How to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat for Men with 5 Best Moves Effectively!

Lately are you trying too hard to fit into the jeans and shirts you bought last year? Also having trouble while trying to sleep?

Belly fat certainly doesn’t look good on your appealing, however the most important problems is what are the long-term effect towards your health.

Arguably the best way to lose stomach fat is by exercising, so you are required to put in about 30 to 45 minutes of exercise in your daily routine to reduce the belly fat.

If you are determined to lose belly fat, normal crunches and sit-ups are exactly as difficult and painful hurting your neck if not performed correctly due to weak abdominal muscle and improper forms.

However, here are the modified crunches which were the best belly burner workouts you should perform that are very effective and target to burn your belly fat fast.

Here Are the List of Exercises to Follow.

1. Twist Crunches;                         Do 12 Repetitions for 3 Sets.
2. Reverse Crunches;                   Do 15 Repetitions for 3 Sets.
3. Plank, as long as possible;    Do for 3 sets.
4. Mountain Climbing;                Do for 20 Reps for 3 sets.
5. Bicycle Crunches;                    Do 8 Reps each leg for 3 sets.

If you are just beginning doing these exercises, do just 1 set, and then slowly increase until 3 sets gradually.

Exercise Number 1. Twist Crunches.

Twist crunches is a more effective like the regular crunches. It targets to burn and strengthen your abdominal muscles, for leaner muscular mid-section.
1. Lying on your back and hands touching your head without grip and then crossing your right leg above left.
2. Then lift the left shoulder towards your right knee touches left elbow while keeping your right torso on the ground for supporting.
3. Then change side and do 12 repetitions (reps) for each set. Aim for 3 sets daily.

Exercise Number 2. Reverse Crunches.

It is considered one of the best abdominal exercises for targeting and burn your belly fat especially the lower fat. This strengthens your lower abdominal muscle too.
1. By lying down on the floor with hand simply supporting on the floor.
2. Raise both leg towards your chest and lift leg upwards to ceiling and slowly went down.
3. Slow down the downward momentum is the resistance key here, what you need to do is by squeezing your abs during the leg going in downward momentum.
4. Do this for 15 reps each set and do it for 3 sets.

Exercise Number 3. Plank (HOLD).

It is an ideal exercise for the abdominal muscles exactly, not only six pack abs.
Plank also engages all major core muscle groups like transverse abdominus, rectus abdominus, external oblique muscle, and glutes muscle.
1. With your arm and elbow also toes for supporting your body, then keep your body tight and Hold As Long As You Can.
2. Most beginners can only HOLD for less than 60 seconds. Do this for 3 sets.

Exercise Number 4. Mountain Climbers.

This workout will focus exercising your muscles of shoulders, lower back, thighs and core especially your front sheath of the abdominal, thus kick and squeezing of abs helps to burn belly fat fast.
1. Begin in the position of push-up with your both arms completely straight with palm placing on floor flat surface. Your body need to form a proper straight line locating from shoulders to your ankles.
2.  Then you can feel by squeezing your abs by lifting one foot off the floor kick your knee up toward your chest by ensuring your body in a straight line as possible.
3. Return to the starting position, and repeat with opposite leg. When doing fast, avoid bouncing too much on glutes.
4. Do this for 20 reps with each leg 10 reps, repeat for 3 sets.

Exercise Number 5. Bicycle Crunches.

Bicycle crunches are one of the most effective exercises for strengthening your abdominal muscles, eventually with much stronger core; you get to burn more fat easily.
1. Press your lower back into the floor, engaging your abdominal muscles, as you put both hands behind your head (don't pull on your head).
 2. Bring your right elbow over to your left knee, and then bring your left elbow over to your right knee in a twisting, bicycle pedal motion. Continue to breathe naturally.
3. Do this for 16 reps for each leg having 8 reps for each set and do for 3 sets.

Here Are the List of exercise examples to be scheduled accordingly in 1 week.

5 Exercise Moves.
5 Exercise Moves.
Running or Jogging
5 Exercise Moves.
5 Exercise Moves.
Running or Jogging

1. Monday, perform these 5 exercises moves.
2. Tuesday, perform these 5 exercises moves.
3. Wednesday, perform cardio (Running or Jogging).
4. Thursday, perform these 5 exercises moves.
5. Friday, perform these 5 exercises moves.
6. Saturday, perform cardio (Running or Jogging).
7. Sunday, Rest.

You want to constantly perform these 5 exercises, but sometime switching to cardio exercises such as running was effective way to keep your heart rate up, lose calories, and reduce belly fats too.

If you don’t like running, try jogging since it can also breakdown unwanted belly fat when comparing with weightlifting. Jogging is a great aerobic exercise benefits to fight fat and staying fit.

Even though walking is a low-impact exercise, but it still can boost your metabolism, heart rate, reduce risk of injuries and efficient workout for beginners.

You may want to include some low carbs diet here, feel free to include them and burns belly fat faster and healthier for your body.


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