Eats 50 Bananas Daily, Her Amazing BODY Looks Unrecognizable TODAY!

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Lin Ratcliffe is a major huge internet star who is having followers of Instagram at about 450,000.

People called her “the banana girl” due to a reason that she can eats up to 50 bananas in a day! Based on herself Lin, this is the diet that keeps her fit.

She then even created her own nutrition plan, namely the “Raw till 4” diet. Until 4 p.m., Lin eats only the banana fruit while for dinner she has a vegan meal containing carbohydrates.

Lin claims that by consuming 50 bananas a day helps her to lost almost 20 kg & inspired many women to follow her example.

But, is this Banana girl’s diet really healthy?

Evangelina Mantzioris, a famous nutritionist, claims that the diets like this are not recommended for the body because the body does not having few of the most important minerals such as calcium, healthy fats and vitamins.

Furthermore, too much fructose that you consumed from fruit is equivalent of drinking several cans of Coke a day.

“Raw till 4” diet is not recommended by scientific facts, but its Result is not really in any way verified.

This banana Fruit is extremely important for nutrition, but only 2 servings daily are just enough.

What is your comment about eating 50 bananas a day?


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