3rd Week of Pregnancy, Symptoms, Growths, and Pregnancy Care Tips.

Despite by noticing the pregnancy signs, there are a lot of women who are still uncertain whether they are actually pregnant during the 3rd week.

This is why you should hurry up and confirm with either using pharmacist sold pregnancy tests or visit the nearest obstetrician, or gynecologist.

Whenever you are positive about your pregnancy, then you should choose or find an obstetrician for scheduled check-ups in the following next 9 months.

Don’t worry, you can always find a good obstetrician by simply asking your family or even friends for a great recommendation.

After you had scheduled an appointment with your obstetrician, it is great to just list down any questions that you had doubt on during the first visit.

Your questions may differ from one another, but following is important to ask as an example.
how many times should you visits your obstetrician,
what are the foods to eat and avoid & also types of diet to follow,
what lifestyle changes you should do and not,
what vitamins you should take,
if you are on medications, ask if those pills need to be reviewed by your obstetrician.

For the first time pregnancy mom, don’t worry that your curious thoughts and emotions will accelerated, so ensure to ask about something that is important to you.

Symptoms and Body Changes in 3rd Weeks.

Although your baby is still small yet growing in size, but during this 3rd week had many women who are actually losing weight due to nausea, vomiting, and appetite loss that caused by the hormonal changes.

There are also experience of cramps and vaginal discharge which are known to be common issues especially during in your early pregnancy.

Even though there are not a lot of external changes happening, but you still had to remember that the internal changes happening are also critical especially during this early stages.

Your obstetrician will probably tell you that you don’t necessary need to stop working or cancel any activities at this stage.

However, your obstetrician should probably advise you to increase your nutrient intake from today onward.

You should get great sources of folic acid, calcium, protein, and iron foods all of that are helpful for the development of strong bones, muscles, and tissues in your baby.

Still, you can manage and keep any pregnancy mood swings cause from pregnancy hormonal changes in control by including healthy diets.

Baby’s Growth in 3rd Week.

You baby now is in the state of Morula, known as a ball of cells that can be constantly multiplying which is feeling awesome if you can feel it is getting bigger eventhough just in a very tiny tiny size.

Around the 30 hours after fertilization happening, your baby, Morula will begins to divide into 2 cells, and then 4, then 8 and so on constantly, in place of when moving from fallopian tubes onto your uterus.

When morula is moving, it is known as a blastocyst, having it hollows out and fills with fluid.

At the end of the week of implantation, this means that the blastocyst will attaches to the lining of the uterus, or the endometrium.

Once it has attached, the endometrium will begins to supply nutrients and removes waste from the embryo.

Thus, your baby fetus will now begin to form its shape accordingly based on his or her specific part of the body.

Features such as gender and eye, hair, and skin color have already been determined, and the brain, head, spinal cord, and gastrointestinal tract are developing and baby’s heart also starts beating.

Now you baby’s size should be a bit bigger ranging from 0.2 mm to 0.5 mm.

This can be a very exciting news for new parent, since your can have your first glimpse of what their new baby looks like.

3rd Week Pregnancy Care Tips.

Get information from friends, or family to recommend a good gynecologist or obstetrician around your area.

You don’t have to stop your job, just continue your normal activities until you are told to stop.

You can start eat good nutrient foods that are important for your baby’s growth, if you haven’t done so.


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