Successfully QUIT Smoking Now With Following Food Remedies!

Ask someone who quit smoking or who has attempted to quit smoking, answer is he or she will tell you that it is most hardest habits to break.

Other the addictive nicotine fact, the difficulty is so hard to let go of due to routine of taking a smoke break.

Did you know that, there are several foods and drinks could seriously come in handy when you’re trying to quit smoking completely right away?

Here are 10 Foods and Drinks That Can Help You Quit Smoking

1. Milk

Based on Duke University study, the smokers who drank a glass of milk before smoking find out that the cigarette tasted terrible after that, with a bitter aftertaste. This is why drink some milk every time you crave or dip cigarettes into milk and allow them to dry, your will know the smell can disgust of the cigarettes.

2. Ginseng

Studies had found out ginseng can prevents the desire of neurotransmitter dopamine from being released when you have a cigarette. When ginseng was consumed weekly, it can reduce the level of enjoyment you remember from cigarettes.

3. Nuts

Eat handful of nuts will offer you with energy, protein and rich of nutrients. By eating them slowly will keeps you busy till you forget the craving.

4. Oranges

Citrus fruits like Oranges, lemons and pomegranates are rich with vitamin C, that cigarettes have been affecting by reduce vitamin C from your system. Consuming orange juice and eating other foods rich with vitamin C can restore back enough vitamin C in your body, thus cutting down on the cravings.

5. Salty Snacks

Some people claimed that by eating something salty such as chips, pretzels or just a fingertip full of salt actually help fend off cravings.

6. Smoothies

You might find the urge for sweet foods after quitting smoking, thus supply some fruits if craving comes and also keep you healthy. Smoothies are packed with healthy nutrients such as vitamin C. Also wheatgrass can satisfy that crave urge too.

7. Sugar-Free Gum

Allow your mouth chewing something besides smoke is a great method to quit, so always bring some sugar-free gum with your is certainly help quit the craves.

8. Sugar-Free Mints

Sugar-free mints also a great method to let your mouth chew something other than smoking.

9. Vegetable Sticks

Vegetables stick from ingredient of carrots, celery, cucumber, zucchini and eggplant also working great to make cigarettes taste awful, same like milk does. Claimed that if you try hard enough, you can really trick your brain into thinking veggie sticks to replace the cigarettes and furthermore by chewing them provides something to do besides smoking.

Foods to Avoid while quitting smoking

Avoid foods which are most likely to trigger tobacco cravings may vary based on the individual.
For example, if you smoking while eating drinking alcohol, then alcohol is probably going to be the triggering food.

Here are other well-known foods that increases the flavor of tobacco include red meat, alcohol, and caffeine rich foods & beverages such as chocolate and coffee.


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