SLEEP LATE Will Cause 10 Things To Your Body | 10 WARNING To Aware NOW!

When you sleep enough, you may increase your risk for certain health issues such as sick, heart disease, diabetes, and even car accidents.

Not getting enough sleep can also
lower your labido,
decrease your immune system,
cause cognition issues &
weight gain.

If you realise is always an all-nighter group,  you are not alone. About 1 out of 3 adult  in Americans isn’t have enough sleep based on American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM).

Here are the specifics things going on inside your body if you don’t have sleep enough frequently.

1. You Will Get Sick

Lacking of enough sleep can lower your immune system from illness. Researcher claimed that  you easily get sick.

2. Impact to your heart

Either less than 5 hours of sleep a night & more than 8 hours a night of sleep times shows having negative impact your heart, lack of sleep can increase risk
coronary heart disease or

3. Increases Risk of Cancer 

Shorter sleep may cause linked with higher risk of
colorectal, &
prostate cancers.

Dr. Waters also suggest all overnight shift worker to go home straight and sleeping as soon as your shift is over.
make sure when you awake still in a bright condition &
also make sure sleep in dark condition since sleep in sunlight always distracting.

4. Thinking or Cognition is Lowered

Even if you miss 1 night of sleep can turn into major cognition issues.

Experimental Brain Research shows, Men suffering with task to be completed of lacking memory, decision-making, reasoning & problem solving suffered & alertness after skipping a night of sleep.

5. Tends to Forget Stuff

Research on body found relation of sleep & the impact to learning & memory.
Suggest that sleep is so important to link things we learn in the brain. proper rest is what we need to “Save” the new information & in memory.

6. Sex Drive Lowered

Young men that lost sleep for a week time shows decrease in testosterone levels, based on study. Sleeping less than 6 hours can reduced sex hormone levels about 15%.

Largely mood & vigor weakened with following night of sleep interrupted.

7. Gain Extra Weight

Study of sleep & breathing link between sleeps & weight adults over group of age 20.

Those who always slept less than 5 hours every night for 3year long study high chance gain weight & turn obese.
Those Who Sleep between 7 & 8 hours results in better and normal scale.

8. Chance of Diabetes Raise

If you are overweight & not enough sleep can increase risk of diabetes. Studies found 7 to 8 hour sleep is best to avoid insulin crash.

9. Risk of Accident 

Study found 3 times more prone to automobile accident if only sleep less
than 7 hours each night.

Those who are working longer or at unusual hours such as
Shift workers,
commercial drivers,
business traveller.
need to think twice before driving,  cabbing friend if in doubt.

10. Your Appearance Look Worst

Study on range ages of 30 & 50 revealed that who get little sleep had more
fine lines,
pigmentation, &
marked laxity,
looseness of the skin.

The poor sleepers may have worst appearance than those who get well sleep.

More Than Beauty Rest

Getting enough sleep is not just for your pride, but it could save your life.

You should take some time to consider all you are risking you health before you are going to watch your late night TV marathon.

So, now remember to turn off the lights and enjoy your 7 to 8 hours of beauty and healthy sleep.


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