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Drink this RED Hibiscus Tea Can Helps To Lowers High Blood Pressure!

This beauty hibiscus flower is always honored for its beauty, in fact also contain equal beneficial for its healing powers.

Various types of the flower species has been consumed as beverage teas also in traditional medicine beneficial.

Though the taste of this tea is sour & taste like cranberries, mostly people add sugar & or with citrus such as orange.

Scientists had confirmed this deep red flower mildly helps to reduce blood pressure because of benefits diuretic agent that assists your body to eliminate excess water.

Also Benefits with Anthocyanins to BLOCK Angiotensin for Converting Enzyme (ACE), is agent that causes blood vessels to constrict.

Providing with treatment combination of Lisinopril & Hydrochlorothiazide contained,
though at milder degree & no medicine type of side effects.

This product contains two medication function to helps

Lowering high blood pressure,
prevent strokes,
avoid heart attacks &
prevent from kidney problems.

Hibiscus Tea Recipe 


4 Cup water,
3 Tbsp dried or 4-5 Tbsp of fresh hibiscus flowers,
1 cinnamon stick,
1 Tbsp raw sugar,
Juice of 1 orange.


1. Boil the cups of water,
2. Pour into the hibiscus & cinnamon stick,
3. Then Steep it for 20 minutes,
4. Filter out the hibiscus & cinnamon stick.
5. Add taste of sugar & juice orange.
6. Serve then either hot or iced.

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