The World’s #1 Food For Heart Attack, Hypertension, Stroke And Cholesterol HEALING~!

Here is one of the most important things why you are searching for the most beneficial food in the world.
Thus, we suggest you to try to look into consuming dates, the reason is because they contain a lot of healthy elements that are able to relief many health problems, such as strokes, heart attacks, cholesterol and hypertension.
Very fast, they are going to build up the metabolism of the body, since rich in great amounts of nutrients.

Here are the main recommendations why must be included in your food list and reason why they are so healthy.

1. Dates are rich in iron

Dates contain high in iron, important for those suffer from anemia, for children and for pregnant women. Iron promotes red blood cells and hemoglobin, to help flow of oxygen through the blood.

2. Dates prevent diarrhea

Dates also having rich of potassium, very essential to prevents diarrhea by relieving the stomach flora & the intestines for stimulating more effective bacteria.

3. Dates soothe constipation

Since it has relieving properties to soothe diarrhea and constipation, drink dates in water to stay throughout the & in the morning to promote good digestion.

4. Dates control body weight

Eat few dates on an empty stomach very effective to lose excessive body fat by controlling your body weight; do not eat too much because of sugar amount in it.

5. Dates regulate cholesterol

Dates are works to regulate bad cholesterol ( LDL) by cleansing the blood vessels & prevent blood clots.

6. Dates strengthen the heart

Soak the dates at night, Strain them next morning & then put out the seeds. Eat or blender the seeds for strong healthy heart.

7. Dates regulate blood pressure

Hypertension patient have to eat a lot of dates, since with rich in potassium & no sodium. Consume 5 to 6 to decreasing the high blood pressure.

8. Dates prevent strokes

With its famous of rich potassium, it improves the nervous system and also prevents any strokes.

Doctor is suggesting that by taking 3 dates per day can improve a huge health benefits for your body. You can eat up 7 of dates if you are not diabetics.


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