you love to eat street foods, be sure to ensure the level of hygiene, because those foods may contain harmful bacteria that can causes typhoid bacteria infection and other food-borne diseases.

The effect of these diseases can cause hair fall, thus avoid having unhygienic street foods to protect yourself from the diseases and hair loss.

If you had aware on reducing, or avoiding these foods that are causing you to loss hair, also remember to add foods that help to strengthen the nutrients of your hair to prevent hair loss.



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