How To Reduce Buttock Fat With 5 Moves For Your Butt, Hips And Thighs

Almost all of us keep sitting without proper walking exercise routine for whole day, this is true especially for those who are working and sitting in office, during studying, and even during driving on a crowded traffic is still sitting.
This is the real reason that most of us should be taking this issue seriously, where by reducing your buttocks fat would not necessarily need to focus on strict leg and glute muscles exercising like the body builder.
The simplest exercises you need to recognize frequently is the lunges workout, then focus and remember these 5 moves would help to ensure reducing fats at your backside is successful.

The BEST 5 Amazing Lower Body WORKOUT To Burn Fats ESPECIALLY Your Hips, Glutes and Thighs!

Exercise 1. Plié Squat

Squat exercise is considered as the most effective workout that targets to burn fat on your inner thigh, glutes and thigh.

1. You should keep your back straight, and check to ensure knees over toes facing 45 degree outside and body weight should focus on the heels of your feet.
2. When you are lowering into deep squat, you glutes lowered down as to ensure was parallel to the ground as close as possible.
3. Then pushes weight from your heels to return back into starting position.
4. This requires repetition of 15 reps effectively.

Exercise 2. Lateral Step-Out Squat.

To challenge this exercise, you can use a resistance band around your ankles to increase the resistance with each step. 
1. Your leg should keep close together in a squat position, toes should be pointed straight ahead and knees should not go over toes too much vertically, then you lower into a standard squat.
2. You then begin taking 2 steps to your right and then hold the squat position as usual focusing weight on your heel.
3. Then begin taking 2 small side steps back to your left & hold squat position.
4. This should be performed with 15 repetition.
If you want to add difficulties to this workout, then use a resistance band around your ankles to harden this workout with resistance for each step.

Exercise 3. Plank Leg Lift.

This workout should be performed since it will burn lower body fats much more and entire body feels fat burning effect.
 1.  Set yourself in a beginning position of a plank with both fist grip hands and elbows on the floor while also your toes only is touching the floor, be sure to keep your whole body and leg straight.
2. You are required to squeeze your abdominal and glutes during this plank.
3. Then begin to squeeze your left glute and simultaneously lift up from the ground and your glutes will feel the workout hits the glutes muscle and burn fat will work effectively now.
4. Slowly lower back to begining position, and repetition of 15 count should be done on your left leg, then also 15 count on your right leg.

Exercise 4. Fire Hydrant

You should do more of this because it is a fat burner booty shaper which preferred by a lot of fitness profession. 

1. Place your hands (palm) and knees & legs in tabletop position, this includes ensuring keeping you hand straighten.
2. Tighten your abdominal like activating your six pack abs.
3. Then bent your leg 90 degree angle by raising your left knee up and outward to the side as high as you can.
4. Then hold your leg at the top awhile and return back to starting position
5. Do each leg with 15 repetitions.

Exercise 5. Lying Leg Lift.

This is a core exercise that directly hitting your muscle of glutes from all angles and is very effective in losing glutes fat.

1. Lie down flat on yoga mate or soft ground with your tummy touching floor and use pillow as a support, also support your forehead by resting on your hands like getting a back massage.
2. This is simple where you just need to lift your left leg and thigh as high off the ground as possible by maintain leg straight in order to activates your glutes muscle where you can surely feels it.
3. Then hold your leg at the top for a moment and slowly lower down.
4. Switch legs after your repeated each leg for 10 times.
You must perform all of these exercises strictly 3 sets repetition for 2 days each week and all parts of your lower body will burn fat which feels so good after complete the session.

You should also add in following best these cardio exercise to even fasten your glutes fat loss effectively such as:
Perform Jumping Rope can helps you to burns Over 1000 Calories in one hour.
Running is simple for all which can burns Around 600 Calories in one hour.
Cycling also a great cardio which burns at around 600 Calories in one hour.
Swimming is also burning your calories at around 600 in just 1 hour.
Walking is most prefer since it takes not much effect like exercise, but it will burn as much as 300 to 400 Calories just in 1 hour walking.



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