7th Week Of Pregnancy, Symptoms, Growths And Pregnancy Care Tips.

First trimester is known as pregnancy week 1 until week 12, where now you are already over half way through the first trimester.

This week you can still feel like and looks like you are not pregnant, but indeed there are many things happening inside there.

Now you are at 7th week’s pregnancy, your baby is now about the size of a blueberry, measuring at about 0.51 inches, which is sizing of double since last week.

Baby is now at about 10,000 times larger than when you first conceived, still it is jumping around like a blueberry inside your uterus feels not aware.

Week 7 Pregnancy Symptoms.


Occurs where your large bowel tends to get a little slow since pregnancy and the hormone progesterone has a slowing down effect. So, drink lots of fluids and eat more high in fibre foods.


Some pregnant women will experience all the common earlier symptoms such as Nausea, intolerance to certain foods, vomiting and even heartburn for most of the day.


You may have a feeling of a lot drooling that makes you feel like constantly have to swallow.

Acne Appears.

You may feel like adolescence with an outbreak of pimples due to of influence of hormones racing around your body.

Feeling of Body Heat.

You result of the extra circulating blood volume in your body and the hormonal "power surges" is common and can be sensitive to your own body heat.

Weight Fluctuation.

There are some pregnant women who gain a few kilos in the first trimester while there are some who experience loses in body weight.


If you experience tiredness all the time, don’t worry because this is a common symptom at early stage pregnancy. Good part is that at the end of the 1st trimester, your energy levels will return normally.

Emotional Fluctuation In Week 7th.

There are no huge hints of emotional changes in this week.

But stay calm and don’t be too sensitive to others feelings but be open and encourage your own excitement normally and naturally.

Since some pregnant women may worry about how you could possibly be a parent and looking too much ahead of raising a small child to adulthood is frightening.

Doctor will explain to you to just be brave at each day a time and be confidence in your own abilities.

You are encouraged to speak with your own mum or other women who had children and most of them probably had same feelings as yours.

Baby’s Growth Week 7 Pregnancy.

Forming of baby’s bones is starting and the facial shape is becoming more noticeable.
The first shape is shaping of nose and lips.

It is interesting that the back head is growing quicker than the front.

Their mouth and tongue are started forming now together with their arms and legs that are still small looking at side of their chest, but will become more defined.

The focus of this week baby is much more attentions on their brain, where almost 100 new brain cells are developing every minute. This is why you may feel hungry.

The kidneys are needed to be this week, yet blood filtering hasn’t started yet.

Identification of baby’s sex glands are beginning to take in shape this week, however it’s still too early to identify the sign of your baby’s gender is a boy or a girl via ultrasound.

Pregnancy Care Healthy Tips.

Because of poor oral hygiene and gum disease is related with premature labour also other complications, so be preparing to make a dental appointment. Aware do not do x-rays at any pregnancy stage.

Many women say that ginger biscuits and ginger tea to help settle a nauseous tummy.

Many women experience appetite loss through pregnancy, try getting warm herbal or peppermint tea instead or sip on iced cool beverage.

It is best to avoid caffeine at this point such as caffeinated tea or coffee now.

Pregnant mom should consume small snacks often, so prepare the common craving salty, vinegary foods snacks is okay and better than a heavy meal.

Add richer vitamin B such as folic acid group natural foods instead of feeding up too much sugary food.

You can watch at the playlist for the 2nd month foods and diets to follow especially for pregnant women from week 5 to week 8.


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