Is it safe to eat Mango during Pregnancy? You need to know this!

Is it safe to eat Mango during Pregnancy? The Myth and Side Effect of Mango During Pregnancy Is To Understand NOW!

There are times that you may feel craving for a slice of mango during pregnancy, but many pregnancy women will wonder is it safe to eat mango especially in pregnancy?

Mangoes are known to pack with majorly Vitamin A and C and also a great source of dietary fiber and beta carotene.

Then, is eating mango safe during pregnancy?

So, let’s know more about the list of huge benefits mango and brings to pregnancy.

1. Promote Embryonic Growth.

During pregnancy, suffice amount of nutrients Vitamin A helps in promoting healthy embryonic growth of the foetus.

2. Constipation.

Most of the pregnant women will experience the constipation in first trimester; rich in fiber foods like mangoes will help prevent constipation.

3. Improve iron absorption.

Since iron is very essential in make extra blood (hemoglobin) and also supply oxygen for you and your baby. This is why rich vitamin-C in mangoes plays an important role in helping much effective absorption of iron nutrients in for your pregnant body.

4. Regulate Blood Pressure.

You may expect the increase of blood volume in pregnancy, but potassium content from mango will helps you in maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance. Potassium in it also transmits nerve impulses, sustains muscle contractions and relieves from common pregnancy cramps.

5. Relieve Morning Sickness.

Studies had shown that by consuming foods with vitamin B6 were claimed to be able to help you relieve from morning sickness and nausea of the common problems in pregnancy.
B6 Vitamin also required creating haemoglobin in blood and improving neurotransmitters to help grow your baby’s brain and nervous system healthily.

6. Copper.

Copper is important in formation of red blood cells which is especially important during pregnancy, since your blood supply will doubles. Copper also brings benefits in forming healthy baby's heart, blood vessels, and skeletal and nervous systems.

7. Folate.

Folate or folic acid plays a most important role for healthy baby growth during pregnancy, because it can help prevent birth defects of your baby's brain and spinal cord.

Thanks to the huge health benefits brought by the delicious mango, and there is actually nothing wrong to eat mangoes during pregnant.

Myth of Mango Affecting Pregnancy:

A very popular myth had mentioned by many people, that it is not safe to eat mangoes during pregnancy because it “increases body heat” is a term thermogenesis
Foods such chilies, ginger, green tea, spices and etc. can increase metabolic rate to reduce weight by diet.
But for mangoes, it doesn’t seem as why were said that mango increases body heat and may harm the baby. Even papaya is being told as thermogenic of a myth.
What we could deduced from the myth is that, there are no scientific proves showing that mango is not safe during pregnancy.

Although Mango is safe, but for certain pregnant mom need to take note the possible side effect of eating too much mango.

1. Skin irritation.

Mango also contains a resinous substance common from its peel which can irritate skin.
So, mango should be washed and cleaned properly before peeling or slicing the fruit, so that the flesh is not contaminated with the resin.

2. Sweetness from mango is spiking your blood sugar.

Since Mangoes have high carbohydrate content compared to other fruits, so doctors may ask women with high blood sugar to avoid it during pregnancy.
You should be aware the conditions by limiting mangoes included into your diet if you are having high blood sugar level.

But for most normal and healthy pregnancy without any complication, you can consume around 1 or 2 small sized mangoes a day while will not be affecting any health risk.

Therefore, eating mangoes during a healthy pregnancy will not get affected for any health risk.

If you have any doubts about eating this fruit, please consult your doctor or dietitian for best understanding because all pregnant women have different complication of health.



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