How to Lose Belly Fat at Any Age & Prevent Muscle Loss!

I wonder how many times you were told that during middle age around 40 will be entering unavoidable weight gain?

Don’t listen to the assumed facts because it is NOT even hard to avoid the weight gain defined traditionally.

Although metabolic slowdown can be lower down at condition

Age 30 -> 40 muscle mass declining up to 8% 
Age 40 -> 50 muscle mass declining up to 10%

Exercise Physiologist says you lose around 1/2 pound of lean muscle yearly during  our 20s, 30s, & 40s, but until your reach your 50s, you lose around 1 pound yearly.

You might think what so special in losing muscle, muscle loss can decreases strength, it cause you harder to do everyday tasks even
lifting boxes or
opening jars of food.

If the problem keep forward and can growth into sarcopenia (loss of muscle tissue thought aging process), is very common for people over the age of 65.

Yes, the solution is reverse engineering by getting to restore more muscle.
Research shows if you started lifting weights 2 times a week for 25 mins will get helps to maintain your metabolism rate.

Yes, by consuming extra calories can brings to extra belly fat, but if you were lifting constantly & properly, mostly what being consumed can be transfer to muscle.

Studies on more than 1600 people ranging at ages of 21 & 80 results in MUSCLE gain
at about 1.4 kg after 10 weeks of after strength training of 2 times a week.

The training were 1 set of 12 different exercises by using heavy enough weight that can be exhausted after 8 to 12 reps.

Great that it does NOT even matter whether they were at age 25 or 75 because they can success at same results no matter at any groups of ages.

So, you should started doing weight lifting 2 times a week for 25 mins to help you lose the belly fats and also helps to promote very important muscle growth.


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