Pregnant Women Eat Watermelon, This Can Happened To Your Baby!

Everyone is just too in love in eating watermelons due to its natural sweetness and refreshing juice.

You may be wondering, whether is it safe to eat watermelon during pregnancy?

Since many pregnant women will worry that by eating watermelon could harm their baby inside.

Here we want to uncover how watermelons could in fact can affect your tummy’s baby.

It is common to heard from doctor that eating anything in moderation is good to go with, so let understand what actually watermelons contain for its rich nutrients for you especially pregnancy.

The not known yet amazing health benefits of watermelon during pregnancy.

1. Help you to relieve heart burn

It is a common problem for pregnant women to experience digestive problem like heartburn & acidity. 
This is why by consuming watermelon can helps to soothe & ease food going through your esophagus (food pipe) stomach, and immediately relief you from heartburn.

2. Reduces swelling leg and hand.

It is also can common issues for pregnancy to experience light swelling on your hands & feet or edema, known as fluid accumulation of body tissues.
As we all known that this juice watermelon contain rich water amount that works to help cure and reduces blockages in veins & muscles to relieve swelling, and can effectively treat edema.

3. Helps to relieve morning sickness

A glass of watermelon juice daily in the morning can helps to boost you with energy throughout day, whereas its nutritional agent can even help you relieve from morning sickness especially happening in the morning of pregnancy.

4. Treats dehydration

Pregnant women can experience dehydration which is an issues causing premature contractions and premature birth. Thus you should drink sufficient amount of water about 8 glasses of water per day to prevent from dehydration since about 90%water content was found in watermelon.

5. Muscle cramps treatment.

Pregnancy hormone is causing cramp, so by hydrating your body with watermelon’s hydration can helps to keep common cramp issue away.

6. Prevents skin darkening

Since watermelon helps to promote easy digestion, thus is helps to improve your skin becoming more beauty in texture & have glowing effect.

7. Diuretic & detox effects

Watermelon contain good properties of diuretic or cleansing that helps to flush out bad toxins from your body body, thus your kidney, liver & uric acid levels was improved.

8. Boosts energy levels

You can absorb supply of rich potassium & magnesium with vitamins a, b1 & b6 greatly required for pregnancy energy boosters, promote healthy eyesight, boost immune system, brain & improve nervous systems.

9. Prevent preeclampsia

Richness in lycopene content keeps the preeclampsia away during pregnancy by preventing bad effect from both mom & baby such as high blood pressure, excess fluid & abnormal protein in urine.

If you can consume various types of fruit in moderation can reduces chances of baby with intrauterine growth retardation.

However, consuming too many fruits is never the good way of healthy eating, since too much sweetness from watermelon is at disadvantage.

Here are the list of side effect if over consume watermelon during pregnancy.

1. Gestational diabetes

Excessive consumption of sweetness from watermelon can increase your blood glucose levels causing gestational diabetes in pregnancy.

2. Cleansing too often.

Watermelon at overdose can flush toxins, even flushing out some of the important nutrients from your body required.

3. Gastric problem.

Watermelon that is being cut open and left for such a long time should be avoided because that can eventually affect pregnancy with nausea, vomiting, & gastrointestinal problem.

Similar to everything that you seldom eat, since during pregnancy is important to ensure with your doctor’s approval first before consuming any foods in large portion.

Moderate amount of watermelon is always good to go during pregnancy.


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