How To Cure Morning Sickness For Pregnant Ladies!

Morning sickness is feeling of nauseous usually experienced by pregnant ladies during their first trimester.

It is normally happened in morning & will go away when you are active through your day.

Although not all home remedies definitely work on you, here are the tested remedies can provide some relief to the sickness.


By set your alarm for 5am, if you commonly wake at 6 am to allow you having more time to ready to get up from bed.

Place some crackers or dry cereal by your bed allows you to fill your stomach when you wake up.

Get up from bed slowly is great ways to start your day.


Eat moderate meals during days’ time to prevent too full or hungry. Progesterone at lower speed of food being process to your digestive tract.

To Prevent too full or too empty, drink water half hour before or after meals, but NOT during your meals. This helps avoid dehydration.

Get more rest whenever you can if you need to get up early. Also don’t nap straight after meal which is the reason causing nausea.

Prevent eating foods or bad smells & prevent from staying in warm places because it can worsen nausea.


Do NOT eat spicy or greasy foods.
Get bland foods instead strong odor. You really have to prevent cooking during the first trimester.

Get to bed earlier to restore energy allowing you to get up early & repeat over again.

If you wake the middle of night to the bathroom, consume a little of something besides your bed.

Suggested Meals to Eat

Foods such sandwiches, raw vegetables, salad prepared to prevent food poisoning.
Bland foods such as chicken broth, soup, baked potato plain.
Bland vegetables or fruits.
Eat small meals, eat it when you need to.
rich vitamin B6 Foods.

Suggested Snacks to Eat

Eat or suck up Lemons juice.
Eat Ginger, ginger tea, ginger jam on toast, ginger snaps.
Peppermint tea.
Flavored popsicles.


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