How To Cleanse Your Kidneys Fast With This Natural Home Drinks!

You might not know that your kidneys actually work for several important functions in the body, the most crucial functions including filtering the blood from toxins and removing waste through urine.
Though, there are a few non-healthy dietary habits can lead to toxin build-up in your body that can put an extra burden on your kidneys.
Ensuring sufficient hydration and regular kidney and liver detox are important for keeping ideal function of these vital organs. Don’t worry, here are a few herbs, such as parsley, that contain properties to prevent from kidney disease, formation of kidney stones and toxin accumulation in your body.

How Can Parsley Help Your Kidneys?

Parsley contain plentiful of vitamins including A, C, K, folate and necessary minerals, such as iron that our kidney function depends on. Furthermore, parsley has a range of medicinal properties which improve overall health:

  • Antimicrobial (used against fungi),
  • Antianemic (increases red blood cells),
  • Menorrhagic (smoothen menstrual flow),
  • Anticoagulant (prevent from blood clots formation),
  • Antihyperlipidemic (lowers blood fat),
  • Antihepatotoxic (prevents liver toxicity),
  • Antihypertensive (reduces hypertension),
  • Diuretic (increase urination),
  • Hypoglycaemic (help to stabalize blood sugar level),
  • Hypouricemic (to stabalize uric acid),
  • Anti-oxidative (prevent from cell damaging),
  • Estrogenic (regulates menstruation).

Based on universal medicine, parsley is powerfully efficient in healing kidney stones.
Importantly, parsley tea increases urine production and flow that can expel out kidney stones. Furthermore, this recipe helps to prevent the absorption of salt into kidney tissue in order to inhibit formation of kidney stones.
If you feel depress, good news is that this tea fights anxiety and calms the nerves.

How To Make This TEA To Cleanse Your Kidneys NOW!

For this detox recipe, using a handful of fresh herbs or dried parsley leaves both works too.
1 bunch of fresh organic parsley leaves
8 cups of filtered water
2 tablespoons of raw organic honey
freshly squeezed juice of half a lemon

How to make this cleansing tea:

1. Begins by washing the parsley clean & chop them in large pieces.
2. Boil water to medium heat.
3. When water starts boiling, then add the parsley and reduce heat.
4. Let the parsley simmer for 10 minutes.
5. Lastly just strain and let cool down.
6. Before drinking, mix the lemon juice & honey for taste.
7. You need to drink 1 to 2 cups daily.

It is best to prepare in a larger amount of the remedies, and then refrigerate them to keep it and drink it within a week.

Consult a medical practitioner at best in case you’re suffering from kidney disease, before taking the tea, to ensure quicker problem identification by medical expert.

It you are pregnant, please avoid parsley tea because it can induce menstruation and abortion.


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