Is it safe to eat ice cream during pregnancy? Watch NOW & Don’t Give in Every time!

Is it safe to eat ice cream during pregnancy? Watch NOW & Don’t Give in Every time!

You may experience cravings for ice cream during pregnancy, but do not give into them all the time.

During Pregnancy, Can We Really Eat Ice Cream? 

Eating ice creams are generally safe, however you need to ensure that they are not contaminated with bacteria.

Also if you get colds easily or have sinusitis, check with your doctor during pregnancy if you can eat ice cream or not.

If you eat ice cream rarely, you will have no harm to the growing baby inside you.

Here are the nutrients that you will get when you consume your favorite ice creams:

  • Just half cup of ice cream can contains about 16 gm of added sugar & 111 calories.
  • The increase chances of a C-section (or caesarean delivery, is the use of surgery to deliver one or more babies) if you put on too much of weight during pregnancy.
  • Weight of your baby can be too high & it cause difficulty for you to deliver.
  • Despite that, ice cream offers a healthy level of calcium that promotes growth of bones & teeth of baby.

Here are the Potential Risk Factors of Eating Ice Cream during Pregnancy!

When we consume ice creams, we surely feel refreshing, but you must be careful of the dangers especially when you are pregnant. 

  • The chances of contaminating bacteria listeria will increase when you eat an ice cream.
  • The bacteria exist in the machines that hold and serve to your icy deserts.
  • The bacteria contain potential to affect your amniotic fluid, placenta or fetus once you are infected.
  • Once you get infected, it can cause several unwanted complications such as miscarriage, stillbirth, skin sores, meningitis & respiratory infections in your newborn child.

Few Ice Cream Tips for Pregnancy!

There is no need to activate your panic button now completely after you ate your favourite ice cream.
Ice creams that made from pasteurized milk are absolutely safe and you can enjoy them without any concern.

Here are few more tips by:

Making sure that you buy ice creams of reputed (widely known) brands from reputed shops that follow hygienic qualities.
Even though freezing will destroys different types of bacteria, but is not the case for listeria since it can still grow in ice creams in the freezer.
Avoid ice creams from the roadside stalls and fair shows because less hygienic measures conducted.
It is better to take scooped ice creams since the scoops are usually clean and meant for a single customer.
This is because cone ice cream will contaminated when the cone is touched some time, so cup ice cream is consider better.
If you have concern with regular ice cream, try yoghurt with fresh fruits and chocolate syrup.

Be sure to ask your doctor if you can take ice creams when pregnant in order to avoid any undesirable consequences.

Most cases when you eat ice cream in moderation & rarely, it will not affect your pregnancy.


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