If You Are pregnant, This is What Will Happened if you Eat Coconut Foods!

The answer is indeed very straight forward, where the coconut water is very safe to drink and that includes any form such as solid form, coconut oil, tender coconut, ripe coconut, and etc. that are all very beneficial for pregnancy.

Coconut is awesome to supply your body with huge list of nutrient and can be safely consumed throughout the 9 months of pregnancy.

Pregnancy body are at best in absorbing the benefits only when you consume fresh coconuts because the coconut that are not fresh will begins to fermenting when left open and exposed to air.

So, what you can get from consuming fresh coconut that packs with rich vitamins and minerals of

Potassium content of 600mg for promoting healthy heart.
Carbohydrates of 8.9grams.
Dietary fiber of 2.6grams that helps digestion.
Natural Sugars of 6.26grams for great energy.
Calcium of 6% for strengthening bone.
Low Calories of 46 for healthy weight.

The BEST 10 Reasons You Should Know Why You Must Eat Coconut Food During Pregnancy.

1. Healthy Brain Growth.

Coconut oil was packed with medium-chain fatty acids which are great and essential to supply for your baby’s healthy brain growth and healthy growth, and appropriate nourishment of the unborn baby to adapt the fast pace growing baby especially in the final weeks of pregnancy stages.

2. Boost Energy throughout the day.

Coconut oil is famous for its natural hydration and natural energy replenish, thus you can get to cure from any dehydration, fatigue and exhaustion especially after some tired work of the day.

3. Help to Stabilize Blood Sugar.

Coconut is packed is natural sweetness that will not cause sugar spikes, the best part is that coconut will help to stabilize blood sugar level to prevent from diabetes condition in pregnancy. 

4. Relieve From Common Pregnancy Morning Sickness.

Thanks to the supply of coconut’s cooling property, it can help to prevent from conditions like bilious nausea, morning sickness, fever and vomiting for many pregnancy women.

5. Help Promote Healthy Weight Gain.

It is important that all pregnant women should gain weight according to the appropriate guideline, but obese pregnancy condition should get proper dietician advice from care provider that suits your body.
Pregnant women want to avoid from excess or unhealthy weight gain, but the benefits brought by coconut can help you balanced and reduce from unhealthy abdominal fat. 

With healthy weight gain diet advice, indeed any other extra unnecessary unhealthy belly fat will slow lose itself away automatically.

6. Keep Away From Yeast Infections Down There.

Coconut contains natural substance known as lauric acid, which is essential to help remove candida albicans or the cause of yeast infections which is especially important during pregnancy.

7. Stable Hormone Balance.

The key benefits found in coconut are its huge amount of amino acids, vitamins and minerals which helps to keep healthy balanced hormone and healthy thyroid function. 

8. Healthy Heart Especially Blood Pressure from Preeclampsia.

Coconut water was packed with rich potassium, magnesium, and lauric acid which assist in regulating healthy blood pressure.
Thus potassium especially can help to increase good HDL cholesterol level and reduce the bad LDL cholesterol.
Just by drinking a glass of coconut water daily is useful enough to supplementing during final trimester which is the brewing tension of labor can increasing of blood pressure should be calmed down and stabilize by coconut’s help.

9. Soothe from Heartburn and Constipation.

The triggers of heartburn, constipation and indigestion during pregnancy is affect by hormonal changes.
However, you get this rich dietary fiber from coconut water that strengthens smoothen digestive system, regulates pH levels, and no more hard poop to expect in pregnancy.
With the help of coconut water also provides you with natural acid neutralizer which works greatly to prevent from heartburn.

10. Healthy Amniotic Fluid Levels.

Coconut water also boosts the whole environment of baby fetus growth especially when consumed in the third-trimester can boosts the amniotic fluid levels and by increasing health blood volume and circulation.

Weakening of immune system can be expect in pregnancy, thus get some coconut oil into your diet for much higher defense from the bad germs and keeping you stays healthier naturally.

Comparing what coconuts products no in any forms are safe to consume, but the best is fresh coconut water which brings tons of benefits, so that pregnant mom can enjoy them during pregnancy!



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