YOUR Body Will Warn You With These 8 Signs A Month Before a Heart Attack, AWARE!

It is everyone’s best wish for wanting to prevent from diseases, instead having your times taken away in order to cure for any diseases. 

Here are a great numbers of simple rule which you can apply to any disease and especially valuable when symptoms are not properly recognized.

What you will notice is that these indications will tells you the crucial symptoms which might occur 1 month or earlier before a heart attack occurs.

Still, you don’t have to be absolutely nervous about your health condition, because with this bits of health awareness will benefits anybody especially the early sign that tells you unnoticeably.

What you need to do is just take note on these warning signs which shows if you are in the cases of heart attack risk.

Here Are Several Indicators Listed For Heart Attack Which Many Did Not Notice.

1. Tiredness.

If you are one of the many that experience an unusual tired or fatigue, that can informs you as one of the main sign that you approaching a heart attack condition.

An unusual fatigue is known as the sign of that were reported to affects majority of women at about 70% when compared to men.

This kind of unusual fatigue is not triggered by any physical or mental activities, but it is going to increase especially by the end of the day and you notice it is not usually the same fatigue.

This warning fatigue sign is technically quite obvious while many always link this is their working stress, but sometimes if it causes you to experience exhausted even when performing any simple task like tidying a bed or showering, then you should be aware about this sign of heart attack.

2. Pain in Abdominal.

If you experience pain located at your abdominal area, especially when during empty or full stomach nausea, stomach bloated or upset are known as most common symptoms.

You can experience this kind abdominal pain prior to a heart attack by giving a signal that is kind of episodic, which will eventually goes away and then the pain will return for a short periods of time.

This experience will happened to both either men or women similarly.

3. Sleeplessness.

Insomnia or sleeplessness is connects as a sign of higher risk heart attack or even stroke which affects more to women.

Sleeplessness usually affected by a higher level of worries, nervousness and forgetfulness.

This kind of sign comprise of effect like difficulty get sleep, difficulty to sleep longer, and awakening in very early morning.

4. Breath Shortage.

If you experience suddenly unable to take a deep breath such as breathlessness, then that could be a condition related to indication of 40% cases among men and women for up to 6 months before a heart attack strike.

This is a warning sign based on medical condition especially when you are having few sign all together such as difficulty or unable to get enough air, dizziness and breath shortage.

5. Hair loss.

The much more visible indicator of increasing risk of heart disease are your physical appearance where you experience hair loss suddenly.

At most cases will affect men that are age over 50 while certain women also can be affects by hair loss.

Majority of baldness cases are linked with a higher level of the hormone cortisol, a kind of stress hormone.

The most visible hair loss sign is have a look specifically from the crown of your head, which is beginning to get worse.

6. Irregular heartbeat.

Heartbeat that is irregular is kind of a sign that can be quite difficult to notice, because abnormal heartbeat, skipped beats or arrhythmias.

This happened mostly among women specifically link towards a panic attack and anxiety.

It occurs with no influence of external factor, and can strike suddenly with 2 different types of beat such as irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) or incrementing heart rate (tachycardia).

With treatment of physical exercises or fitness helps to assist extra stimulus to the increase of heart rate at towards a much healthier side particularly for the atherosclerosis disease.

Always keep in mind that this kind of irregular heartbeat will persists for almost 1 to 2 minutes long, so immediately inform your family if it still persist, then you can begin to experience dizziness and severe fatigue. Immediately call 911 or your doctor fast.

7. Sweating too much.

If you experience unusual or excessive sweating on your body part like fore head, especially shoulder to stomach, palms and also feet can informs you as a sign of heart attack.

This kind of sweating sign can affects women more often and can be wrongly known as sign of hot flashes or night sweats from a menopause or menstrual ending condition.

This sign feels like flu symptoms, clammy skin, or sweating that has no relation cause by air temperature or physical movements.

The sweating will feels like more excessive especially in the night time and bed sheets feels like being damp in the morning.

8. Chest pain.

No matter men and women, they will experience chest pains at the similar level of intensity and kinds.

Chest pain sign for men often warns you as an early signs of a heart attack sign approaching must get help as fast, while chest pain only affecting 30% of women.

The pain that comes along with chest pain are feeling of discomfort sensations on both arms or often is your left arm, discomfort at lower jaw, neck, shoulders or even stomach.

But, keep note that this pain will goes away temporarily or at worse case it can becoming permanent pain.

Aware The Causes of The Heart Attack.

The most common factors of heart attack is about the weight issues, especially obesity individuals that who perform less physical exercise or habitual smoking also the cause.
The often missed heart attack signs is that it will helps to improve your health by showing earlier alertness and you should take action in preventing from sudden heart attack.

Also Aware on These Heart Attack Signs like.

  • Look at the mirror if you have an earlobe crease, that located diagonally from the ear canal.
  • Inside the eyelids corner has yellow patches that known as xanthelasma, is a cholesterol deposit.
  • Light soreness on calf muscles when walking.
  • Aware that the ear canal hair between men is sign of heart attacks.
  • Early graying of hair for male also the actual sign to aware.


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