How to Remove Skin Tags Using Dental Floss Effectively! The Best Step By Step Guide!

How to Remove Skin Tags Using Dental Floss Effectively! The Best Step By Step Guide!

A skin tag is a small piece of tissue that does not spread and hangs on the skin.
Skin tags can commonly be found on parts of the body at where the skin may fold, such as at the groin, armpits, neck and underneath breasts.
Even though skin tags are known as not harmful, but they can be irritated by your clothing and you may feel uncomfortable of them.

FOLLOW THIS Step by Step Instruction To Remove Skin Tags Using ONLY Dental Floss. 

Step 1.

Firstly, identify the skin tag to ensure that it is skin tags and also make sure it isn't a mole or other skin lesion such as a wound, ulcer, abscess or tumour.
Skin tags can be the same tone as your skin colour or slightly darker and will range in size from 1 to 5mm in size.
Locate the connecting tissue or stalk between skin tag and body's skin as shown. 

Step 2.

Then clean your skin tags with warm water and begin to use dental floss to tie off the skin tag.
This is when you place a piece of dental floss by tying around the neck of the skin tag, which is just right above your natural skin.
This helps to ensures removal of the skin tag and its stalk together. Be sure to knot the floss around the tag which is tight enough to cut off circulation.

Step 3. 

Then just let it be and just remember to check the area around the skin tag daily.
Be sure to not touch the skin tag or the dental floss, because the skin tag should fall off within a week time.

Step 4.

It usually takes about 7 to 10 days for a skin tag to fall off with dental floss.
The skin tag will begins to be more shriveled and dried up as time goes by, reason being that it has lose its blood & oxygen.

Step 5.

If the skin tag that was being tied has not been fallen off yet after 2 weeks, you may need to re-check the tightness of the floss you firstly tied.
If it was not being tied tightly enough, then sometimes it can happen with larger skin tags.
This is why it is a good idea to find someone to help you just to make sure the floss is tight enough and was in a proper position.

Step 6.

Once tied skin tag successfully fall off, you must ensure to clean the area of your skin carefully, and continue to practice good hygiene habits to prevent the skin from infected such as by using plaster.
The skin tag fall off area will look slightly different in colour than rest of your skin, however it will fade away over the next few months.


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