Can We Eat Pineapple During Pregnancy? First Trimester SHOULD Aware!!

Can We Eat Pineapple During Pregnancy? First Trimester SHOULD Aware!!

Every pregnancy women should avoid eating certain foods that can cause harm to pregnancy.

Fruits such as pineapple and green papaya are feared due to their properties that can leads to risk of miscarriage.

But, Is that really true according to scientific research?

Firstly Know More about the Benefits of Pineapple in Pregnancy.

1. Vitamin C found in pineapple can helps to Boosts Immune system & Produces Collagen for mom and baby.
2. Manganese enzyme in it benefits in improving forming and strengthen bone.
3. Vitamin B1 content in it promotes healthy muscle, nervous system and heart.

4. Vitamin B6 content was beneficial for healthy production of red blood cell and relieve from common morning sickness pregnancy complication.
5. Copper content also improves healthy red blood cells and formation of baby’s heart.
6. The healthy digestion content of dietary fiber supply works effectively to relieve from constipation that is often complaint in early stage pregnancy.
7. Iron is very crucial for healthy red blood cell production with folic acid helping to lower risk of birth defects.

8. Bromelain was very helpful in fighting against bacteria in stomach and great treatment for gastro-intestinal tract, also able to lessen the discomfort development of varicose veins.
9. Diuretic agent in it also helps to soothe complication of swelling leg or ankle that is a common symptom in pregnancy.

10. Bromelain in it to lessens the formation of varicose veins and reduces discomfort.
11. Mood enhancement from pineapple also helps to remove from hormonoal effect cause such as anxiety, depression, and obsessive thoughts especially I npregnancy.
12. Bromelain properties also benefits in thinning the blood and avoid from blood clots which helps to reduce high blood pressure with its.

However, Here Are Some Risks Of Consuming Too Much Pineapple During Pregnant:

1. For pregnant women who have sensitive stomach and weak digestive system, should avoid from pineapple because the acids inside the fruit can cause heartburn or reflux.

2. The most common mentioned problem eating pineapple in pregnancy is because from the reason of overeating pineapple will increase bromelain properties inside your body, which can affects your cervix to leads into miscarriage or premature labor. Too much bromelain amount also induces vomiting, rashes skin, and contractions of uterine especially in you first trimester.

3. For gestational diabetes sufferer in pregnancy, pineapple can packs with high sugar levels which can worsen blood sugar complication.

4. For any pregnancy with BMI of overweight, then you should also limit the amount of consuming pineapple due to its high calorie.

5. You may not notice overeating of pineapple, with common signs of tenderness or swelling on your tongue, inner cheeks and lips temporarily only.

Those who have following complication of should avoid it such as:
peptic ulcer disease,
bad coagulability of blood &
low blood pressure
the reason is that these can leads to risk of miscarriage.

For first timer of pineapple eater in pregnancy, some of the allergic symptoms may happen and must check with your doctor if you happen to get.
Skin reactions,
Swelling or itching in the mouth,
A runny nose or congestion,
These reactions are same as allergic reactions of latex or pollen that happens right after in minutes you consumed it.

So, Is Pineapple Safe To Eat During Pregnancy?

Yes, it is safe to include pineapple in your diet with the portion of 1 to 2 cups a week that is considered safe and carries positive health effects for you and your baby.
However, overeating in the amount of 7 to 10 cups a week may leads to problems of increasing the amount of bromelain level in body thus may put you at risk of miscarriage.

Then, How Much Pineapple Can A Pregnant Woman Have?

For First trimester or early pregnancy, it is at best not to include it at all, unless permitted by doctor.

For Second trimester, pineapple can be included in your diet in small amounts by about 50gm to 100gm 2 to 3 times in a week.

Lastly for third trimester, you can include just small portions about 250gm daily.

Furthermore, you should be aware the portion size to be consumed throughout the day or else it may increase the chances of uterine contractions.

Pineapple offers huge benefits if they are fresh and ripe showing smooth yellow-brown hue at best to be eaten in moderation.


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