Can Pregnant Women Eat Sweet Corn? Its Starch Can Takes Away The Good Nutrients From Your Body.

Is It Safe To Eat Sweet Corn During Pregnancy? Its Starch Can Takes Away The Good Nutrients From Your Body.

Pregnancy is a phase where you need extra nutrients and minerals, in order to ensure you have a healthy diet.

By eating this crunchy sweet corn would be a delightful choice during this phases and is known as something that most pregnant moms crave for during pregnancy.

If you are here, then surely are craving for this crunchy juicy sweet corn on the cob that can be the simplest pleasures for cravings during pregnancy.

You can enjoy your favourite juicy and crunchy sweet corn by boiling, steaming or grilling. So, the next time you have a snack craving, you have added the healthy corns by your side.

Here Are 10 Benefits Of Sweet Corn During Pregnancy.

1. Helps To Fight Diseases.

Significant amount of ferulic acid were found in sweet corn, which has been proven to be effective in fighting tumors.

2. Rich In Beta-Carotene.

It is packed with beta-carotene, a main nutrients that offers Vitamin A, to improve healthy growth of skin and mucus membrane of fetus. Thus, vitamin A also boost your immune system while pregnancy.

3. Vitamin B-12.

Good amount of Vitamin B-12 found in sweet corn also very important to prevent anaemia during pregnancy stages. Vitamin B-12 was excellent in helping the growth of new cells in blood, thus also greatly boosting your immune system.

4. Packed With Phytochemicals.

Corn is also loaded with phytochemicals, act as antioxidants especially good for strengthening your immune system.

5. Help Fight Constipation.

Its rich content in fiber and protein was important to fight from constipation, that are common problems happening in pregnancy phase.

6. Rich in Folates.

Since sweet corn has great amount of folate, it’s excellent in reducing risk of birth defect like spina bifida. By consuming a single serving has 60 grams of folate.

7. Healthy Growth of Baby Brain.

The nutrient of thiamine needs increases during beginning of pregnancy, so corn has great amount of thiamin for optimum growth of memory in fetus.

8. Rich In Zeaxanthin.

It has good amount of zeaxanthin elements that protects development of healthy eye and prevent from any kind of macular degeneration eye damaging disease.

9. Promote Healthy Organ Development.

Rich amount of pantothenic acid helps to promote healthy functioning of all the organs during conception period.

10. Reduce Bad Cholesterol Level.

It contains rich potassium to lower your blood pressure by balancing out the negative effects of salt, thus controlling your blood pressure by balancing your body fluid.

But, Is It Safe To Eat Sweet Corn During Pregnancy?

Yes, you can safely eat sweet corn during pregnancy and eat it according to your moderate desire.

If you crave for sweet corn, you can eat it by boiling, steaming or grilling.

How Can Sweet Corn Be Added To Your Pregnancy Diet?

It can be a healthy alternative for the various junk foods anytime you need to snack on something.

Sweet corn can be included into Sandwich, salads, soup, toast, pastas, pizzas, or rice dishes,

Precautions While Eating Sweet Corn During Pregnancy.

Even Though It’s Rich In Nutritional Benefits During Pregnancy, Here Are Few Precautions And Tips While Eating Sweet Corn During Pregnancy.

1. Do not buy corns that are sold on the roadside, because they are usually exposed to high temperature conditions which can cause it to lose flavor due to sugar in it being had been turned into starch. It is not very good for your stomach to eat too much starch, since that can pull the water from stuff you eat, thus causing prevention for your body to absorb the nutrients.

2. Remember to choose the corn’s husks that have fresh green color.

3. Avoid keeping it for more than a few days because its freshness will lose.

4. Since it contain significant amount of fatty acids, so you should avoid eating at over dosage amount of it if you have any complication of heart issues in pregnancy.

5. By choosing to eat the freshest sweet corn is better than canned ones.

6. Despite of its huge benefits, but by eating excessive amount of corn can cause undesirable adverse effects of high blood sugar spike. So, be sure to eat corn only in moderation amount.

7. You should consult your doctor’s advice before adding too much corn into your daily regular diet.

Yes, so you can safely eat sweet corn during pregnancy, but eat in moderation is always good enough to get all the benefits.


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