Lose Weight Fast By Pressing These 4 Points On Your Body NOW!

Acupuncture and acupressure has been used since thousands of years in helping people to cure from various health problems.

These are the simple instructions to follow so your metabolism will speed up.

The results are that you will be very energetic throughout the day, and the excess fat will slowly begin to eliminate, because it will stop its accumulation of the fats.

You will begin to feel control in your appetite & start to create a completely new, healthy lifestyle.

Thus you will lose weight fast, if you press these 4 following points that will help you remove of excess weight.

1. Massage Your Еar.

By massaging this point you will have your metabolism boosted, which leads to quicker weight loss in overall parts of your body.
The massage with your thumb for time of 3 minutes, do this 3 times daily with smooth and consistent pressure on the ear.

2. Massage Your Lips.

This point can be located right between & centre of the nose and upper lip. It is necessary to be pressed for 5 minutes with 2 times a day.

This massage helps in controlling hunger and anxiety.

Press this point especially if you are over eating during your stress time, and using this method is perfect for you!

3. Massage Your Arm.

This is a main effective point of the body because all part of your internal energy goes through here.

By massaging this point at your hand, you will actually help to release the body’s excess body heat and contribute to improving the work of the intestine best to promote easy digestion.

You are required to massage this point for a period of 1 minute for 2 to 3 times each day.

4. Massage Your Leg.

Acupressure of this point is frequently used; it is called “Zu San Li”, which means the longevity or point that heals from hundreds of illnesses.

It improves digestion so you smooth your tummy flow to remove excess waste and toxin also fats. It also helps to reduce from inflammatory processes in the body.

It is located under the knee cup, locate this point more precisely, cover the knee with your palm, if you choose your left leg, you use your left hand.

Then it is just between the end of the little & ring finger in the form of lower recess between the bones.
You should massage this point at clockwise 9 times on your leg, remember to massage both legs.

Massage this point 5 minutes for each leg daily in the evening is recommended for loosing fats up to one pound a week.

However do not massage straight before bed, because it can cause sleeplessness.

During the pressure you will experience mild discomfort, even pain, it is normal & how it supposed to be, else you will not getting the desired result.


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