Is Garlic Really Safe During Pregnancy? The Side Effects Of Garlic During Pregnancy, You MUST KNOW!

You may not know that garlic was not just added flavor to your foods, yet it also packed with rich and amazing medicinal elements.
Many foods were added with garlics, this makes women to wonder about eating garlic during pregnancy.

Here Are What the Good Benefits Of Eating Garlic During Pregnancy.

Garlic contain huge list of health benefits, here are few extremely important benefits especially for pregnancy.

1. Decrease Risk of Pre-Eclampsia.

Pre-eclampsia or high blood pressure is a common health problem that encounters roughly 1 in 20 pregnancies.
With the help of garlic’s medicinal effect, it lowers the risk of this condition and high blood pressure as well as decreases protein levels in the urine.

2. Promote Healthy Baby Weight Growth.

Research had claimed that garlic can help to improve baby’s birth weight for those who have the risk of having a premature baby or pre-term birth.
Experiments have shown that adding garlic extracts to placental cells helps to encouraged growth and reduce risk of abnormal pregnancy.

3. Reduce Risk of Cholesterol And Heart Issues.

The powerful element in garlic, called allicin benefits to reduce and regulate your cholesterol levels.
This compound also helps to thin your blood in order to prevent from the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

4. Cancer Prevention.

Regular consumption garlic can lower the risk of esophageal, stomach and colon cancers.

5. Improve Your Immune System.

It is extremely easy to get sick while pregnant, so you need to fight away infections, including cold and flu.
This is why with garlic’s help, you can reduce harmful bacteria in your system and keep your immune levels stronger.

6. Yeast Infections Treatment.

Allicin compound in garlic also has anti-fungal effect that served as treatment of various vaginal yeast infections including chronic candidiasis & yeast hypersensitivity syndrome.

7. Prevents From Infections of Skin And Oral.

The antimicrobial agent in garlic is great home remedies solution especially for external application for skin and mouth.

Side Effects Of Eating Too Much Garlic During Pregnancy.

1. Blood Thinning Effect.

Garlic contains blood thinning properties, this means that you could bleed more than normal and could be a major issue especially during surgical procedures or cesarean section.
But don’t worry, always remember to not overeat garlic at last trimester.

2. Cause Dangerously Low Blood Sugar.

Garlic supplements can interact with anti-clotting medications. They interact with insulin and lowering blood sugar levels.
Low blood sugar rarely occurs in pregnant women without diabetes, so remember to eat them only in the right amount.

3. Digestive Upset.

Overeating garlic can cause digestive system upset, and thus can leads to stomach issues, this is when you should seek a doctor.

So, Is Garlic Really Safe During Pregnancy?

Garlic is considered safe during pregnancy when you consume it in a small amount.

It is also safe when being eaten during early pregnancy diet, because foods eaten in the first phase will have lesser effect on your fetus than later trimesters.

When you consume too much garlic in 2nd and 3rd trimesters, they could lead to 2 main side effects such as lower blood pressure level and blood thinning.

Therefore, you can always consult your doctor about the suggested amount of garlic to be taken during pregnancy.

So, How Many Raw Garlic Cloves Can A Pregnant Woman Actually Eat?

Eating 2 to 4 fresh garlic cloves at approximate amount of 600 to 1200 milligrams every day is consider good for pregnant mom.

For an overview, garlic is considered very safe and beneficial to consume when taken in a small amount especially during pregnancy.


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