How To Lose Weight Fast For Women; TARGET Your WHOLE BODY Fat Burning NOW!

A lot of exercise beginner people decide to lost weight by starting with cardio and once they lose weight, they will begin strength training to focus on some muscle.
Strength training is not just play huge part in losing weight & physical healthy, it can be done anytime from home with small space & often requires just your own body-weight.

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Below Are TOP 4 Best Exercises for Weight Loss Whole Body.

No mistake that we all love the satisfaction of seeing how many calories we have burned or how many steps we have taken.
However, when we look into long-term weight loss & based on “STRENGTH TRAINING RULES”, our Muscle is more metabolically active than body fat.
Another way of saying, our muscle can burns more calories a day at resting heart rate than body fat. With this, more muscle we have, more calories our body burns a day.
Furthermore, muscle is actually more compact than body fat & helps to contribute your body that masculine shaped & toned look.
Do not worries where your weight lose goal is, with strength training is an important aspect & always never too late to begin.
These 4 strength training exercises are the most effective body weight moves around and require no equipment.
They will support you to build muscle, lose weight & feel better than ever now.

Exercise Number 1: Push-Ups.

Why you should do Push-ups?
Push up exercise are 1 of the best bodyweight exercises ever created, so you don’t need any equipment & can help to build body strength all over the right places.
Also you can use many ways to push up that can help level challenge by modify and track progress.
Furthermore, you can burn calories working multiple muscle groups and shape your body. Thus this helps to increase your metabolism which is the key in losing weight.
With push ups exercise, you can also develop strength on your chest, shoulders and arms.
If you have fat & loose skin around arms, push ups can remove this baby fat by building muscle mass in your triceps.
Push ups are 1 quite difficult exercise, so you should start with knee push ups before doing the regular push ups if you rarely doing push ups.

Exercise Number 2: Squats.

Why you should do squat?
In order to firm their butts and tone their legs, many suggest had squat exercise!
You need those glute muscles to perform a lot of daily task. So do squats also improve the mobility in your hips, thighs, buttocks, quadriceps, hamstrings & upper back.
As we grow older, strength and stability we do from squats can help you reach certain flexibility & yet still simply can prevent injury.
The more muscle mass your body have, they help fasten your metabolism; therefore you get faster burn of calories.
Squats are perfect if you are trying to lose weight because they produce increases in muscle mass in almost all of the muscles of the lower body.

Exercise Number 3: Lunges.

Why you should do lunges?
Lunge can be done anytime or anywhere!
Lunges helps to firm up your backside, give you a shapelier bottom body & also strengthen your glutes, hamstrings, quads & calves.
This great conditioning exercise performed in many sports and activities while getting weight lose results on your bottom half.
Lacking of lean muscle actually can slow the metabolism. But when protein diet is combines with this exercise, almost all of the body weight fat form will be removed, while allow increase in lean muscle.
Adding lunges to strength training routine not just help you burn fat, but also tone and tighten your lower body.

Exercise Number 4: Full Body Roll Ups.

Why you should do full body roll ups?
They are people who consider the level of 1 “Pilates Full Body Roll Up” is equal to doing 6 sit ups & way more effective than crunches exercise.

How to do Pilates Full Body Roll Up:
1. Lie on your back while extend your arms overhead.
2. Begin by inhale with arms to the sky, then exhale & slowly roll up into shape of a “C” curve with abs tighten & then try to touch your toes.
3. Return by inhale & slowly go back in a C curve, then Exhale as you uncurl your body very slowly back onto the mat.

An important tip is to keep your feet on the ground. Begin with just 3 to 5 and see if you can add a couple more each day.

Remember to do these 4 simplest exercises and perform them as regular as possible to achieve your weight lose more effective.

Also don’t forget to rest your body for 2 days to relax your body and mind.


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