How To Lose Belly Fat In 1 Week With 7 Easiest Exercise For Women, 100% Effective For Those Who Tried These!

Belly fat can make waistband of all women’s pant tight and uncomfortable. It also consists of 2 different types fat such as the firm fat that expands your waistband is visceral fat that snuggles around your internal organs and raises your risk of health problems of such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes & some cancers.
Another fat is the soft & pinch-able fat at your belly is subcutaneous fat and is known as less effect on health issue, but can cause your tummy look chubby.
Visceral fat is some of the first fat you lose when you join on a weight-loss program, but subcutaneous fat is more stubborn and can take a little patience to shed-off.

This is why you should perform cardio helps shrink your belly because it burns more calories than abdominal (tummy) focused exercises.
As long as you are burning more calories than what you consume, then your body will automatically converts the stored triglycerides from fat cells into usable energy, thus you will lose weight accordingly.
Even though you cannot command which fat cells of your body to uses for such energy, however visceral fat is usually among the first to be used as energy conversion since it's so metabolically active.
So this can be easily achieved by doing cardio activities such as are jogging, cycling, dancing and burpees at a High Intensity (Tabata Training) to lose belly fat faster.

Do not Skip Strength Training.

A total-body strength-training routine doesn't lose as many calories as cardio, however it helps to develop muscle in your whole body instead one area.
Muscles will burns more calories than fat tissue, so your metabolism increases when you are more muscular.
More muscle helps you burn more calories all day, so losing weight and belly fat is easier.
Strength training also helps to remove extra belly fat away & prevent regain of visceral fat.

Instead of just doing neck crusher sit ups, do these Best Effective Abdominal (tummy) Exercises 2 Times A Week with cardio. 

Exercise Number 1. Static Sprinting.

Static sprinting is a great jogging at high intensity without huge running track, you can do this at home to lose your tummy belly fat just like the normal jogging.
1. Stand on a flat floor and sprint your leg at waist level.
2. Repeat this in 4 minutes time for 3 sets.

Exercise Number 2. Reverse Crunches.

It primarily works the rectus abdominis and obliques, with assistance from the transverse abdominis (the entire major abdominal muscles) that is one of the most effective exercises for core strength.
1. Lie on your back with your hand on your side, then lift you knee until your thighs and calves form a 90 degree angle and your calves are now parallel to the floor.
2. Lift your hips and bring your knees, as far as you can toward your chest and hold.
3. Then return slowly to the starting positions.
4. Repeat for 10 reps for 3 sets.

Exercise Number 3. Bicycle Crunches.

This exercise was very effective to target your core abdominal, hamstring, quads & hips fat loses. You can feel your six packs was firing & stretching inside.
1. Lying & facing up with your hips and knees bent 90 degrees and slightly support with hand behind head.
2. Lift your shoulders off the floor and twist your upper body to face the right side at the same time pull your right knee in as fast until it touches your left elbow. Make sure your left leg is straight.
3. Then back to beginning and alternate side for total 20 times of 3 sets.

Exercise Number 4. Planks.

You must do plank because it focus to burn primarily your abdominal muscle, obliques, buttock muscles, hips, quadriceps and hamstrings.
1. Do this with both arm and elbow also your toes touching the floor to lift your body.
2. If you suddenly fall down in below 60 seconds, continue until you finish 60 seconds to consider one set.
3. So, you perform for 60 seconds and slowly improve by increasing your plank time up to 5 minutes with 3 sets.

Exercise Number 5. Mountain Climber.

It is a killer exercise that gets your heart rate up fast while firing nearly all body muscle groups such as biceps, triceps, chest, obliques, abdominals, quads, hamstrings and hip abductors.
1. Get into a push up standby position with hand wider than shoulder position.
2. Kick one leg towards your chest and squeeze your abs and butts.
3. Then alternate legs and do 20 reps for 3 sets.

Exercise Number 6. Windshield Wiper.

This exercise looks easy, but it primary focused to trigger your abdominal muscle, obliques & lower back.
1. Lie on your back with your arms straight on your sides, then lift your legs and bend the knees at a 90 degree angle.
2. Rotate your hips to one side & without letting your legs touches the floor.
3. Then lift your legs & return to the starting position.
4. Alternate to another side by rotating hips and repeat 20 times for 3 set.

Exercise Number 7. Alternate Heel Touchers.

This will work on your primary muscles especially your core abdominal and obliques.
1. Lie on your back and arms place at your side of body, and bent your knees with feet flat on floor.
2. Then crunch forward to your left and touching your left heel with your left hand and hold.
3. Slowly going back to the starting position and alternate to right side.
4. Repeat side to side for 20 times for 3 sets.

You should perform these workouts by following as schedule below.

Exercise Number 1. Sprinting.                         Do 4 Minutes for 3 Sets.
Exercise Number 2. Reverse Crunches.           Do 10 Reps for 3 Sets.
Exercise Number 3. Bicycle Crunches.            Do 20 Reps for 3 Sets.
Exercise Number 4. Planks.                              Do 60 Seconds for 3 Sets.       
Exercise Number 5. Mountain Climber.           Do 20 Reps for 3 Sets.       
Exercise Number 6. Windshield Wiper.            Do 20 Reps for 3 Sets.       
Exercise Number 7. Alternate Heel Touch.       Do 20 Reps for 3 Sets.
Exercise Number 8. Ending Planks.                  Do 60 Seconds for 3 Sets.     

You need to follow this exercise schedule to lose belly fat for a week.

Monday.          Jogging or Sprinting for 30 minutes.
Tuesday.          Jogging or Sprinting for 30 minutes.
Wednesday.     Do these 7 Exercises.
Thursday.        Jogging or Sprinting for 30 minutes.
Friday.             Jogging or Sprinting for 30 minutes.
Saturday.         Do these 7 Exercises.
Sunday.           Rest.

Perform these exercise 2 times a week and do more cardio such as jogging outdoor or sprinting at home easily to lose your belly fat fast.

Final tips is to resist the temptation, you want to remove or reduce all process foods and drink that are sweet and sugary, also avoid from going to any fast foods for high calories reduction.

By controlling foods you intake, this doesn’t has to be a strict diet, but just easily focus eating real foods high in protein to restore the muscle & encourage weight loss.


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