How to Lose Butt Fat for Men Easily with 5 Best Moves Anywhere, NO GYM needed!

How to Lose Butt Fat for Men Easily with 5 Best Moves Anywhere, NO GYM needed!

It may sounds easy to turn you booty into a firm toned booty, however you may only know that by running the only way, instead here are 5 best exercises works perfectly to reduce that buttock fats.
To work on the buttocks fat, you need to target exercising the muscle groups in the glutes, quads and hamstrings.
It is a great bonus with these Best 5 exercises because they not only focus effectively to burn buttocks fat, but burn entire body fat is the important key here.
You may be surprised to achieve a toned butt with overall shape can be simply combine with easy dietary lifestyle and these important routines.
In order to ensure toning your glutes succeeded, you need strength training exercise to speed up metabolism in order to help tone and lift your buttocks for slimmer and firmer shape.
By turning fats into muscle will definitely help to slim your buttocks size, since the subcutaneous fat takes up more space in your glutes than muscle does.
You need to do All the exercises for 12-15 repetitions each set and do 3-4 sets. Rest for 60 seconds after you had completing each set.

Perform these workouts 3 times a week & increase gradually at your best.

1. Kickbacks                   12 Reps x 3 Sets = 36 Reps.
2. Squats                         12 Reps x 3 Sets = 36 Reps.
3. Chair Pose                  15 Seconds x 3 Sets = 45 Seconds.
4. Side Steps                   12 Reps x 3 Sets = 36 Reps.
5. Lunges                        12 Reps x 3 Sets = 36 Reps.
6. Rest       60 Seconds and Repeat From Exercise 1.

You can start slow by doing ALL the exercises for 1 set, and then slowly work up to 3 sets at best.

Exercise Number 1. Kickbacks.

Even though glutes kickback looks easy, but is a great exercise to target burning buttocks fat fast.
Exercise Steps:
1. Begins with palms pushing on floor and also both knees and toes touch the floor too.
2. Then extend right leg straight with toes almost touching floor.
3. Start kicking upwards with your heel and keep leg straight slowly down.
4. Repeat 12 times for each leg and remember to squeeze your buttocks when kicking.
If you have an exercise mate or towel, place it on the floor to avoid your knee from bruising due to hard floor.

Exercise Number 2. Squats.
Squat is targeting to burn more fats such as on thighs, buttocks, hamstrings, lower back and abdominal fats.
Exercise Steps:
1. Begin by standing straight with feet at shoulder width apart and toes facing forward.
2. Then with your arms straighten straight in front and head look straight.
3. Now start squatting down like you begin to sit down and stop once your thighs is in parallel with floor. Do for 12 repetitions.
4. Optionally, your hand can carry some weight plates with safety.

Exercise Number 3. Chair Pose (A Cheat For Rest).

Chair Pose exercise is best known in yoga, it targets almost all of your body backs and definitely focus buttocks fat burning like squats, except it is more static.
Exercise Steps:
1. If you are new to this, standing straight with your back facing a wall.
2. Then with a squat position, you get support with the wall to hold longer.
3. Make sure your hand straight and head is facing front.
4. Hold for a count of 15 seconds as 1 set. Increase slowly up to 60 seconds for more challenging.

Exercise Number 4. Side Steps / Lateral Lunges.

Side steps can help firm and tone your thighs, hamstring and buttocks by boosting lower body metabolism to get rid those fat.
Exercise Steps:
1. Stand straight with feet at shoulder-width apart. Hand at your hips for balance.
2. Step to the left with left foot and pause, while leaving your right foot static in place with about squatting level.
3. Make sure your left leg was completely straight and then back to first stand.
4. Then repeat on the right side and alternate legs movement.
5. Each legs should do for 12 reps.

Exercise Number 5. Lunges.

This exercise is best to burn down fats your thighs, quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes for a slimmer and firmer lower body. It is important when doing a lunge exercise to protect your knee from not going past your big toe to avoid future knee injuries.
Exercise Steps:
1. Begin this exercise by stepping forward with right leg and bend for 90 degree angle.
2. Together follow with your left leg knee also bend for 90 degree, but make sure your left knee not touching the floor.
3. Switch your legs and do for 12 repetitions.

Final Tips.

Ensure to reduce your calories intake base on a calories calculator at playlist and also include best cardio exercises to boost glutes fat lose fast.

Watch The Video Below For Much Clearer Visual Explanation.


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