Is Eating Maggi Instant Noodle HEALTHY During Pregnancy? This is The Expert Analysis!

Is Eating Maggi Instant Noodle HEALTHY During Pregnancy? This is The Expert Analysis!

After listening to various news regarding Maggi instant noodle, many would have a different non-nutritional value about it.

Pregnant women will feel curious about what to eat since they need to think about the healthiness of the growing their child inside too.

So, Is Maggi Healthy In Pregnancy? 
Maybe we can ask ourselves why did we ever fall in love with this noodle?

Common reason is that you can prepare maggi in just 2 minutes fast easily, and they are tasty to your tongue.

Of course they are also affordable and can be prepared faster when comparing with other food like pizzas and burgers even they are fast food chain available.

Honestly, many people would agree to keep maggi noodles at bay because of their own reasons.

So, What Do Instant Noodles Contain? 

They contain simply just MSG, salt, palm oil, starch and maida.

Maida (White Flour).

One of the reasons is that they hate white flour which was used to make the noodles.

Reason of white flour is a drawback in your digestive system quickly and easily breaks down and being absorbs like a pure sugar.

This can causes your blood sugar to spike and weight gain over a time.

Monosodium glutamate (MSG).

This ingredient in noodles has its own function which is either to add taste or extend the shelf life.

Even though they may not harm your system at first, but if you eat them like every day, your health may gradually been damaged.

You may easily fall prey to sudden deceases diseases like high blood pressure based on most doctors.

The Fat Content.

Commonly, most types of processed foods will contain trans fats, which is the fats you don’t need to eat.

With flavour enhancing agents and fats, they are known as bad stuff that your body hate.

If you eat them too much gradually, your cholesterol levels will rise and can cause type-2 diabetes too.

Sodium Contain In This Instant Noodle.

Every 100g of instant noodles contain about 2500 mg of sodium, which is too much and was not good for a pregnant woman and the child.

Too much sodium can cause excess fluid retention, especially in the stage of pregnancy at 3rd trimester.

The Contain Of Compound TBHQ. 

There are few bran of instant noodles do contain a compound called as TBHQ, Tertiary Butylhydroquinone also known as a preservative.

Of course, almost all processed foods contain this compound.

But if you consume 1 full gram of TBHQ, experiencing sudden of nausea, delirium, breathlessness, and tinnitus, and even cause you to collapse.

Even though your body can work to flush out this toxin within days, but if you eat instant noodles daily, then the toxins was forced to stay longer in your system.

Based on studies, women are at a higher risk of getting affected by metabolic syndrome if they consume too much instant noodles.

Metabolic syndrome, is condition that reveals in few symptoms like high blood pressure, obesity and higher bad cholesterol levels.

So, What Should Pregnant Women Do?

Even if you are craving for instant noodles, doctor would recommend you to avoid them during pregnancy.

This is because any pregnant woman need ensure that her diet and lifestyle to supply nutrition for healthy fetus growth.

Advise that anything with directly or indirectly affecting the health of the baby must be avoided, including processed food.

Medical experts said that stress levels, poor diet and even harmful substances in processed foods can cause damage to health and can be unnoticed or even undiagnosed.

So, it is safe to avoid processed foods or instant noodles when you are pregnant.

In a much nutritional value of saying, no minerals, vitamins, proteins or even fibre in these noodles, so eating them was just like filling your hunger and taste bud temporary but no nutrition for your body and baby.

This is why you have to remember to eat much more proper nutritional foods which come with rich vitamins and minerals will makes your pregnancy and baby a lot healthier.



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