Is It Safe To Eat Dates During Pregnancy? You Need To Know Why!

Every pregnant woman would want to ensure healthy progress of pregnancy that also includes making that they are having a short and easy labour.

Luckily, we encountered this fruit called “dates”, which had promoted its great benefits in promoting to get a shorter labor in a natural ways.

This not just myth, because its function was backed by study that was conducted in the Jordan University of Science and Technology and published accordingly as claimed in the Journal Of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

According to this interesting study, the researchers performed on 2 groups of women where first group of women will consume 6 dates a day for 4 weeks before their due date of pregnancy. The result after that had discovered that women who ate dates had:

cervical dilation higher (opening of for baby to come out) at hospital,
intact membranes (water not yet ruptured),
natural labour resulting at the rate of 96% than women did not eat dates,
labor stage one is shorter for those who ate dates group.

Dates supplied your body with various nutrients that can boost your health during pregnancy. 

1. Prevent Anemia. 

Thanks to the sufficient content of iron inside dates that helps to maintain hemoglobin in body to prevent anemia or lack of red blood cell.

Iron assists in various metabolic processes that helps to promote stronger immunity in pregnancy.

2. Promote healthy Constipation. 

Dates are helps to smoothen digestion and soothe the constipation problems for most pregnancy all because of its fiber compound required for digestive system and also promote healthy weight gain.

3. Healthy Bone Formation. 

Then content of nutrients like vitamin K in dates was essential in promoting blood clotting and also make sure the bone formation of baby are healthily grown.

Vitamin K lacking can affects babies at birth, this is why you can get that from the amazing dates.

4. Heart Healthy Effect. 

Potassium is the important key nutrients electrolyte that helps our body by balancing salt water in order to stabilize your blood pressure.
Potassium also helps a lot in preventing your muscle cramps & kidney problems during this important phase of pregnancy.

5. Prevent Pregnancy Defect. 

Folate or folic acid is the most required nutrients for prenatal, because it helps to prevents from dangerous birth defects such as spinal cord and neural defects.

6. Natural Energy Boost. 

The compound of natural sugar, fructose was commonly found in fruits, while it can provide you with fast energy and yet does not raise your sugar levels too much.

7. Stabilize Blood Sugar.

Magnesium promotes strong teeth and bone development and also stabilizes the blood pressure and also blood sugar. This is why dates supplied you with magnesium to ensure no more kidney and liver problems.

8. Good Calories For Healthy Weight Gain. 

Pregnant mom needs more calories to gain a healthy weight or to keep her full during the day comparing to women who are not pregnant.

Thus, you should grab a handful of dates to supply your body with much more needed natural sugars without pilling up many calories.

There are still no studies had shown or claimed that by eating dates can be unsafe during pregnancy, however you should not overeat too much dates as the dates that are sweeten package products will brings too much sweetness to your body.

So you should focus on eating the dates that contain no sweeten ingredients.

Since dates are packed with most nutrient dense fruits and when eaten in moderation, it benefits both the mother and the development of baby.

However if you still feels in doubt, then the right choice is by asking your doctor whether adding dates suits your body or not.



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